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Consciousness: a natural phenomena with easy explanation

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Someone asked:

Any thoughts on my short writing on Consciousness ?

The nature of cousciousness is perhaps the most important question asked and searched y intellectuals were it be scienticst working with the brain or philosophers trying to unlock it’s mysteries, the question on consciousness is not only understanding the reason or how we experience the state of being consciouss but it’s also related to the answer to what are humans and how we become ourselves with the gift of being able to understand and reason due to our cousciousness. It’s quite obvious that our unique ability to be couscious is what seperates us from animals and what perhaps puts us in the top of the food-chain. One of the important questions is what can it’s understanding fully give us, can we find out before we actually have a firm understanding of the nature of consciousness and the brain ? Consciousness is intresting because not only does it tell us about something as unique as it is, but can also answer us by telling us a more profound reason for our human existence : Why are we here, did someone put us here, does a God or supreme being have a connection to our presence and existence here on earth ? This can be answered by understanding where consciousness is from, it can be from outside or within our body and how we get it or is it just something natural that arrises from structures of atoms but how can it give rise to something as complex and lifefull ? Can consciousnessbe found in other things such as a bat and can it be detected, one way is if consciousness would be material, can it be recreated where it be in laboratories or in computer simulations can it’s understanding bring new laws of physics ? What implies our massive superiorite over animals, of course show-cast by our immense control and perhaps exploitation over them. Are we created in God’s image so that we can design this universe ? That can also imply that it’s quite a hard task to unlock it’s mysteries because of what the secrets could unveil us and the magnitude of possessing it, about ourselves and intelligent beings in general like are all intelligent beings human like as does it somehow affect the structure of our bodies and brain ? What does this gift of consciousness from God mean to us ? Is this some kind of strange experiment or some kind of error that happened at the creation of our universe or life. Why would we have this ability, Is consciousness even moral, it can bring alot of harm and hardship, why are we able to suffer and to make suffering ? Why would God make or creat negativity it’s a paradox as God can only be good in human mind why would he have bad as a result of his actions he cannot be a truly supreme being without having possible and human understandable imperfections

And Matrix/DNA answered:

Only at 6 or 8 months a human embryo has brain structure for expressing consciousness? Only after 13,8 billion years something inside the Universe has natural structure for expressing consciousness? This difference of time means nothing, it is merely a relativistic issue. The question is: if you know how and why consciousness emerges from a brain here and now, why the hell you do not know how consciousness emerges in this world?! It must be a unique, same natural process.

The embryo’s brain has not created its own consciousness and the first time in the Universe. Neither its consciousness appeared by magics of some god. Consciousness was existing outside and before the little embrionary universe, and since the first moment of fecundation, it was “previously designed” in the genes, coming from its parents, which are natural systems.

So, what is the problem to accept that consciousness was existing before and beyond this Universe, that it was inserted at the event of the Big Bang – an act of fecundation produced by an ex-universal natural system – and it was all this time of 13,8 billion years existing as potential at all our ancestral systems – from atomos to galaxies to amoebas and monkeys – and is being expressed now synchronized with its astronomical scale of time?

If you are watching here and now, facing yours eyes, the process by which consciousness arises, why are you ignoring it as the rational explanation for the existence of consciousness in this world, and instead, inventing theories and hypothesis of processes and mechanisms that never nobody saw anywhere?! Have you seen any magics? Have you seen any matter becoming conscious by itself? At my writings in my website you will see how the known real process has evolved in 13,8 billion years with every detail…

Notice: since we discovered that has an evolutionary link between Cosmological Evolution and Biological Evolution ( between the 10 billion years of atoms/galaxies and the last 4 billion years of plants/animals) and that link must be composed by a network of photons, and after these discoveries, we have discovered that a wave of natural light like that produced at the Big Bang contains an anatomy which is a perfect natural system, and it has worked as a kind of software evolving by feed-back in parallel to a hardware which is the visible material natural systems, we arrived to the conclusion that this Universe full of galaxies is merely the placenta or egg within which is occurring a normal natural process of genetic reproduction of the unknown natural system existing before and beyond this Universe… then we tracked consciousness here in this 13,8 billion years of evolution…

