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Grande percepção da Matrix/DNA: a entidade de sistema criou as ferramentas de controle que são as atuais instituições ficcionistas da cooperação entre humanos

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Percepção descoberta através desta palestra no TEDx:

What explains the rise of humans?

…. a qual também está no Youtube como:

Bananas in heaven | Yuval Noah Harari | TEDxJaffa

Comprar o livro deste author:

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by [Harari, Yuval Noah]
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Esta palestra me fez notar um detalhe muito importante na formula da Matrix/DNA: a entidade de sistema no cérebro humano tornou os mecanismos reais de controle termodinamico dos sistemas não vivos em topicos de ficções, como Deus, dinheiro, Estado, etc. Uma primeira introdução sobre esta descoberta esta no comentario abaixo postado e publicado no TEDx em 13/03/20

Louis Charles Morelli – Harari saw the effect (the fiction), but didn´t know the cause ( the emergent property of natural systems called “identit in control”). The bees and ants societies were created as self-projection of non-biological systemic building blocks, or units of information. These societies works exactly as well the building blocks of atoms systems which evolved into building blocks of astronomic systems, then, into the building blocks of DNA and cells, which are systems. The identity of ancestral systems organized the bees as a social machine, like they were before.

This identity is the abstract force that arises from the sum of all information of all parts plus the information about interactions of these parts, if it is a closed system. Opened system adds the interactions with the external world.
This abstract force is like the software running inside the hardware of your computer. Now, the natural software that has 13,8 billion years evolved as the software of human brains, which we call “the mind”.

This abstract force created all humans social fictions as evolution of the mechanisms it has used for getting the internal thermodynamic equilibrium and the external by adaptation within the environment, when it was merely non-biological systems.

The most surprising discovery for Matrix/DNA Theory ( which revealed this abstract force) is that this identity was and is encrypted into light waves, originals like those emitted at the Big Bang. It seems that light is the tools, the arms and hands of a kind of God, since it came from beyond this Universe.
Harari doesn’t know the cause because he doesn’t know that there is a universal natural formula for natural system, the principle of physical order. In this formula we can see the effects of this abstract force all around this world.

The big question now for Matrix/DNA Theory is what kind of system is modelling this force that turned on the real physical mechanisms into these phantasies? What new shape of the universal system?