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Ionosfera estudada por ICON e debate no REDDIT – O Planeta respira?

Thursday, October 17th, 2019


Postei (atrasado) minha questao no LIVE da NASA no REDDIT, a qual está copiada abaixo:

On Oct. 9, NASA is launching a new mission, the Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON for short. Ask us anything about the science of ICON and the mission’s upcoming launch


Informacoes nos textos:

– – The ionosphere is the densest plasma between you and the sun, so it’s a remarkable feature of our planet and a “natural laboratory” for plasma physics. Because it is a plasma, it has the property of refracting and reflecting radio waves. That property is both useful and problematic, depending on what one is trying to do. In any case, the difficulty presented is understanding why the density changes so much from one day to the next, particularly where the plasma is very dense at low latitudes. Understanding this variability is ICON’s goal

– the dynamic zone high in our atmosphere where Earth’s weather from below meets space weather from above, helping us untangle what drives changes in this region — changes that can affect our technology.

Matrix: Então a ionosfera que é um plasma denso funciona como uma membrana da Terra. As mudanças são mais em termos eletromagnéticos, sugerindo que as trocas se dão entre o campo magnético solar e de outros planetas com o campo magnetico terrestre. A evolução da Fisica para a Biologia sugere que ocorreu mais a nivel de campo magnetico, pois o a nivel de materia organica da célula nao parece ter correspondencia com o nivel de trocas de materia inorganica entre astros ( a não ser que estas trocas astronomicas ocorram em tempos astronomicos que não captamos) .

O que são radio waves? Radio é a ultima frequencia, a mais longa, das ondas. Isto significa que… temos um problema. Esta certo que a ionosfera seja o local da radio wave emitida desde o nucleo terreste, porem nosso planeta não esta na posição do sistema solar relacionada com radio wave e sim com a quarta frequencia, a luz visivel. Qual seria o efeito do encontro entre ondas da setima frequencia com ondas da quarta frequência? Encontro entre F6 e F4? Cadáver estelar e pulsar? O pulsar realimenta e ressuscita o cadaver a cada ciclo. estaria a Terra morrendo a cada dia e sendo ressuscitada, uma especie de respiração astronomica?

Light-The-Electro-Magnetic-Spectrum by MatrixDNA THeory


Ver  as propriedades da membrana celular e da inonosfera e comparar as duas.

– – what causes Earth’s ionosphere to change so remarkably from day to day?

Matrix: realmente isto é surpresa pois fenomenos astronomicos deveriam ocorrer na escala astronomica do tempo… O que causa a membrana celular mudar a cada segundo?

ICON is instrumented to pull out some key quantities like the velocity of the wind and the temperatures at the boundary of space at about 100 km. ICON is sensing remotely the neutral wind speed while directly measuring the ions and electrons that make up the ionosphere. ICON focuses on the dynamic zone high in our atmosphere where terrestrial weather from below meets space weather above. In this region, the tenuous gases are anything but quiet, as a mix of neutral and charged particles travel through in giant winds. These winds can change on a wide variety of time scales — due to Earth’s seasons, the day’s heating and cooling, and incoming bursts of radiation from the sun. Specifically ICON will add detailed measurements of the movement, temperature and composition of the ionosphere-thermosphere system

Matrix: Então Icon trabalha exclusivamente no nivel fisico e apenas medindo variações na velocidade dos ventos e na temperatura?

— NASA’s GOLD instrument which provides hemispheric images of the air glow (brilho, incandescencia) bands in the ionosphere

Matrix: Então a partneship que estão falando fe entre o ICON e GOLD, o qual ‘e outro satélite/instrumento e pertence a NASA e que providencia hemisféricas imagens do brilho das bandas da ionosfera.

— SPACE WEATHER : The easiest example of space weather is the aurora (or northern and southern lights)’ .

Space weather comes also in the form of day to day changes in the ionosphere that aren’t easy to predict right now. These aren’t related to geomagnetic storms, but come naturally from what we think is energy and momentum propagating up from the lower atmosphere. Some places can see the ionosphere change by 2x from one day to the next without the sun or solar wind changing much, so understanding where that comes from is a critical problem for ICON

Matrix: Então a mudança do clima na ionosfera é mais causada from inside-out que from out-inside. Isto significa que a Terra, desde deu nucleo, é a causa das mudanças diarias. O que muda diariamente no planeta? O movimento de rotação? Como a posição de locais na membrana terrestre pode ser afetada pelo momentum de cada rotação? The southern hot spot is part of the old Solar Cycle 24. The northern hot spot is from the new Solar Cycle 25. Ver o que fe Solar Cycle.

 – – AURORA : the auroral ovals can move to lower latitudes – allowing more energy into Earth’s ionosphere. The aurora represents a current system in the sky – these flowing currents can adversely affect the power grids, pipelines and under sea cables. 

– –  the Van Allen Radiation Belts – these belts encircle the Earth wrapping around the equator at a distance of about 8000-38000 miles above the surface. These are regions of intense radiation which can cause problems for spacecraft which orbit the Earth. The radiation can cause charging of sensitive spacecraft hardware as well as damaging solar panels.

– – Theories: When one theory is proven, ten more questions will follow because natural science never ends.


Minhas perguntas:

MatrixDNA  – 1 point·10 minutes ago – 10/07/19

 Sorry my weird questions because I am a native from the jungle, American citizen but English is not native language. So, feel free to not read my questions.

– Is there any evolutionary biologist in the ICON’s team? If so, my personal Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting that he/her must be doing comparative anatomy between three natural systems: the cell’s system membrane and its ancestrals system, the Earth’s planetary membrane called ionosphere, plus its ancestral system, the galactic’s nuclei event membrane called event horizon. Or does the team believing that universal evolution is divided into cosmological and biological evolution with no linear evolutionary links between them? If you do not believe in that theory, how to discover first deeps causes of ionosphere events? I am doing these calculations but, do you think that I am “away far off the beam”?

– The ionosphere should be a kind of membrane. It should pushes out radio waves ( the seventh electromagnetic frequency) and pulls down visible light (the fourth frequency). My theoretical naturalist model called Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting that when these two frequencies meets up, happens a kind of self-recycling, or a system’s respiration. So, these inter-changes seems to mimic a breath (respiration?) process of the planet in the solar system.  While human bodies breath are a minute-to-minute event, it is logical that astronomic breathing should be day-to-day event. So, the ionosphere day-to-day changes should reveal a common pattern at long times. Is the ICON/NASA team searching any patterns? Is my theory totally “away off the beam”?