How to fight anxiety, stress…

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

This thread posted om Reddit lead me to the comment below:

MatrixDNA – 25/12/19

I think that Matrix/DNA world view has the best suggestion on this issue. There are people that believes the genetic code in the DNA was made here by magics from some gods. This magical thought modeled the neuronial configuration, but, far away off the real world, because there are no magics, never nobody saw it. Other people believes that the genetic code was made by the stupid matter of this lost planet at a by chance event. DNA produces natural systems like our bodies as a natural system, as a product of the state of order, which does not arises spontaneous from chaos, nobody never saw it. These people has the brain configured by animals instincts coming from the jungle’s environmental chaos, chaotic and not complete thoughts are echos in their brains. Anxiety, stress, are inherited from animals brains because our environment was produced by chaos which can brings tragedies to us, and a chaotic modeled psyche is not strong for avoiding them. But, the existence of DNA and natural systems here shows that the principle for state of order is here and inside us, which can fight the surrounding chaos, and keeping this knowledge, practicing it, is the way for one changing slowly the way his/her brain is configured. No magical and no chaotic/random/animalist thoughts, both are corrupted scenarios. We are discovering that the genetic code was not invented/created here, it is merely an evolutionary natural formula coming from astronomic/atomic/light waves systems, since the Big Bang – or before it, so, the religious and the materialist academic world views are wrong. Another discovery is that chaos here is merely local in this immediate environment and not the general rule beyond us, we are inside a more bigger and astronomic ordered system, its genetics is inside us and we must use this force for fixing our brains and installing order around us. In ordered state there is no anxiety and stress… it is enough that you keep the natural real world view

Cerebro reconstrói metade amputada

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Veja este video fantástico do que ocorre dentro do cérebro e quais as implicações existenciais decorrentes desta descoberta. Meus dois comentários abaixo expoem o que uma consulta à formula da Matrix/DNA sugere.

New scans showed how the brains of people who had a hemisphere removed in childhood continue to function.

A magnetic resonance imaging scan of a slice of an adult’s brain who had an entire hemisphere removed during childhood because of epilepsy. Video by Caltech Brain Imaging Center

O paper e pdf desta noticia esta em:

Cell Reports
Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Adults with a Single Cerebral Hemisphere

Open AccessDOI:

