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Gestação de humano em nove meses e a fusão dos genomas (vídeos)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021


Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD – Presented to You from PSNX

by : BobbyandDanna Jackson

Fertilization – Nucleus Medical Media Nucleus Medical Media

What type of ideology could possibly create unity?

Friday, January 15th, 2021

This question was posted in a forum and it is un discussion, here:

This is my post:

The one that emerges from Matrix/DNA world view. Resumed: ” We are 8 billion brothers-genes half-conscious that, with more zillions of other less or more conscious brother-genes spread in this Universe, are building and nurturing this fetus of extra-universal consciousness, located at our brain-placenta inside this head-egg. As a universal gene, each human, even the poorest, is a genetic information, unique, specific, indestructible, not transferable, it is the mission of each one to work and to insert his/her information into this great process of universal reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered that act of fecundation called Big Bang. If a unique brother in this Universe could not accomplish its mission, all of us that will be the baby born at the Day of the Big Birth, we would be a hand capped being… and I suspect that the unknown pregnant thing will take medicine for not permitting it. So, give to your life and behavior the meaning of existence of genes. Look to each human or conscious alien as how you look yourself and understand her/him as you understand yours desires, necessities, this is empathy. Never do anything that can prejudices a brother in the most faraway places of Africa or USA or any other place, which could limit its freedom or material capacity for accomplish its mission. And have a long, healthy, prosperous life my brother, because I need you happy in good standing as I need myself.” – This world view discovered this meaning of life applying the method of comparative anatomy among all-natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies, to living beings, so, there is no scientific or philosophical way to debunk it…

Mohan Katarki – The society cannot be united as one unit. However, unity in diversity can be achieved, if the freedom of individuals is recognised, if the dignity of individuals is respected and if the individuals are treated equally.

Answer by Louis Charles Morelli:

Mohan Katarki – Who will be in charge for judging and executing it? Diversity of groups are like distinct parts, pieces, organs of a unique system each one more specialized at one systemic function. Each system has a control identity, keeping the internal homeostasis, equilibrium. Who will be in the control? So, the unique way for a working unite will be no system at all, must have an international Congress, every decision being voted by all individuals. Oh… no… the majority always make mistakes… For example: I think it is wrong sending all money for food to the poorest and no money for spatial exploration like NASA. The majority will think another way… Really this is a difficult human dilema…

Fascinante rocha de meteorito do espaço na Antártica poderia explicar o mistério da estranha assimetria na vida

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

Astonishingly old Antarctic space rock could explain mystery of life’s weird asymmetry

An image of a piece of the Antarctic meteorite Asuka 12236 as seen through a microscope; the sample is about 0.3 inches (1 centimeter) across.

My comments published at the articles debate:

Well,.. the Matrix/DNA Theory has different suggestions:

1) Left handed amino acids are related to birth and grow, while right handed are related to the second phase of any natural system, entropy and death. Below is the universal formula of all natural systems. F1 is the initial source, then the systemic circuit goes clock-wise through left side till reaching F4. Since the circuit is built by the vital cycle process, when applied to a human body which is a system, F1 is the mother, F2 is the baby, F3 the teenage and F4 the young adult. From here, F4, begins entropy, the level of energy decreases, going to F6 ( old adult), to F7 (seniors) and the decomposed cadaver goes back to the source ( it is a closed system), or to other place ( if it is a opened system). At F4 begins the reproductive process and here life demonstrates its wisdom: i the first living system was complete with the two sides, never the first would to reproduce before dying. Pick up the phase of life growing and you will have life forever.

2) Information for left-handed ( F1 to F4) are delivered by planets nucleus reactions reaching the surface and right-handed are delivered by stars like the Sun. So, this meteorite must be from some destroyed planet.

Are life and mind irrelevant to the structure of the universe, or are they central to it?

Monday, May 18th, 2020

“Consciousness is Like Spacetime Before Einstein’s Relativity”

Posted on May 17, 2020

The question that has intrigued several of the planet’s great physicists, including Stanford’s Andre Linde and Princeton’s John Archibald Wheeler in the last decades of his life, was: “are life and mind irrelevant to the structure of the universe, or are they central to it?” ( read more…)

My published question:


Louis Charles Morelli • 36 minutes ago 

“Why ” irrelevant or central”? I think biological systems (aka, life) are merely another universal evolutionary step and human consciouness is merely a fetus of the final consciousness. So, neither irrelevant, neither central: in between.”

