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Proved Previsions from Matrix/DNA Theory (1)

Friday, September 11th, 2009

(Scientific American, September 2009, pg. 61)

What was the cause of the first duplication (or multiplication) of living beings? Scientists discover that the application of a heat source on a primitive proto-cell may be the stimulus that causes the two strands of DNA or proto-RNA to separate creating two daughter cells. It is assumed that early Earth had two alternatives as heat:  from ultra-violet rays of the sun or volcanic activity nearby.
      . For the models of the Matrix / DNA made 25 years ago “(SO MUCH BEFORE THINK THIS CASE), the” DNA “of LUCA, since before the origins of proto-cell is divided due to an external heat source:  the sun. Let’s go to see the face of LUCA and its Matrix / DNA (I can not post the pictures in the right place!)



Where the circuit is divided into two, making the half-moon left to play as half-moon right? Function 4, which is represented in LUCA by Pulsar. Remember that a Pulsar is an old planet. And why the flow splits around? Because the planet fell into the orbit of a star, the energy that produces nuclear reactions , the pressure of these reactions produce volcanoes and volcanoes produce comets that create the internal lateral flow. Therefore, in the sky a source of heat is the stimulus for LUCA release his/her sperm and replicate (as Luca do not reproduce but recycles his/her life cycles).
And as always said, in the time of  … (origins of life on Earth, that there wasn’t) … in times of embryogenesis of the first biological system, all mechanisms and processes used here were extracted from the mechanisms and processes that have happened in the sky.
One more goal for the Matrix. And also so we are learning more and more to interpret the maps of the Matrix.