Ler o paper para ver como a network é importante

Mais uma evidencia para a Teoria da Matrix/DNA. Uma pessoa que teve a metade do cerebro retirada quando crianca, a outra metade que restou reconstrói a metade retirada! Os cientistas que viram isso na tela do computador pararam aqui, não refletiram sobre o fenomeno. Como sempre apenas descrevem os fenomenos, e correm procurar drogas que gerem lucro. Mas nos filosofos, estas descobertas são um prato cheio para refletir nas origens, causas, significados existenciais. E entao me lembro que nos ja vimos essa cena na Natureza: quando o DNA reconstrói sua metade faltante. E concluo que o DNA repassou para o cerebro a sua propriedade de reconstruir metades faltantes. Mas eu tenho mais informacoes que os cientistas não tem, fornecidas pela formula Matrix/DNA, a qual construiu o proprio DNA. E a formula mostra porque existe e como funciona este mecanismo. Porque a formula, ela propria, foi construída pelo processo do ciclo vital. Entao, para facilitar a explicacao recorro a outra cena onde atua o ciclo vital: o seu proprio corpo. Quando seu corpo chega na forma de adolescente, automaticamente ele se desenvolve para a forma adulta. O que produz estas transformações de formas é a forssa ou processo do ciclo vital. Como o cerebro foi feito a imagem e semelhança da formula, ele tambem foi construído pelo ciclo vital. Entao quando esta construída a ultima forma que fica no lado esquerdo da forma ( no caso do cerebro é o neocortex ou segunda região cerebral) o fluxo do ciclo vital continua avançando para construir a forma seguinte, que por acaso fica no lado direito, que é a terceira região cerebral. E dai constroi a quarta forma, a quarta região cerebral completando a metade direita.
Mas este fenomeno no cerebro abre as portas para questões muito mais profundas. O DNA faz a metade faltante porque ele existe no meio de uma sopa onde tem todos os atomos e moléculas para faze-lo. No caso do cerebro, não existem ingredientes, a metade ficou vazia. Com que ele fez os neurônios, as glândulas, e demais a multitude de aparatos que existem na outra metade supercomplexa do cerebro?! Bem, suponho que o sangue leva estes ingredientes. A questao é como a parte esquerda consegue montar uma complexidade com propriedades que ela mesma não possui?!
Mais uma vez a minha formula da Matrix/DNA vem ao nosso socorro. A parte visivel material do cerebro existe secundada por uma parte invisível, que é a network composta por fotons, que forma a mesma figura da formula universal. Entao foi retirado a parte material, carnal, mas a parte do circuito fotonico permaneceu. E esta network fotonica fornece as informacoes para a parte complexa.
E aqui me lembro de outro fenomeno, o qual nos faz conduzir esta recem-descoberta a um nivel ainda mais profundo dos mistérios existenciais. Me refiro ao fenomeno em que pessoas que tem um membro amputado continuam a sentirem dores e outras sensações no espaco vazio onde estava o membro. não seria isso uma evidencia de que a network fotonica continua a existir alem do desaparecimento da carne?
Mas tem tambem o fenomeno do DNA-fantasma, ja bastante debatido e demonstrado. O misterio existencial vem com a pergunta: e quando o corpo todo de carne desaparece porque morreu? O que é feito da network fotonica? Outro item incrível é que a formula sugere um modelo, uma figura da network fotonica, e qual não foi minha surpresa quando percebi que é a mesma figura da tal “aura” sugerida pelos orientais. Estes fenomenos demonstrados indicam que a network fotonica continua depois do desaparecimento da carne. E se essa network é a aura, entao… não morremos quando morremos?! Vou continuar esta pesquisa mesmo depois de morrer, na minha forma de network fotonica?

Meu post enviado em 02/12/19 para moderation na Cells Research para ser incluído na seção de comentários do paper cientifico:

Many ideas coming from Matrix/DNA Theory:
1) The Brain Can Rewire Itself After Half of It Is Removed because the brain is built by DNA and DNA can built its removed half part. The DNA´s unit of information was built by the universal formula for natural systems. The brain, the DNA´s unit and the universal formula have same image, functionality. Think of DNA´s unit as a section composed by two lateral sugars and in the middle, four nitrogenous bases. At the brain, one sugar becomes the hipocampus, other sugar is the neocortex and the four bases are the brain´s middle four regions. 
2) The universal formula is encripted in natural light waves, we can see it at the electromagnetic spectrum. The way that a light wave propagates into time space is the same process that the process of life cycle makes our body to propagate into time space. If a human body is at young shape, for sure the life cycle will lead it to the adult shape. Then, in the brain, the last region of one side is a shape that will go the next shape in the other side, by the same process. That´s why DNA and brains rebuild the missing half part.
3) Brains and DNA are hardwares. Built by the universal formula for systems that began as light wave, they have the formula in shape of software, a network of photons. You can remove a slice of the hardware but the same slice of software remains. That´s what produces the “ghost arm”, the “ghost DNA”, and now, you discovered here, the “ghost brain”. It explains what you found.  

Informações sobre o cérebro que não se pode esquecer

Monday, August 5th, 2019


O cérebro humano contém mais de 80 bilhões de neurônios, cada um se unindo a outras células para criar trilhões de conexões chamadas sinapses.

