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And here is the picture of LUCA – the Last Universal Common Ancestor 

lLUCA - The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA is the link between the past Cosmological Evolution and the nowaday Biological Evolution. LUCA is a PROTO-SYSTEM composed by its own different SHAPES from its own LIFE’S CYCLE.  LUCA is the building block of GALAXIES and reproduces as NUCLEOTIDE, the information’s building block of RNA and DNA. 

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The Human Being  is “in essence”, DNA:  The Code of Life. But the DNA is just a pile of one species of Building Blocks called Nucleotides. In the figure above, we see both sides of the stem DNA (orange), formed by alternating between a molecule of sugar and a phosphate. Also see a pair of nucleotides, which are complementary to the four common nitrogenous bases (guanine, cytosine, adenine, thymine) and a fifth alternative, the uracil. So the biggest secret of the Code of Life is its fundamental unit, the Nucleotide: the fundamental unit of information. How and why the Nature (or whatever else) used this method to organize some atoms in this architecture? The answer leads us to one of the biggest and revolutionary discoveries of all time: our link with this immense starry sky around us, called the universe!
  The Cosmos also has DNA.  His DNA also has a fundamental unit, ie the whole ” Cosmic Building” was built with a single type of “Building Block,” which is composed of seven types of bodies: Black Holes, Quasar, Germ of Star or Moon, Planet, Pulsar, Star, Comet. In this sequence the seven bodies forming a Proto-System, along the lines of the figure. It happens that,… (and here is designed a fantastic bid for extraordinary natural engineering ), it happens that the shape, the anatomy, of the Astronomic Proto-System is “identical” to the shape and anatomy  of… Nucleotides! Not only the same form of fundamental unit of information is available both in heaven and the human body, but also the function of each body in their Proto-System is “identical” to the function of each molecule in the “System Nucleotides”! What does this mean?
You have heard of nanotechnology. We can summarize a written letter “A” in size, containing thousands of atoms between ink and paper, with only five atoms and thus put all 30,000 volumes of the Library within the head of a pin! Nature applied Nanotechnology  when your body was summarized  from yours parents, the size and weight that present in a chromosome MICROSCOPIC bag! Does not matter the size of a body, but the quantity of units of different information. However, a planet like the Earth has quaquilhoes units with the same information, because the astronomic body is very simple, may not have more than a thousand particles-differentiated information. So it would be possible to summarize the size while maintaining an identical copy and place often 30,000 planets in the head of a pin!
Now we can return to the theme “Building Blocks of the astronomic bodies in the Uuniverse identical to the Building Blocks of the Human body” and reply what this means. About  4  billion years ago, the evolution cosmology that began with the Big Bang had produced a kind of architecture that occupied the top of evolution, as well as the human species is the top of the evolution from biological systems on Earth. And the species that was on top was the Proto-System. Then, atoms of the Earth began to behave strangely, if combined in a way that never did before, were the combinations known as molecular and about 3′5 billion years ago a wonderful first living being left dragging on the surface of this planet. Magic? Produced by divine creation or  Absolute Chance? Or would have been just another evolutionary step from the last species evolved at that time? Where were and how were organized, the forces, substances and other elements that converged to the same point and at the same astronomic time and produced the Life?
The first RNA / DNA occurring in the first living already contained about three hundred packets of information, called “genes.” Moreover, the body of them had already been done by this information. But they were information about what? Who? With what meaning? Would be it only information on the history of 3.5 billion years of biogenesis, ie the gestation of the first living being? Or would there information about something else?
Now it seems that we are beginning to resolve the tracks, the puzzle, the greatest puzzle of all time, one that more closely applicable to humans. While a human body takes nine months to be managed, the first biological system took billions of years! We are therefore speaking of astronomical size. This necessarily requires us – in our ultimate research on our origins – to divert the eyes of the soil of the Earth and raise the head to observe the sky where lies the astronomical size. The first living being already was a “system” – the phone  (eh…eh…. the Google translation makes me smile… it is not phone, but cell, stupid) – the cell system,  and not just a piece or part of systems. Therefore, its creator, which should be included in packets transmitted genetic gestures and a new creature for so long, it must have been a “system”. But on the surface of the Earth bare and arid with poor configuration system was not close to what appeared here. Forces and substances certainly came from somewhere else besides Earth. But how, in what way?
As seen above, the state of the world at that time presented as the evolutionary top, the Astronomic Proto-System. This creature, formed by seven bodies floating in space, was or had the “DNA” more evolved in the Universe. And we saw that ‘ the image and likeness of its “DNA” are functionally identical to the first living being. We already saw that there is  Nanotechnology and Nature knows how to make use of it. Therefore, I believe it is not necessary to expose more reasons and arguments and evidence here: the Code of the Cosmos evolved to the Code of Life!
Already “makes no sense anymore to talk about  “the origins of life”.  First because the word “origin” means a sharp drop in the natural development of causes and effects by some non-natural, and I never saw this happen. The second because the way how the Proto-System Astronomy – though mostly be covered by the Newtonian laws of mechanics – using seven mechanical functions that are identical to the seven most vital properties (reproduction, metabolism, self-regulation of pressure, etc.), so no more division between life and inanimate, unless referring to pieces isolated or broken parts of their systems.
Now completed 200 years since Charles Darwin had the idea of “Evolution” and since then an army of positivist chemical and physical and biological agents in all areas kneels in the mud of swamps and mud of the oceanic floor in search of the most mysterious character all time: the primitive MICROSCOPIC common stock that would have triggered life on Earth. The theory of evolution Neo-Darwinian based on this formula VSH (Variation, Selection, Inheritance). But Darwin could not have achieved the true essence of the process of evolution with the knowledge of his time, he was limited to three postulates universal variables, the clues really pointed to the residence as microcosm of LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestral ), he dealt only with Micro-Evolution and established the foundations for a cosmic building of  proportions unimaginable which dances under the laws of Macro-Evolution, which implies that evolution has seven variable universal and not just the three  discovered by Darwin, and that instead of a  MICROSCOPIC LUCA is dragging the swamps of the Earth, the true creator of Life on Earth is  Macro-Cosmic and stands in the sky covering us everywhere, we are in it and he is within us, in the core of our DNA!
This change of point of reference to the basis of a vision of the world, the discovery of our link with the universe, could not be more slow and comes at an opportune moment. Our species has been humiliated, weakened, we lose our home as a cosmic center of the universe, our position as the center of creation, we were seen as mere extension of animals descended from monkeys improved, lost the harmony with our nature and we are about to lose our freedom of conscience. It comes as a  spectacular human reaction, capable of turning back to the center of existence, and now we go after something else:  the divine code of our ”Consciousness”!
Congratulations … humans! You are to be congratulated!