Then, there is this interesting video:

Budismo também é contra “origens”

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019


Hindu and Buddhist philosophies state that any event is the result of previous events, as reflected in the concept of karma, and as such there is no such thing as a random event or a first event. (wikipedia : )

A teoria da Matrix/DNA contesta o conceito e definição humana da palavra “origens”, acrescentando que nunca houve “origens da vida” nem “origem do Universo”. As propriedades da vida vem sendo expressadas gradualmente a medida que evolui o sistema universal, desde o sistema atômico, e quando chega no biológico expressa todas as propriedades juntas. Portanto não existe fronteiras, divisão clara entre o que é um sistema vivo e um sistema não-vivo. Então não teve súbita origem da vida. Alias, tido é produto de transformações de algo que existia antes. E pelo que vejo no texto acima, o Budismo também já defendia esta ideia.

Tenho alertado que estas duas palavras tem causado grande prejuízo a obtenção de conhecimento natural pela humanidade. Por causa desta divisão entre vida e não-vida separaram a Evolução Universal em dois blocos – a Evolução Cosmológica e a Evolução Biológica – e devido a esta separação que cria um abismo evolucionário entre os dois blocos surgem vários misticismos, materialismos metafísicos crendo em acasos mágicos, e religiões, que precisam apelar ao imaginário para explicarem o que aconteceu depois da evolução cosmológica, como a origem da vida. se alguém concordar com minha teoria, deve sempre contestar qualquer fala incluindo os termos “origens da vida” ou origem de qualquer coisa, a bem da humanidade.


Origens da Vida: Extenso informativo artigo

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019


Origins – what cause explains best our existence, and why?

( segundo o bing, na busca de universal matrix, sou citado neste artigo/livro. Procurar > encontrei a seguinte nota em referencias: 23 –, no capitulo 07, sob titulo Essential elements and building blocks for the origin of life)

Reason and

Parei lendo a extensa primeira pagina no capitulo: How the discovery of ribozymes cast RNA in the roles of both chicken and egg in origin-of-life theories


Origin of Life: This “scientific” video and the explanation from Matrix/DNA Theory

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019


A brief introduction to learn what this website is about is resumed in the comments below:  ( Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth)

Comments in Youtube:

vince pie – 6/21/19

Life did not come from non life. It came from life.

Pablo Fonseca – 6/22/19

Vince, try to change this concept by:

” Natural systems did not come from scratch. Systems came from systems”.

The word “life” is our problem ( and the word ” origins” is another trap ). So what system these biological systems ( aka, life) came from? Ok there were only two known systems: astronomic and atomic. You can see quickly that atom must be discarded, because it is too much simple than the first biological system – a complete and working cell system. So the unique alternative is astronomic systems. And it is logical: the first biological system appeared inside an astronomic and was produced with ingredients existing in this system.

But, how could a giant and super simple system producing a microscopic and super complex system?! Louis Morelli was thinking about these problem, but ia new different way: systems,… and thre is no other alternative, it did it, we must discover how. He went to Amazon jungle where still there are witness of that event, and applied comparative anatomy between biological and astronomic, when he found LUCA, the last half-biological/half-astronomic system, the lost evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution.

There is no unsolvable enigma, the whole problem are wrong words generating wrong concepts and wrong way of thinking. These people in this video is searching the ancestral of a system as a soup of random ingredients. Systems came from system. So, Morelli shows in his website the face of LUCA, which is the building block of galatic systems and he found how LUCA was here, in the middle of that soup and minerals.

