ASTRONOMY: They are seeing an explosion where I am seeing the blossom up of a flower

See the article:

Fermi Detects ‘Shocking’ Surprise from Supernova’s Little Cousin



It is not a explosion: the white dwarf is a pulsar, an old and giant planet,  the nuclear reactions from its core has reached the last geological layer, and then, there is a collapse, when the remnant matter of the surface is a new strong nutriment of food to the germ of a star being developed through the nucleus. It is like the birth of a flower.

Why human beings trends to project themselves to unknown phenomena in the sky? We are product from a biosphere in state of chaos, but, in the sky, the astronomic organization of matter is in the state of order. There are no violence, no explosions. See in the article how many details on this event are against the current Nebular Theory, as recognized by the authors.

Comments about the article:

1)      Article: “The discovery overturns the notion that novae explosions lack the power to emit such high-energy radiation.”

The Matrix: The explosion of novae is an error of nebular Theory models. The models of Matrix/DNA Theory were not affected by this discovery.

2)      Article: “The outburst occurs when a white dwarf in a binary system erupts in an enormous thermonuclear explosion.”

The Matrix: The outburst occurs when a pulsar, which always is in a binary system, is transformed into a new star.

3)      Art: “The system is a so-called symbiotic binary containing a compact white dwarf and a red giant star about 500 times the size of the sun.”

Ther Matrix: “Yes, the transformation of a pulsar indicates that the system is old, then, must there is a red giant star.”

4)      Art: “”The red giant is so swollen that its outermost atmosphere is just leaking away into space. The white dwarf intercepts and captures some of this gas, which accumulates on its surface. As the gas piles on for decades to centuries, it eventually becomes hot and dense enough to fuse into helium. This energy-producing process triggers a runaway reaction that explodes the accumulated gas. The white dwarf itself, however, remains intact..”

The Matrix: “That’s a new fact that I never thought about. Indeed, before the pulsar’s transformation, it must be reached by the first degraded matter from the giant star. But, the next step is to broken the binary system because the supernova falls away out of the star’s gravitation force. Then, the degraded matter will build a vortex, called black hole. The nebular Theory is saying that the gas creates suddenly the hell at the white dwarf atmosphere. Ok: maybe the whole process really happens, then, the event was not the transformation of the pulsar. Maybe this kind of event is normal, happening before the transformation. But, let’s see now if the white dwarf will go back to the same. I don’t think so”

5)      Art: “It takes thousands of years for supernova remnants to evolve, but with this nova we’ve watched the same kinds of changes over just a few days,” he said. “We’ve gone from a photo album to a time-lapse movie.”

The Matrix: “Then you must to re-think your theoretical models.”

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