Yesterday the Sun Sent Stronger Waves to Earth. May have an effect on the DNA.

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

This is not alarmed propagandist quacks trying to scare the people. All responsible news from scientific sources made ​​a point to emphasize:
“Satellites in orbit may have some effect. Telecommunications on Earth may be affected. In extreme and rare cases, nets may suffer an electric effect. There will be beautiful scenes auroras in some regions. Flames coming from the sun can not harm humans on the Earth’s surface. Our atmosphere protects us. “
However, reading the theoretical models of the Matrix / DNA, I felt great need to have available some laboratory equipment to do an experiment testing a possibility. Below, I am trying insert a text translated from the portuguese version about the detailed explanations.  What I mean is briefly explained in the text below that I have posted in some websites that published the news:

“Flares on the sun can’t harm humans on Earth’s surface.”

Maybe there is a reaction of living beings, at the level of DNA. The sun is releasing a bigger quantity of photons, they travel like waves, that’s why satellites communications undergo effects. If our theoretical models are right, these sun’s photons were the agents that organized atoms into which we call “junk DNA”. So, if these regions of DNA are invaded for more photons like those ones, some genes that are not usually being expressed will be activated. There is a way for scientific testing this hypothesis, but I don’t have the lab tools for doing it.

By the way, each time the sun expels something, it is becoming different: lighter, older, like a very old man losing its energy and systemic configuration. The opposite effect is that each time it happens, the bodies like planets of its system is absorbing something, so, they are becoming different also. Maybe this will affect global warming a little bit. The lesson here is that human kind can not stop the scientific researches, must support NASA and other seekers, because Nature is walking, transforming, and our planetary home will not be eternally hospitable.

EARTHSKY – Active region 1515 on sun releases X-flareDeborah Byrd JUL 07, 2012

Explanations of this thEory:
(translated by Google, yet not corrected in full)

Light, Photons, Stars, and their memory Registered in the “DNA”

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

I think the whole matter in the universe has as its greater tendency to settle in inertia, a thermo-dynamic equilibrium. If it is correct, what is existing that has prevented the Universe from “parking stationary” a long time ago?! I think the first answer would be energy. The energy is dynamic, uncontrollable, have a tendency to move, etc.. It seems certain. But I think energy need something, a medium to propagate itself. It seems to me that Physics has already said it does not propagate in vacuum. This medium can only be mass, and how the environment is always bigger, contains all its elements, the tendency of mass end overlapping the trend of energy. The information that mass is energy parked and energy is accelerating mass, would not change that outcome, I think, for now. So what’s the unknown element that kept the universe forward in size and quality, as in the evolution of matter inside him? Never heard an answer, even as also never seen anyone ask such a question.

At one time my mental exercise led me to suppose that the universe is like a computer, which is like DNA, which is like our brain, in the sense that all are composed of hardware and software. The existence of a software explain – following the trend we see in the field – explain why the mass can not stop the world: all hardware is accommodated but naturally absorbs new natural information from space, which are transmitted to its software, which is not accommodated, then escapes from the hardware where he is arrested and makes the material to build a more sophisticated hardware that can operate the new information. The new hardware also actually never sleeps because the informations from the software’s penetrates him, so he develops his new software … which will develop your new hardware … an eternal process of feedback which would be the force hidden behind the process of evolution. Beautiful? I think, but even so I can forget that everything here is theory, I could not prove anything yet, if the command instructions in DNA in the human brain and mind, no longer prove this idea of ​​universal software.

Later, when I tried to see how are the channels of interactions between parties of those known natural systems (cells, trees, human bodies, galaxies, etc.), I was drawing these channels, and began to realize that the result was a kind of circuit as the electrical home and industrials circuits diagrams, but my big surprise occurred when suddenly I noticed that the final image of a circuit of natural systems hit exactly those diagrams of computer software that I had seen in a book about computers. It was hard to calm the confusion in my head, I had to calm me down and thoughts in order to try to understand what that meant. “My theoretical universal software” made it into the clipboard, and seemed to be the shadow of all natural systems. I called the shadow “The Universal Matrix” and I decided to develop / test it all.