Estas informações estão nos links (artigos a ler ainda):

Are There Really as Many Neurons in the Human Brain as Stars in the Milky Way?

e sobre as sinapses:

Neurotransmission: The Synapse


ver tambem:

Brain Metrics

Brain: new important information

Friday, July 12th, 2019


Cientistas encontram universo multidimensional no cérebro

A imagem tenta ilustrar algo que não pode ser imaginado – um universo de estruturas e espaços multidimensionais. À esquerda, uma cópia digital de uma parte do neocórtex, a parte mais evoluída do cérebro. À direita estão formas de tamanhos e geometrias diferentes, na tentativa de representar estruturas que variam de 1 dimensão a 7 dimensões e além. O “buraco negro” no meio é usado para simbolizar um complexo de espaços multidimensionais, ou cavidades. Pesquisadores do Blue Brain Project relatam que grupos de neurônios ligados a essas cavidades fornecem o elo perdido entre a estrutura neural e a função, em seu novo estudo publicado no Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Crédito da Imagem: Blue Origin Project


Evolution of the Brain? What is Science Fiction, The Constraints From Real Science and the Theory from Matrix/DNA

Saturday, September 16th, 2017


Evolution of the Brain? What is Science Fiction, The Constraints From Real Science and the Theory from Matrix/DNA

Robert Beckendorff – 9/14/2017

All Biology is FLAWED in some way or another. It is up to MAN to take what Mother Nature has dished up and make adjustments and improvements. Eugenics is the future, guaranteed. Piss on all the religious idiots who oppose Human Progress. Micro-Bionics is the FUTURE: Soon enough, the entire brain and nervous system, will be enhanced with micro-chip and micro-robotic systems, the Cardio-Vascular system just the same. As humans become less dependant upon flawed raw biology, life will become much richer and longer. A whole new man made level of beauty and fitness will emmerge. Biology will be employed in our computers; Bio-Electronics will be employed in our bodies. We are about to convert Raw Biology into Man Made Bio-Technology. NO one can stop it. To Hell with all the religious fanatics, the all their BS about the “End Times”.

Louis Charles Morelli – Robert Beckendorff – ” … flawed raw biology…”