The Code of Life is the DNA. But the bodies and systems in the sky have a code also. Both codes are under evolution, getting more information, complexity. The Code under Cosmological Evolution, about 4 billions years ago, reached the shape of LUCA, pictured above. It is composed by seven different shapes of one astronomic body: black hole, star germ, planet, pulsar, supernova, dying star, and comet. When extracting the flow of information from the body of LUCA and picturing it aside, we notice that is the same picture of a nucleotide! Which appeared at Earth surface about 3 billions years ago, at Life’s origins! So, the conclusion is obvious: DNA is merely another shape of a Universal Code, which I called “Universal Matrix”. The Matrix is a kind of living software’s diagram, which can create it is own hardware (any physical natural system like atoms and the human body)  and every developed hardware gets new information giving it back to the software. Then, there is a process of retro-alimentation or cybernetic feedback between “body and soul”. LUCA is encrypted inside our DNA, it is surrounding us and we are inside him. The Biological Evolution at Earth was merely a macro-evolutionary process of LUCA’s auto-reproduction, but, the appearance of the liquid state of matter cause big mutations and so, we are here, human beings!

At the next corner, a big surprise was waiting an agnostic: LUCA could be described using religious metaphor also: he is hermaphrodite, having the two sexual counterparts that we could call Adam and Eve ; LUCA has a body that is the most thermodynamic system under equilibrium, really a perpetual motor, but, it has the shape of a Serpent ; LUCA has grateful food reaching its mouth and he/she is under sexual intercourse all time, he/she does not need working, and being a closed system, he/she is protected as the Emperor of the Sky… then, we could say, he/she lives in the Paradise  ; the circuit performed by the flow of information (the blood of LUCA) has the shape of an Apple   – which is the shape of a perfect closed system and closed system is the extreme manifestation of selfishness. We inherited this character from our ancestral LUCA, it is encrypted at our genetic code as “the Selfish Gene”, which could be called  “The Original Sin”. Finally, LUCA was attacked by entropy, was fragmented in its bits of information and this kind of genetic code fall out to the space. We can call it “ The Fall 

I am not saying that the Bible description in Genesis is the real description of LUCA, a physical and natural and perfect thermodynamic, closed system, but, it is identical, a surprising metaphor translating a phenomena that employs the most complex scientific knowledge, like general relativity theory, quantum mechanics theory, theorem of Symmetry CPT, etc..  I am not religious and I don’t know how LUCA is in the Bible. Don’t ask it to me, but I have a theory about: LUCA is registered at human memory, he can be seen at special mental state as flashes, and if the person does not know what LUCA is about, could think that is seeing supernatural things.