Synthetic Life: Resuscitate Pasteur to catch Craig Venter!

Synthetic Biology


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Craig Venter creates synthetic life form

Major milestone in the history of science and giant step for mankind!

In my opinion, what Venter did was skip the chapter initiated by Oparin and theoretically experienced by Mulley / Urey which consists in seeking the reduction of atmospheric and terrestrial conditions at the level that was four billion years ago to see if from the abiotic matter we obtain the basic components of life. This research is a bit abandoned because all that does not take the following evolutionary steps alone, i.e., amino acids encountered in Urey experiment are inert and do not bind polymers to form the next step, which would be the proteins. Besides the Urey’s amino acids are not the amino acids used by life. Then Craig chose to observe a genome done and copy it, taking atoms, combining them into amino acids and other components, etc..  Inserting the synthetic genome into a bacterium, it was reproduced by passing the synthetic genome of Craig to its offspring, which now must be offspring of the mother bacteria and father Craig. This offspring will have other offspring indefinitely, so a new species appeared on Earth, carrying a sign of Cain on his forehead, which are the four watermarks in the genome. Fantastic! But …

Most atheists and critics of religion came running to the media asking: “And now what about creationism? Huh?

In my case I immediately asked: “How are the Theory of Matrix / Universal DNA now? Huh? Does it come time to put everything in the trash and remove me from the scene? “

Of course, this event will require me to restudy the theory and compares it with the new situation. But it seems to me beforehand that the theory suffers no shock, on the contrary, it seems to leave the episode further strengthened. The Theory suggests that the atoms on the surface of the Earth are available to be penetrated by photons coming from solar energy, such that photons are bits of information from LUCA. The ultimate goal of the photon-genes is to replicate the system from which they came, as if the Chinese immigrants in New York, had enough money and material, would create a neighborhood to live replicating the environment of China, to the extent that would allow the materials and conditions of New York. Now Craig Venter used the surface atoms, which contains LUCA immigrants come from – which is the Earth plus the sun to form a proto-system. What he did was just replace the large environment – which also is produced by LUCA, like we produce all the medicine in the monitoring of the pregnant woman and then the delivery room. Craig did in 10 years the work that nature took billions of years to do in the last period of biogenesis, when she already had the ingredients.

But I think we could play a trick on Craig, just as Louis Pasteur got the advocates of the theory of spontaneous generation. Pasteur sterilized and hermetically sealed vials containing the material which said generating life forms like microbes. Was not generated anything, proving that the vital principles came through the air or something else. Likewise we could try to collect atoms in a certain region of the deep Earth that did not touch neither they nor their neighbors, with solar energy but which have not been otherwise achieved by substances that rise from the core of the planet. In our Matrix’s language, these atoms would be sterile, the vital principles comes from something else. We would give these atoms to Craig and ask him to repeat the experience. If the Theory of Matrix / Universal DNA are correct, he could never copy the genome. Had the same problem of the researchers in the lab trying to add pieces of polymers or proteins for small molecules that form in nature and should evolve into RNA or DNA but instead, when they reach a certain point, its two ends are attracted to bend and connect to form a closed ring forever.  Why? For simple atoms has its own attraction forces that deterministically leads to connect to specific atoms also constitute simple arrangements that result in rocks, water, inorganic things. But the atoms used by Venter are special, they contain the vital principle. We would have closed the bottle, proving that Craig’s material is sterile. It should be Pasteur in the head!

However, we will continue analyzing it all, is too recent for definitive conclusions.

Louis Morelli

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