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How LUCA and the Human Cosmic Code will be proved

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Earth is LUCA, in his/her young times. It is like a human being ten years old. Earth still has no sexual activity, its volcanoes are too weak and the nucleus is far from the external surface. But, for proving that Earth is LUCA we should be able to show the past, since its birth, and the future till its death. It is impossible. The confirmation of LUCA’s existence is coming by another way: spatial observation.

Every day our telescopes are discovering new astronomics bodies, which does not fit the description of the known bodies. Sometimes the list of new names for those bodies are increasing, Today there are supernova, brown dwarf, white dwarf, etc. We remember the recent episode about Pluto: it seems a planet but is not a planet… Then this list will increase, we will have hundreds, thousands of differents types, each one with a different age. Like the human body, we can see millions or billions of different types of a unique body, since that every minute our body is changing something, be it a cell, etc. But the evidences that a kind of body 10 years old is merely a development or transformation from a its shape when was 9 years old will be accumulated, till we have no more doubts: Luis Morello was right – all bodies in the sky are transformations of a unique kind or evolutionary specie. If not, I will pay the beer.