 I don’t blame Nature due flawed Biology because it seems clear that there is a cycle “chaos>order>transcendence>degeneration>chaos>order…” so, it seems Nature has three states, and this Earth biosphere emerged in state of chaos. What you are wishing about our future is merely the natural sequence, we are going to an ordered state. Our biggest problem is the human inheritance of three animal instincts – instinct for big predator, middle predator, and prey – which are product of chaos and we still carries on these in our genetics and modeling our psyche. So, if we produces high technology now, it will not be used for the well of the whole humanity but will be appropriated by the 1% as big predators against the other two class. Preys – the big mass of 90% of the population are inertial, they don’t care about human progress, only food, which is their way to extinction due overpopulation. So, if we don’t self-exorcise ourselves from these three instincts and don’t make efforts for others doing it, high technology will lead us to worst scenario: The Brave New World ( where everybody are stupid in the paradise) under the government of the Big Brother ( where included the human minds are not free).
Robert Beckendorff 2 days ago
Humans have always been ruled over and controlled by a tiny power above them. This is the natural way of things. Those who have control of knowledge in a scoiety, have the power to rule over the masses, and they do so usually in a benevolent way. Today, there is no excuse for being ignorant. We have instant global sharing, and an Internet that can settle any dispute, and answer any question.
Louis Charles Morelli 2 days ago
Robert Beckendorff – Are you a hard work in construction or 12 hours/day in a factory, as 7 billion humans works or are dependent of these workers and their misery wage? And still you can pay a college where one gets such knowledge? My friend, you don’t know the third world or the reality of the “projects” at the first world and these is 90% of humans. And for your sake, it is a tactic among the big predators of the third world that the population must be kept ignorant.
redlegagent 1 day ago
Try not to allow science FICTION to override real science.  It is one thing to merely deliver a micro-electrical pulse along a nerve track or to an area of the brain in a crude fashion so as to stimulate a response – as the nervous system is already established and you are merely mimicking energy transference.  It is another thing altogether to attempt to interface with human memories in a coherent fashion which may originate from different areas of the brain and for which we are not able to understand right now.  The same for attaching synthetic parts to our bodies – again via that already pre-established system.  So I would not hold my breath just yet waiting for human/technological hybrids as we clearly have a lot to learn yet.  Our brains are as good as nature could make them.  While science fiction loves to blather on about humans supposedly developing more advanced brain capacity – our current brains already use a lot of the resources our bodies can provide.  To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies to deliver the additional oxygen and nutrients required to sustain said higher functioning.  In short – we would over-tax our organ systems which could not deliver the necessary metabolic elements without compromising themselves in the process as our brains are already “hogs” who steal a sizeable chunk of our oxygen etc. from our blood supply.
eeeaten – 1 day ago
apparently i’m somewhat more optimistic than you three. i see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates, and i doubt these are even true. newton’s second law implies a natural move towards disorder, while specific systems within the universe may or may not have increasing complexity depending on local energy sources (eg a star). in regard to humanity and instincts, we have a tendency toward increasing civility and decreasing violence (pinker’s better angels is a great read on this), suggesting humanity is capable of creating a future for itself without tyranny or even war. i don’t think human-technological augmentation is far away at all (check out ray kurzweil’s predictions). we already have infinite-information devices in front of our eyes every day: it’s a small step for these to be accessed directly by our brains – limited only by (fast-evolving) technology. as ever, the future is scary but bright.
redlegagent -n1 day ago
Think of it like the old Westerns where the bad guys would climb a telegraph pole and listen in on the wire.  Things like devices which release a small electrical charge to a section of the brain so as to “disrupt” the electrical signals to prevent a seizure or else attaching a artificial limb which likewise is connected to the existing nerve pathways is basically the same thing.  All you are doing is applying an electrical charge which then transits the existing nerve pathways by overriding natural bio-chemical signals.  That is not the same as somehow tapping into our memories and being able to generate new memories + recall and manipulate neuron transmission in a coherent fashion.  To use artificial technology to enhance our knowledge means that we must be able to accurately access the human brain – understand what areas need to be stimulated to generate specific results – and to then be able to do that.  Suffice to say we are no where near that today.  It’s not like we have a USB plug in our brains.  Our brains process different information is different places – thus one must be able to understand and influence the entire brain to facilitate new information.  As to cultures – technology has always grown at a faster pace than human behavior.  We develop new technologies – and eventually we learn how to use them in a responsible way.  Social development is always the weak link in the chain since people are individuals – each with their own wants and needs – which is why change is always slow.  The way to stimulate altruism and empathy has always been via mass communication.  The more people are connected and see what goes on in the world around them – the more that awareness stimulates responses to what they see
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – “To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies”.
Maybe not. We increased the processing capacity of computers while diminishing the size of hardware by advancing electronics. Same for the relation motor capacity/truck size. This is still fiction, but the Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a formula for systems made by biophotons and a network of biophotons could replace electrical chemical signals and network, without needing more nutrients from the body…
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten ” I see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates”.