Whats the meaning of life

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019


Question posted at Yahoo Answers and answer by us below…

TheUniversalMatrixThe Matrix/DNA posted at 4/5/19
We are 8 billion like half-conscious genes carrying on and nurturing inside our head-eggs and brain-placenta one genetic characteristic of a cosmic consciousness baby which is being building by millions of others genes at other worlds inside this Universe. We are facing hard times due two problems:
1) Our remotely ancestor – which means ourselves when in primitive forms – made the big mistake of building a kind of paradise from its own body becoming a self-closed system, closing the doors to its own evolution, refusing to accomplish his mission that is delivering its genetic information. Tis kind of free-will triggers entropy, then, the closed system was fragmented and falling at Earth for beginning everything again and correcting the soul from this sin;
2) Every new evolved shape of cosmic genes is a cycle divided into two phases; the first one is “eggs out”, like our biological shape came from bacterials till reptiles: the second phase is “eggs in”, when the new being is protected and nurtured. This new universal systemic shape here at Earth – consciousness – still is a fetus, and as egg out, that’s why we faces tragedies, predators, etc.
Ok, no human knows which is the real final meaning of life and this world, maybe there is no meaning, but, you can choose your own bet. I described above the meaning suggested by Matrix/DNA Theory, which, I think, is the best, most logical and rational facts based that I know.

Origins of Life: Scientists produces synthetic enzyme in 2017 and they suspects that it created life at 4 billions years ago!

Monday, November 13th, 2017


Then it was me who being born at this century killed the Death Sea at 2 billions years ago… This article is at the link below and following it are the copies of our commentaires at the article’s debate: 

Chemists May Have Found the ‘Missing Link’ to the First Life on Earth

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed – 12:56 PM – 11/13/2017

To the authors:
You said: ” … A subset of chemists have devoted their careers to puzzling…”
I think it is clear that a new kind of information from a more complex natural system were among the matter of that water slime. I can’t understand these chemists that are working with the effects and not searching the cause, because if they want to solve the puzzle, the rational way is going after the cause.DAP – if it ever existed naturally – is an effect, containing the entire or part of the cause, not the cause. We are watching everyday how a new life emerges from water slime produced not by the slime, but by a bunch of information coming from outside the womb’s water, so, why for the first life would be different? Why scientists are mimicking mysticals that need never seen before phenomena? Our method at Matrix/DNA Theory found a possible natural force/element that could be the source of these outside informations for first life. Chemists need know the models and looking inside DAP and the other primordial elements for this “invisible” genome. We are losing time and money.
@Phillip Czekala –  I’m going to guess you’ve never actually witnessed the Birth of a Baby? If you had you would know how Ignorant your claim not to have started your life in “a bucket of shit water slime” because yours and everyone elses actually did start that way.You may or may not have started in shit, not all babies crap in Uetero, but you certainly started in “a bucket of piss water slime”. All Mammals do.
Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed – 12:56 PM – 11/13/2017
Chris Sievert – Yes but the piss water slime does nothing without an almost invisible element called genome, which did not come from the piss water slime, but from the parents of the baby, existing above and before the piss water slime. If you are rational and not a mystic or have some obscurus agenda, you will calculate that in that primordial water slime arrived some kind of prior genome. That’s why Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a theoretical model of this non-Earth genome: it is merely the miniaturized copy of astronomical systems’ building blocks. Of, course, what else were existing above and before Earth if not the Milk Way?


Edward Guest · FSU College of Law

The ability to produce intelligent beings, well somewhat intelligent, through this process if true could likely occur in millions, maybe even billions, of star systems in our Universe. Maybe we will be surprised in a few billion Earth years how many species we find that are a lot like us.

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Edward Guest – There is a curious option, maybe you don’t know it. Life is like agriculture, so, if a seed falls in an environment with good conditions, it will flourish. The seeds are splitted everywhere in space/time. But, what is this “seed” and from where it comes from? At Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that a new theoretical model of galaxies fits exactly the configurations for a source of these seeds. The astronomical building blocks is the face and configuration of DNA building blocks. When I got these models, it was suggesting a new version of “universal history” from the Big Bang to nowadays. And the final history suggests that – as you said – initially must have diversification among aliens but all them will be fine tunelled to a unique final shape… which is the unknown shape of the natural intelligent system that triggered the Big Bang and must be existing beyond this Universe. Curious, isn’t it?

Philip Czekala

It’s publish or perish in college land and this clown professor Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy will make up and write ANYTHING to keep his job. Maybe his life started out in a bucket of shit water slime but mine didn’t. Just think about how many gullible assholes believe this crap too. We are DOOMED.