Later, 30 years after many neurons fired in this fight, by chance I noticed that the same image – that was the image of the software diagram, and at the same time, the image of the circuits within the system – fitted  exactly the image of an electromagnetic spectrum represented on the screen of a computer. But … that image on the screen is the way our mechanical tools perceive a ray, a light wave. What does this mean?! It seems the universe is like a donuts, a dense sphere with a hole in the middle, or as its central core, this hole is a vibrating source, emitting vibrations, which are expanded in the form of waves of light. Every wave – we humans shared – to our best understanding – in seven main types of “frequencies”. This is because when a wave leaves the source it comes out strong, with high vibration, but as it will be going away from the source, this force is decreasing, and we say that the frequency of vibration decreases by a size of space, a given period. In its full extent these waves break into fragments, or condense at their peaks in the form of fragments, and these fragments are vortex core, which (here I appealed to the master of Physics, Hideki Yukawa, when explaining the “nuclear glue”), coalesce into bosons, leptons, quark, superparticles and so on. All theory, but while the theory is not overthrown I can not control their growth. Thus emerged the hypothesis that this mysterious thing that kept the universe from unertia are light waves emitted by that hypothetically original fountain in the center of the donut … or maybe “in another dimension, another side of the universe.”

(English correction stopped here)

I am sometimes tempted to imagine that this source is a super-conscious living, and then makes me want to call it God, but then correct myself because I remember the humanity and other living beings being tortured consciences of small inside their heads human suffering, and I do not think an all-powerful father be allowed to have children, or particles of himself, under suffering. And whenever someone had a new idea of ​​a new god, led a band of followers that just made m … No more gods! But the idea is that the original light, natural, keeping the matter in the universe in motion, persists.

And what does this have to do with flames issuing from the sun reaching the earth?

The sun would, in my view, a distant early repeater station that universal central source. So were all the stars and all planets, stars that have incubated. It would be like saying that the seven billion human consciousness on Earth are now operating repeater stations, but more sophisticated, of awareness that sparked the first primate. So the sun also emits light, a light coarser than the original, less pure, but which remains light, which breaks down into particles photons, and perhaps more. But do not forget, as I theorized above, each light wave is a copy of the Matrix, carrying a copy of the diagram of the software. And on Earth there are zillions of organized bodies and systems, from atoms to human bodies, and all based on the same diagram software, unless the differences in complexity, because the Matrix is ​​under development (remember the feed-back between hardware and software ?). It turns out that the sun is like the Earth, both are like an onion, made up of layers, regions of material separated from each other (ie, it is also only a strong theory because nobody ever saw the inside of the sun). And each time he should have more activity taking place in a particular layer, which means that every time he sends a different kind of photons, because these layers follow the formula of light, which is divided into frequencies, each frequency is a type of photons with their specifics intensity of vibration.

And then those photons penetrate the terrestrial matter, at least the less dense, like human flesh. And there are DNA. However, the DNA itself is more than one copy of the natural system, it also has its regions divided in accordance with the frequencies of light, according to the diagram of parts of the software-matrix. In its early days I think he began setting the slower frequencies of light in the form of molecules and these molecules are now included in those 95% of DNA which they call “junk.” These are regions that record the past. But that last? That time on the abiogenesis, or after the formation of amino acids? No, because we are seeing – in theory here – that the software is one, is 13.7 billion years, then the past is there in the first billion years. When they were forming the stars like the sun … So I see a marriage between the photons from the sun and the photons contained in the region of junk DNA.

But it happens that the photons were brought to the software, the diagram, they were the atoms that have penetrated the Earth 4 billion years ago and produced the biological DNA. The photons of the past are now dormant in the junk DNA, but it comes a new wave of them, still active in the sun, and his comrades are sleepers here … there may be a reaction … what is called genetics of gene expression.

Do this first, coarse, and hasty approach, communicate what I think I’m reading and understanding the formula of the Matrix / DNA? And will any reader will be able or have the “bag” to read it till the end? And if you see any hero, crazy like me, will understand or interpret how I interpret all this?

If scientists could having cameras filming DNA of rats on the space station, inside or outside, when the station is hit by this issue of the Sun, the films did not reveal a sudden new reaction in the region of the dormant DNA? It would be difficult in a laboratory that happen here because the shield of atmosphere, but there was nothing to lose, I would spend my time in this test. And if by chance any human disease, or some of the effects of global warming, are products of these emissions? It would be more than repaid the time spent, do you agree? These chances are minimal but that make me continue this theory until it is cleared or until my last breath.