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News about Life’s Origins predicted by Matrix Theory

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Comets hold life chemistry clues

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I have no time just now for studying this news and translating, so I will note the first suggestion from Matrix:

 – First of all, life can be produced at any place in the Universe when there is the convergence of good material conditions and spreading of LUCA’s genes: radiation from any body located at the left side of the LUCA’s body, where energy is up.

– The best candidate for those irradiation should be “pulsar” – which are proto-sun, and young stars (if its radiation reaches any body that has its nuclear material coming to its surface;

– Pulsar or proto-sun irradiates its “genes” by volcano eruption, which produces the nucleus of comets;

So, comets are the best and better candidate for spreading the bits-information for to initialize life’s elsewhere – demonstrating that the data related by this news is in accordance with Matrix Theory.

By Jonathan Amos
Science reporter, BBC News, San Francisco

    The idea that comets delivered the chemical “seeds” for life to the early Earth has been given a big boost.  Scientists studying the tiny grains of material recovered from Comet Wild-2 by Nasa’s Stardust mission have found large, complex carbon-rich molecules.They are of the type that could have been important precursor components of the initial reactions that gave rise to the planet’s biochemistry.The first full analysis of the Wild-2 grains is reported in Science magazine.