Why?! Why Suddenly Human Bombs Explode Like the Boston Marathon? The Matrix / DNA Has Its Version.

About the tragedy of Boston, a religion is being singled out as the main motivating cause of the two brothers. The Matrix / DNA has another vision. She suggests that religion pulls the trigger, but the gun and motivation are provided by deeper causes. If Brazilians or Americans were harassed by fundamentalist religion of Islam, would also do the same thing, since they already have the motivation and the gun in hand. I am saying that it is better watch what the Matrix / DNA is saying, before it’s too late. After the “Brave New World”, under the dictatorship of the “Great Mother Queen”, is completely installed here, like any social system or colony of the insects was, our mind will fall into slavery and only a new second fall from this false paradise will opens a new opportunity. But the fall is a painful surgery imposed by Nature. Because I do not have more time now to explain further, and this computer mixing English with Portuguese, Visual with HTML, etc.., and the cursor does jump to the wrong side for all screen, it takes me a long time, and there is no time to do proper translation, let me to take the message of friend Mike on Facebook and register the theme:

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Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli

Then there is the Matrix/DNA explanation. The last and most evolved system here is the mind, or consciousness. Synapses froim neurons are trying to build he structure shaped like Matrix/DNA formula, each human neuron is a kind of solitary gene trying to establish firm connections with others. Meanwhile,this biosphere and our physical body has another goal: trying to get the state of selfish and isolated closed system, trying to close the doors to evolution, a kind of mind-stopper. That’s happens because our biosphere still is driven by this galactic effort of self-reproduction in biological nannoscale way.  The goal of biological life is to reproduce the sky’s eternal paradise, where the parts are slaves, the system gets its own identity, and its pleasure is speedwell circulation of energy inside its circuit. That’s why we have too much stars burning energy. The goal of biological life is not the goal of our conscious state, which is still a kind of fetus in formation. Like the embryo socks the womb mother, some minds explodes up set. The very solution just now is changing the culture of consumerism and tv spectacles by th culture of curiosity towards universal nature, which is the food for minds.And it will be our salvation, the freedom of consciousness. We can’t permit our mind falling also slave of the Brave New World under the Big Queen Mother, like insects colonies.

Mike March Radical point Louis but I too wonder if there is something going on with the natural/unnatural formation of the human mind in modem civilization. Something that we just don’t have the tools today to understand that may be misshaping personalities

Louis Charles Morelli Mike, there is an interesting process in Nature. Every time that Nature built a new evolutionary shape of system, Nature applied two phases. First, the phase when the new system comes inside an egg that is laid out and abandonded by chance to predators and tragedies. Second, when the system evolves and is kept inside the womb, the family, feeded and nurtured. It will not be different with this new system called ” consciousness”. It is a embryo yet, it was born yesterday in relation to cosmological time. We are like the butterfly before metamorphosis. But, the formula that Nature uses for bilding new systems, the Matrix;DNA, shows that, really, no new system is laid out, abandoned: it was all time inside and nurtured by another invisible and superior system. So, now we are subject to all kind of violence, suffering, but our existence is safe forever, at conscious levels. Ok, just a theory… that is being tested against real evidences.

Shawn March Good stuff!

Mike March Very interesting. Nurturing must be considered as part of the puzzle.also environmental factors of all kinds.

Louis Charles Morelli People are saying that the fundamentalist religion is the cause of Boston bombing. I think that religion is order for pulling the trigger. The motivation and the weapon were furnished by a non appropriated womb surrounding this embryo consciuos state. The embryo is only socking the mother~s womb, he;she is very unhappy.


Shawn March What happens when a child is neglected or feels its cries are not being heard? It acts out. When the voice goes unanswered and your at a loss for an outlet, what seems to be receiving the most focus these days? What gets looped and looped and as you flip from channel to channel and station to station and front page to front page? When the media spin on things is to promote these events as a movie style sequence unfolding before your eyes, you hold the arm rests of your seat. The clatter of the keys on your computer like morse code to unlock the latest updates and graphic photos. This down plays the real events into nothing more than an action movie. Only the actors are real. I think it is so important to find out what it is that drove someone to do these things. In a country that is supposed to be so great, why would someone who lives in this utopia of freedoms and has so many glorious opportunities commit these acts? Because these Opportunities are there if you fit the protocol. Freedom is there if you can afford it. On a street level this mock up democracy is given a real face as a safe haven for the “Well Off” to do there biddings no matter the cost, monetary and life alike. And those same streets chant cries of the poor and hungry but are confined to community centers and rec halls. These calls are heard only in the echo refracted back to the speaker, muffled as it tries to climb the ladder of the leaders. When you go unanswered for so long, and you feel your cries are unheard or unanswered, you act out. This can be played out in a broader spectrum too. Who are these leaders working for an why is there agenda filled with the ideas of a select few? Why aren’t “Our” problems being solved yet “Theirs” are? I see it. In a sad way I get it. It’s terrible, it should not be happening but it is an I think it will be more predominant as a way for folks to get there point across. Balance is the key to everything, down to the atom an smaller. When you start throwing that balance around this is what you get. The earth is like a tire throwing its weight at this point, wobbly , unstable and off kilter. And you can’t replace “The Weights” while the wheels still spinnin’.
Mike March All true to the point and we need to recognize these facts.but I keep coming back to why so many seem to find most of their interest drawn to the violence,real or simulated, in the modern world. Why aren’t these individuals instead finding most of their interest in more positive aspects of the world. There are so many,many interesting and stimulating things that have none of the dark side of life in the 21st century.