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What type of ideology could possibly create unity?

Friday, January 15th, 2021

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This is my post:

The one that emerges from Matrix/DNA world view. Resumed: ” We are 8 billion brothers-genes half-conscious that, with more zillions of other less or more conscious brother-genes spread in this Universe, are building and nurturing this fetus of extra-universal consciousness, located at our brain-placenta inside this head-egg. As a universal gene, each human, even the poorest, is a genetic information, unique, specific, indestructible, not transferable, it is the mission of each one to work and to insert his/her information into this great process of universal reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered that act of fecundation called Big Bang. If a unique brother in this Universe could not accomplish its mission, all of us that will be the baby born at the Day of the Big Birth, we would be a hand capped being… and I suspect that the unknown pregnant thing will take medicine for not permitting it. So, give to your life and behavior the meaning of existence of genes. Look to each human or conscious alien as how you look yourself and understand her/him as you understand yours desires, necessities, this is empathy. Never do anything that can prejudices a brother in the most faraway places of Africa or USA or any other place, which could limit its freedom or material capacity for accomplish its mission. And have a long, healthy, prosperous life my brother, because I need you happy in good standing as I need myself.” – This world view discovered this meaning of life applying the method of comparative anatomy among all-natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies, to living beings, so, there is no scientific or philosophical way to debunk it…

Mohan Katarki – The society cannot be united as one unit. However, unity in diversity can be achieved, if the freedom of individuals is recognised, if the dignity of individuals is respected and if the individuals are treated equally.

Answer by Louis Charles Morelli:

Mohan Katarki – Who will be in charge for judging and executing it? Diversity of groups are like distinct parts, pieces, organs of a unique system each one more specialized at one systemic function. Each system has a control identity, keeping the internal homeostasis, equilibrium. Who will be in the control? So, the unique way for a working unite will be no system at all, must have an international Congress, every decision being voted by all individuals. Oh… no… the majority always make mistakes… For example: I think it is wrong sending all money for food to the poorest and no money for spatial exploration like NASA. The majority will think another way… Really this is a difficult human dilema…