Fazendo matéria com a luz? Importantes novas informações sobre luz e fótons aqui



Scientists combine light and matter to make particles with new behaviors


Credit: Petr Kratochvil/public domain

“… shaking electrons with lasers to create “doppelganger” features at new energies—a breakthrough that lets scientists create hybrid particles which are part-atom and part-, with a wide variety of new behaviors.”

Como pode uma particula ser parte-atomo?! E pior: parte-atomo e parte-luz, ao mesmo tempo?!

” One step along the way to making matter out of light is to make individual packets of light, called photons, interact with each other like matter does. (Normally photons zip along at the speed of light and don’t react to each other at all.)”

“Floquet polaritons”—quasi-particles which are part-light and part-atom, and unlike regular photons, interact with each other quite strongly. These interactions are essential for making matter from light.

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