This is a good solution marrying God with the laws of Physics at the creation of the Universe?

Let’s go to analyze this question from a new approach? We have the free will for to choose if we will be a closed system (dominance of selfish gene) or an opened system. God, evolution, or whatever want us evolving. And closed systems are closed doors to evolution. When a creature chooses to be a closed system he can built a paradise and accommodate itself in thermodynamic equilibrium. But since the Universe, God, or whatever, cannot permit someone stops evolution, applies the Law of Clausius, entropy, which makes the Fall from the Paradise and the creature began again in middle of chaos. Slowly it will get the state of order for evolving.

On the pathway of evolution there is the shape of mind, or consciousness, which shape is at embryonary state inside eggs, the human heads, since that it was born less than a second of astronomic time. Then, there is this thing about eggs: from primitives organisms to reptiles the eggs were laid out, the offspring abandoned to chaos, random events and tragedies. From the mammalian cyanodont to human specie the eggs are kept inside de womb, the offspring is nurtured till the birth and sometimes to the eighteens. Today humanity, and its mind, is at the state of eggs laid out. You see it living in the jungle: the biosphere is chaotic. Then, it should means that we came from a state of extreme closed system, a paradise built by our ancestors.

Why should an intelligent and benevolent God make such a plan for evolution? There is a rational possible answer.

Long time ago and before the universe, a hermaphrodite God shared into Father and Mother had a son with all love of the world. But, growing the son showed to be unhappy. Why? He had everything? He was the son of the supreme king!

He could not be happy because he was not the king, were not him that made the world, so, he feels that was not totally free, omnipotent. Then he left the God rein saying that should doing his own world, by his way, where he should be the supreme king.

Crying, Father and Mother God saw him leaving. Then, Father said to Mother: “Let him to build his own world, which he is thinking will be the perfect world, better than the world we did. He will make the first world, experiment it and will be not satisfied. He will make the second, the third, a lot of different worlds; he will forget us and our world. Then, one day, after thousands, millions of experiments, he will finally do the best world and will feel happy. Not totally. He will feel alone. It will be missing something, something like him, with the same intelligence, to share his rein, with love. It is not like a man wanting a woman, because spirits are hermaphrodite. And  because  the best  world he can do must be the mirror of our world his mind will have flashes of memory, scenes of his infanthood at a place where has someone like him, who loves him,

Then he will travel to the infinite searching the scenes of his mind. Arriving here he will be happy to know we exists, just someone like him, and will invite us for living in his world. We will go. Why? Because his world will be the same world we have now. There is no possibility to do a most than perfect world. It will be his illusion: he made the world. He is the supreme king. And we will be with him with love. Just like here. Anything will change, only his feeling that he is the final supreme: but he will be satisfied to concede to us the sharing of the ruler. Like now we share with him the power of the ruler. Let he to think that he is God.

So, this son was called Lucifer. And he is us, just now, trying to lift up from the fragmentation of our last built world for to do the next experiment.

Of course, this smell likes a tale. Merely a product of human imagination. It is probable that there a lot of unknown dimensions and things we don’t know, and the real history could be different. But whatever could be the history, whatever the first cause we are here and whatever the final destiny, the supreme meaning, the ultimate sense of existence, could be the meaning extracted from this tale.