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Philip – You are right, Our life began in water slime also but the womb’s water slime can do nothing without the insertion of an almost invisible genetic code from something existing above and beyond the womb ( it means also beyond Earth as the womb for first living thing). Why the modern academic mindset is separating cosmological evolution from biologiccal evolution?! The effects of this absurd faith is causing this blindness? Do you have any explanation for human behavior?

Jerry Bunker · Purdue University

Professing themselves wise they traded the truth for a lie. This garbage that once upon a time is sheer nonsense. Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 states that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It takes much more faith to believe in these fairytales than to believe in the creator God

Louis Charles Morelli ·Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Jerry: ” Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 states”
A book written by foreign ancient people states nothing to our people of our country and to people of XXI century, why are you coming at a Science issue and Western World telling that?! Don’t worry: if God has something to say to our country and to people of this time, He will say it directly to us, we does not accept humans intermediaries between us and God. 
Here you comes professing yourself wise. So, bring on to the table the proofs how life started and get the Nobel prize. Or are you trading the truth for a lie?
Something folks seem to miss in their Synthesis of supposed early biology is the intense stirring caused by the Moon tides which were a hundred or more times stronger than they are now. Not only 100-200 foot ocean tides, tides expressed in the ground around the sea and, more importantly, beneath the sea too, stirring up the lighter and heaver elements, separating the stone from the metal, breaking the shell of the Earth into mud and sand, even as it tries to harden, heating things up in a band beneath the Moon’s early orbit. Remember, the Moon, containing much of it’s present mass was only a few thousand miles above the Earth at that time, having been formed by a collision between the Earth and a stoney body about the size of Mars. It slowly escaped Earth’s gravity until now it’s effects on land is negligible though the seas still rise and fall by tens of feet now, rather than by hundreds. THERE is your crucible!
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It occurs to me that the occasion of the birth of our Moon might be quite rare in water planets. There might be fewer examples of life because of it, if the Moon tides really were a part of the equation. The local sudden heating and cooling of subsurface muds by those large tides might also have played a part, again making life as we know it even more rare.
Fred Wood – You have a good point. There is a theoretical “universal natural formula for organizing matter into systems” and applying the formula for to calculate “life’s origins” the results of this calculations says exactly what you said about the role played by the Moon. New shapes of systems ( like the biological ones built at the abiogenesis period) begins by the Function 1 of the formula, which is “agitation for fragmentation and mixture of the elements of the environment”. We have not found other element able to do that function necessary for biological systems organization here. Then comes the F2, which takes the “baby” created by F1 and begins the aggregation of nutrients. This formula explains how the first lighter gaseous star and the later stellar systems were made from an atomic nebulae, how galactic’s nuclei are created by central vortex, etc. If you are curious about the formula, search ” The Universal Matrix for All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. Congratulations by the right insight

Where Are All the Intelligent Aliens? Hidden in the other six dimensions of light waves

Thursday, October 26th, 2017


This article bring on again this very painful question that has blown our minds after our scientific development making sure that they exists. Reading the article and thinking with Matrix/DNA formula at hands, emerged a new hypothesis, which I published as comment in the article and is copied below, for coming back with a more accurate study…

Where Are All the Intelligent Aliens? Maybe They’re Trapped in Buried Oceans

Louis Charles Morelli · published at 10/26/17
They are hidden in the other six dimensions of light waves. Humans grasp only the dimension of visible light. It is not all: the biological organization of matter is made off with frequencies/vibrations limited to visible light. Humans are blind and their consciousness shape is a fetus. Science and technology is limited to this field. Any evolutionary advance to the next dimension and all life’s form in the Universe will not grasp our existence also. Then, we can’t detect the existence of life in the state of inferior dimensions because they are still non-rationals, like animals and plants. And why we can’t detect life in other planets that are in the same dimension of visible light? Of course, because their science and technology is like ours and they are not in this Sun’s system. ( Ok, this is a hypothesis that I got when thinking about the interpretation of the eletromagnetic spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory. My interpretation could be wrong)

Light-The-Electro-Magnetic-Spectrum by MatrixDNA THeory

Light-The-Electro-Magnetic-Spectrum by MatrixDNA THeory-1