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Materialismo: “O Universo e a Vida podem ser explicados pela Física e Matemática com as 4 forças naturais mais uma carrada de acidentes”

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Assim afirma o físico Premio Nobel no vídeo com link abaixo, mas antes deixa-me registrar o comentário que postei no TED abaixo do vídeo:

Louis Charles Morelli – Posted at 9/3/2020

Poor man. At the next corner there will be a discovery that a known natural element is a force more important and universal than anything he knows, which contains and rules the four natural forces and will reveal that only 5% of this world is grasped by Physics and Math.

Why we find the same Math equation when opening the next order of natural phenomena? Because when we opens the next body of a new species, and any next natural system, we find the same universal natural formula, which we say “Matrix/DNA”, the fifth and more important natural law, which contains Physics and Math, that’s why you find the same Math equations. Which is the best indication of beauty and elegance in nature? The roots at its foundation or the buildings of life, emotions ans consciousness? Mr Gell-Mann believes that the natural world is only from the Big Bang till the last galaxy, he is blind to what came before the Big Bang and what comes after the galaxies, which he says that are accidents. But in the real world is the meat that produces the bone skeleton and not the skeleton that produces the meat.

All natural orders of phenomena are properties of natural systems, there is a unique universal natural system that is coming under evolution since the Big Bang, which had the shapes of atomic systems, astronomic systems, cell systems and now is getting the shape of consciousnesses system. And all these shapes were built by a unique and same natural force, a kind of universal genome, which we call “Matrix/DNA”. We can see it encrypted into natural light waves. When he says “you don’t need to search something more” he is not different from those religious medievals dominating the universities and saying that “you have the Bible and God, does not need search anything more”. This is a science-stopper, inhibiting the students from keeping the open mind and searching.

Beauty, Truth and… Physics? by Murray Gell-Mann

TED – Beauty, Truth and… Physics? by Murray Gell-Mann