The Great Moral and Scientific Theme of the Moment: Should we or not to support the production of new species of living beings in a laboratory?


Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology


I’m doing all sorts of tricks trying to take the time to read 200 pages of discussion that took place recently in the American Government, where Craig Venter gives important and enlightening testimony, more precisely in:
Committee on Energy and Commerce

“Effects of Developments in Synthetic Genomics”

 May 27, 2010,

 Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Chairman, (see PDF)

and  in the middle comes the following thought:

Manufacturing DNA in the laboratory means adding more alternatives to those already undertaken by Matrix who did that in order to exorcise herself from the selfish gene. She used a method which, for  to explain it we can make the analogy of a monkey muddled with a coconut wanting to eat all the tasty white flesh.

 When the monkey wants to get all the white pith of the coconut he must break the shell into the largest possible number of pieces. If he breaks it only in two pieces, it will be very hard to get parts of the kernels that are left in the bottom curves. Already having little pieces where the curves and funds disappear, it is sure that the monkey will be able to remove everything and more easily in less time. For the Matrix was like a coconut representing the character of hard, inflexible and closed selfish gene that dominated her matter when she was in the shape of LUCA. To clear herself of the plague she was fragmented into its smallest bits information, in all its units of information, so that – if you give a value of 100% to the selfish gene and assume that it is broken into 100 pieces – means that each piece contains 1% of the selfish gene that is different from all other 99 bits. Putting these 100 different types of DNA to compare themselves in their selfishness and into a chaotic environment as is the terrestrial biosphere, imposing suffering on everyone, the Matrix hopes debug all leading them to clean themselves. Then just reset the DNA raking all 100 pieces that will clean the Matrix again returned to its pure state as it was when it was part of the creator of this universe.

So what Mr. Craig Venter and synthetic biology is attempting to do is get new bits that differentiated those ones the Matrix ever did here. So suddenly we are led to think:

– “You can’t do that! We shouldn’t do that! We can disrupt the whole plan of the Matrix, and certainly we will do it, because who will build the new bits are the men, who are the carriers of the selfish gene and will do so trying to meet their selfish purposes. In other words, whoever is doing this is the selfish gene, a ruse to get rid from the punishment for original sin and rebuild here on Earth their artificial paradise in the form of the circuit of the snake.”

But we can not take a decision upon a first impression without analyzing the right thing before bringing other aspects of the matter. We found that there is the selfish gene, we unmasked the devil inside us, and it seems not to be our nature to deal with the devil. In other words we want it out of us, we want to exorcise it from us. I do not know if I can speak for most men, at least I want it, and we see that people who is not saint, as the atheist Richard Dawkins, willing to declare war on the devil, the selfish gene. So we’re not overwhelmed by the demon, but predisposes us to join forces with the pure Matrix of the Creator.

Humans have suffered a lot due to their fragility and chaotic environment. It’s been a real tragedy and torture camp for most. Is as much ruthlessness necessary toward an out-of-law? The fact is that the world thinks so, the carnage is fact and it is there for everyone to see. But we must remember that it is not a fault of the creator of the universe because it is not the God of the religious, he is not magical, but natural as we do, just much more aware and powerful. Its power can not prevent their children are punished in a prison fell on their own. So, if we be able to produce portions of Biological Matrix minimizing punishment, we will be doing the will of the creator who suffers the pain of seeing their children and we are generating benefits for us. Just make sure they fit genomes where the points of chaotic biosphere are more extreme, so it softens and manage the environment for the state of order as quickly as possible.

“- Wait a moment! This state of order (for humans unaware of the Cause of the Great Fall – the false paradise of Eden), that humans have in mind is to rebuild the false paradise. It’s Brave New World under the tutelage of the Great Mother Eve, a happy setting to accommodate the fleshly body and give you all satisfaction, all pleasure, but it means disrupting the pregnancy of self-awareness within our egg-head. A haven designed to perpetuate the stupidity, closing the door to evolution, up the universe have to intervene again imposing new Great Fall.”

Well, I guess we will not this way, if we have time for to teach, if not all, at least the majority of human beings, the knowledge of the Matrix that unmasks the devil. We have the opportunity to create an environment friendlier to humans on the land of this planet, to the cosmos as a whole, the same time that we can keep free and evolving our self-consciousness. To accomplish this goal we need, to manufacture the hits to replace the chaos of accidents and errors or fill gaps in resources needed.

Finally, our fate depends on the following strategy:

“The speed of technological development to produce new species of microbial life must be less than the speed of teaching over the matrix for all people.”

So who is behind and driving the whole process will be the pure Matrix of the Creator and not the addicted Matrix infected by the selfish gene.

                                                           The End

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