The Meaning of Life

The meaning of Life is measured by its last evolved product, the final result from its entire existence. And till now, here, at this cosmic region, the final result we can see is to give birth and nurture “conciousness”. We can not know the meaning of life, but, rationally, we can calculate it. So, follow the way of your consciousness and from here, think in the meaning of life.

And, if there is no another thing more evolved than consciousness in the whole Universe, it means that conciousness is, till now, the final product of the Universe. Since that the Universe can not create nothing that it have no information for, it is suposable that consciousness is built with information that come from outside and before the Big Bang.

My logic is wrong? Why? Where?

When something develops with prior informations is like your body that was give birth, nurtured with previous information from your parents. So, conciousness must have its parents beyond this Universe, whose that innoculates here the informations for consciousness.

If this logic is right it is more an affirmation of the models of Matrix/DNA Theory: the models suggests that this Universe is a genetic production. A kind of Cosmic Egg.

By the way, maybe you have a brilliant and long future ahead. I hope so. Cheers. :toast:

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