Searching for Life on Mars – NASA Press Conference, and my posts to the conference

The conference is being held at Facebook, in this link:

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Louis Charles Morelli
  · 2:50 (2/17/2021)

” While NASA is ignoring that “life” is merely a rare, evolved shape of a universal natural system which can evolve into others non-biological shapes, which can develop intelligence, and, while NASA is ignoring that this universal system has a formula which is present at all shapes – from atoms to astronomic systems to human body systems – which formula was discovered and explained at Matrix/DNA Theory, maybe Perseverance will be in front of something containing the vital principle but will ignore it…

Louis Charles Morelli  · 0:00

“Which rover at a planetary surface taking photos of the galaxy would inform us that it is seeing a sample of our ancestral? Or seeing an atom would inform us that it is our ancestral? And we must mind that these our ancestors can evolve into shapes and system that we cannot make any idea… without knowing that all-natural systems were built by a unique known natural formula… like all biological systems (aka, living beings) were built by a unique formula: the DNA.

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