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O video das informacoes do corpo se extendendo como informacoes do campo magnetico de todo o Universo, de Nassim Haramein

Friday, August 16th, 2019


Muito importante voltar a ver porque se por a luz que encontrei no lugar do “magnetic field”, o resto fica bem similar.

Nassim Haramein – The Field of Boundless Information – Quantum University

Hearts pumping iron and the Matrix/DNA formula suggesting a revolutionary new technology to Amazon. com

Monday, July 29th, 2019


Hearts are always pumping blood. Blood has iron. For our whole life we are constantly pumping iron.

A healthy heart pumps ~ 2000 gallons of blood per day (7,520 L / day). The density of haemoglobin in blood is 120 to 200 grams per litre. The weight of iron per haemoglobin molecule is 0.35%:

Currently, you transport 200 to 360 grams of iron per minute, 13 to 21 kg of iron per hour, 300 to 500 kg per day. If you live to 75 years, you will have moved 8 to 14 million kg of iron, about the weight of the Eiffel tower!

This is more one evidence that the general rationalization of Matrix/DNA Theory is pretty right. Without knowing that blood has iron, and never thinking that hearts pumping iron, the whole theory predicted it. How it worked:

First we discovered the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution.

Second we discovered that the systemic circuit inside the link was very similar to the systemic circuit of cell’s systems.

Paying attention to this systemic circuit we found it also as the template for the Dna’s unit of information;

Then we went to discovering that all natural systems are based upon the same formula. We can draw the formula as a simple software diagram:

Matriz Universal: Software de Sistema Fechado

The Universal Formula Matrix/DNA of All Natural Systems and Life Cycles

The formula has a kind of pump, which is the Function 1;

Trying to understand the human body in the light of that template, we saw that F1, the pump, must be the hearth;

When we calculated the substances, forces, and matter at the astronomic system, we concluded that F1 must be pumping hot iron. It fits with the seed of stars’ nucleus. But before being a star, an astro was a planet… with iron at its core.

At this time, we was knowing that the cell system was a copy of the self-projection of the building block of astronomic system. The human body is the evolutionary result of self-projection of cells. So, the human body is in the same lineage of astronomic systems. The anatomy is continuing keeping the same meaning, functions of internal parts, doesn’t matter that the substances, the shapes, etc., are differents, due evolution.

Then, what runs inside the circuit and parts’ nucleus of the whole left side of the Matrix/DNA formula nas a good portion of  iron. From F1 ( galactic nucleus) to F4 (pulsars) there is iron, which goes becoming weak at each new astro. When the flow arrives to F6 ( stars) maybe the iron disappeared.

We know that the biological hardware of living things was assembled only with left-handed molecules, resulting in chirality. It is still a big puzzle for scientists this unknown cause: why life is only left-handed? I think the formula explains it very well.

But the phenomena of left or right hands are related to spins. What’s producing these spins? Another big puzzle.

But if we have knowledge of Matrix/DNA formula we can find a solution to this puzzle also. It is all related to the iron producing magnetic fields. The iron circulates in astronomical systems, so, the first molecules for to re-build their building blocks here was spinning accordingly with the astronomic magnetic field. And to the left, for sure, because in the astronomic system, spinning to the right – the right face of Matrix – is the world of entropy, so, degeneration, death.

But… now, we have issues for developing still more our theory. For us, the formula is suggesting that human bodies must have a magnetic field. Worst: if this magnetic field mimics what the magnetic field in our ancestor astronomic system does… it means that at each point in the body, at each organ, the blood recognizes the organ as a systemic function, like F1, F2, and so on…

For each point, each organ, the blood delivers the right substances, like vitamin, etc. I think that scientists believe that each organ is a kind of fisherman, fishing the substances crossing by the river. Now I am suspecting that it could be different: it is the blood, facing the right receptors, that delivers the goods.

If Steve Jobs knows this, he will put a magneto with a barcode at each house of each customer, will built a big drone, and the drone will do what a car do, identifying the barcode of the houses, instead looking for the street number of each house. A new technology based on Matrix/DNA formula, the circuit of blood flow and magnetic fields…

In this drawing we see two systems that has the Matrix/DNA formula as template:

The Matrix at The State Column Journal

The Identical Human and Astronomical Life Cycle Produced by the Universal Natural Formula