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The conflict between the Official Medicine and Matrix / DNA’s Medicine

Monday, September 19th, 2011

( sorry if this “Google” translation prejudices to grasp the real issue)

Modern scientific thought is convinced that the big traditional diseases are first caused by disorders of genes. The models of the Matrix / DNA are suggesting that the disease is first caused by dysfunction of the system/human-body, that is, a systemic dysfunction that produces dysfunction of genes.

The scientific thinking is convinced that genes are modified by themselves or that the DNA / RNA make mistakes or errors of transcription of genes changing positions often by chance, and so on. Anyway the root cause would be reduced to focus on genetic DNA. The models of the Matrix / DNA suggest that genes are only expressions of the system, this is who makes the changes and other errors of genes.

The scientific thinking took a stunning thwack with the Genome Project. They were convinced about the slogan “a disease, a gene”, therefore the mapping of the DNA would be the solution because it would suffice to compare maps of healthy people with maps of sick people and detect the gene responsible. With the completion of the project showed that the map obtained is not so: the disease is a product of many genes changed in several regions of DNA and we do not know why they connect in the dysfunction or how they connect. We are back to the ground zero and the diseases are still torturing and killing humans

The models of the Matrix / DNA have a perfect formula of universal system. It says that all materials architectures are clusters of systems derived from that formula. The DNA itself has as its fundamental unit of information, such as buiding block, sets of four nucleotides, which is a copy of the universal formula. So the DNA is derived from a stack of a single system. The formula shows how are the connection between the parties. It helps to identify the parts self-connected with its functions in the system. It leads to identify and separate systems within the networks that make up an architecture, be it a galaxy or a human body. And the formula is the perfect system, it lends itself to be compared with all isolated systems architecture, showing where the dysfunctions are and the probably cause. Just eliminate the causes indicated and the body works perfect.

The modern scientific thought knows nothing of the Matrix / DNA, I am the only person who is trying to divulgate it and only through this website. I am the only person who is testing the formula against natural facts and studying it day by day. 30 years doing this have convinced me that the formula is real.

At least, that the formula need to become known … and even that is destroyed as unreal, the subject of diseases can not refuse any opportunity to try.

What have you to say and to do about all this? Is there anybody with cancer, alzheimer, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.. in the family? Are you sure that you will always be free of these scourges? So it’s nice to do something, possible, and faster, for Science toknow and test this formula. At least, yell at me.


Next, we will record here the news with issues related to the topic:

1) Molecular Changes Found Responsible for Depression in Women

Written By:
Vikas Shukla

For the first time, molecular-level changes have been detected in the brains of depressed women. The findings reveal that there is a connecting link between the two hypotheses of biological mechanisms leading to mental illness. The research was conducted by scientists at School of Medicine, University of Pittsburg and findings were published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

The study author Dr. Etienne Sibille, Associate Professor, Pitt School of Medicine, noted that very little research has been done on mental illnesses of women, although they are twice as likely as men to suffer from severe and frequent depression. The outcomes of research will provide better understanding of one of the most common psychiatric illnesses.

In the study, post-mortem brain tissue samples of 21 depressed women and 21 similar women without any history of depression were examined. The researchers observed reduced expression of certain genes, including the one for brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), in depressed women as compared to their peers. Also, the expression of genes responsible for neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) was drastically low in depressed women. These changes were observed in amygdala, a part of human brain responsible in sensing and expressing emotion.

The scientists next focused on the impacts of BDNF on GABA cells by genetically engineering mice to carry different mutations in BDNF gene. They identified two mutations that led to same reduction in GABA subtype and also reflected other changes witnessed in depressed human brains. The finding will enhance future research on depression.

Psychiatrists and researchers have surmised many times in the past that reduced BDNF levels play key role in depression, and they have also hypothesized that reduced activity of GABA is an important factor.

Dr. Sibille said that their work has linked the two concepts together by demonstrating that, first, BDNF is evidently low in depression and, second, low BDNF influences particular subtypes of GABA in a way that develops characteristics we observe in depressed brains.

The researchers have continued with exploration of molecular pathways between BDNF and GABA. The project received funding from National Institute of Mental Health.