The Brave New World or The World of Free and Evolving Consciousness?




by Margaret Heffernan

My comments:

Louis Morelli – Posted at 8/2/19

The Brave New World with happy human bodies but, stupid, or the risk-cost adventure world, with less happy bodies but growing free consciousness? I think she is desperately trying to lead us to the second alternative. If my theoretical results are right, I discovered the evolutionary link between biological and cosmological evolution, and this link is explaining this issue very well. Our body and life in general was created by a kind of perfect astronomic machine, described by Newtonian mechanics, which modelled our genes to be the exactly reproduced offspring of this machine. So, we are being driven unconsciously to the Brave New World. Who is getting all informations about the external world today, which has been amplified to the astronomic dimensions and quanta microcosm? Not the human natural sensors connected to a biological brain which is being the egg nurturing this novelty that is consciousness, with its attributes like emotions, feelings, creativity. All new data is coming from mechanistic hard sensors connected to an electro-mechanic brain as the egg nurturing the mechanistic AI. That’s what our genetic was modelled for, by our direct non-biological ancestor: the whole biosphere in a total state of mechanistic stupid order, humans as a kind of privileged boss piece of it. This reproductive process is no good for nurturing consciousness, this galaxy is totally stupid.

Consciousness, from the sphere of beyond this Universe, nust be desperate too, like her, if it can watching us now. If my theoretical formula of Matrix/DNA is right – the universal genetics – this galaxy is not the creator of our essence, merely a bad transcription error with severe mutation. I think that we should to seat together and analysing this serious issue, before it being too later… I know that humans will have difficult for understanding what I am saying, because, I am supported by an investigation made only by a human biological brain.

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