So, how could be broken the natural course that all ancestors ( living and non-living ancestors) has followed to such fate? The answer would be ” self-exorcising the selfish gene” since that our surrounding environment ( this biosphere) is modeled by and for to keep the selfish gene. But how you will drive a human with tendency to be big predator to other humans beings – which has the abstract shape of canines in its psyche designed by genetics – to wish their self-exorcising? A predator has canines, no way to change its behavior. Take out the preys he will die.
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten – ” I think you’re implying our ancestors were all selfish and violent…”
No. They were all selfish, but about violence, there is the instinct for prey which is inertial, not aggressive neither for self-defense. This is our problem, the universal duality (hot/cold,male/female,etc.) is here, how to eliminate a universal duality? But it is not, as you said “is an inescapable part of our nature” The two opposites of any duality will arrive to a marriage (hot/cold = no temperature or a median temperature). So you can go to “no more human species” or a descendant more evolved shape resulting from the marriage. It is upon to us our fate. Till now the human history offers no hope. All social systems created till now mimics the rules in the jungle among animals: there is the big predators ( the 1% or high aristocracy), the middle predators (wolves, fox, as the middle class); and the preys ( the 90% still slaves and uneducated). That’s why I am fighting my fight: we need self-exorcise this instincts from our genetics and primary psyche at the same time we need insisting with others to do that, and it means you against the three class. That’s why I am no leftist, no rightist, neither neutral: we need a new kind of social system that does not mimicks animals… or death.
redlegagent –
+Louis – computers require electricity which is not an internal part of the system but rather comes from an external source.  Look at your body.  There is a reason why oxygenated blood goes directly from the left ventricle to shunt straight to your brain – your brain requires the highest amount of oxygen of all your organs in the body to sustain itself.  Your brain is only about ~20% or so of gray matter – and gray matter is the portion which is associated with complex thinking.  The white matter represents the bulk of your brain and it is mostly there to facilitate transmission of signals for the gray matter.  This means that most of your brain is not conducive to higher thought.  So understanding that – understand that our brains place a high demand upon the rest of our body to keep it supplied with enough oxygen and blood to facilitate our currently level of cognition.  In order to foster even higher brain function – our cardio-pulmonary and circulatory systems would have to supply even more sustenance to our brains………… the expense of their own function + the rest of our body which also requires a certain level of cellular nutrition.  In short our brains are developed about as good as they can based upon what the body can supply them.  To access as noted via external devices – we must first understand where and how the bio-chemical signals which represent our memories and thought processes originate = and then be able to interface them in a coherent fashion so that our brain understands what we are trying to tell it and vice-versa in order to operate in a cogent fashion.  So while we are learning about how certain areas of the brain are associated with certain functions – that is not the same as being able to input new commands or recovering memories such as are associated with cognition.
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – Thanks, by good information, you have demonstrated why Robert Beckendorff must slow down his optimism and what seems science fiction. We will wait to see how natural evolution will solve this problem ( maybe giants humans?). If you have not seen the theory of this smart scientist ( human brains developed due cocking food increasing absorption of energy), here is the link, TED TALK: By my hand, I am involved in an investigation about brain and consciousness that seems “weird” or “esoteric” by people with current world view. I am trying to get a full anatomy of the brain in 3D for superimposing the picture upon the drawing of a software diagram that works as a formula for all natural systems. If I can locate at least seven different regions/or pieces as glandules, the brain picture will fit with the formula picture, then, we can identify the specific systemic function of each piece/organ. The brain is a system in itself, so, it must have as template or blue print, this formula for systems. The second investigation is more “weird”. A surprising suggestion from the formula that I got is the explanation why we are using more the left than the right hemisphere. The brain is divided into two sides like the formula is also. In the formula there is a flow of information running in a spherical circuit but when the flow arrives to a Function 4, it is divided into two flows, one continuing the sphere and other going down towards the beginning, where is Function 1. In the brain, the trajectory of this lateral flow would be from the cortex towards the hippocampus, through the corpus callosum. Final conclusion: the human life still needs the fight for survival which needs focusing here and now and the attributes for these are at the left. We can’t lose time/energy with things beyond our survival zone, which are attributes of the right H. Then what is happening? Our thoughts happens only in half potential. When we begins a new thought, it must obey the systemic trajectory which designs the process of life’s cycle like our body. Each thought seems a living thing, with birth (must be at the hippocampal region, F1) , grow, maturation, degeneration and death. If it is useful is registered in the memory, if not, it is lost. It happens that in this still primitive phase of brain evolution, and the fight for survival, the thought as flow of energy’ information is born in F1, goes clockwise through the left h. and when arrive at the cortex, instead going to the right for to be enriched with its attributes, it quickly go down back to hippocampus. We can’t jump to a more elevated, holistic, cosmic, understanding and processing. I suspect that the effort in practices of meditation, like those Indian guys says they can reach nirvana, is the effort to push on the flow making it crossing the barrier of corpus callosum and entering into the right side. My second investigation is more “weird” yet. My formulas and models are suggesting that consciousness must be based in a more subtil network composed by biophotons, which our scientific instruments are not able to detect yet. There are too manny indications suggesting this hypothesis and, since consciousness must be a new system also based on the formula, I have indications about how is designed and evolving this network. If it will be proved existent, then, forget the problem brain/energy supply in relation to evolution and complexity of our mind, nature already has the solution: it is other kind of energy, free in space. ( ok, I told these things only as curiosity and since you like the issue about brain, maybe is your curiosity also). Cheers…