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Message of New Year from Matrix/DNA world view

Friday, January 1st, 2021

My private investigation is suggesting that if – all human beings, included you and me – do not understand that it is obligatory a new and different world view, with its new values, as ethics, moral, final purpose, and life meanings, for beginning this new year, the countdown for humanity will be continued and 2021 will be worst, then 2022 will be worst yet, etc. No more lunch time. The planet, the Universe, the others life forms, all of them are furious with us… So, my private investigation about the known real facts of this Universal Nature changed my world view, which – the summary – is: ” We are 8 billion brothers/half-conscious genes that, with more zillions of brothers half-conscious genes in this whole Universe, are building this fetus of ex-universal consciousness, that began at the Big Bang and will finish at the Big Birth. Each brother-gene is a unique, specific, personal, not transferable, indestructible, genetic information. If only one human being or alien bother will not accomplish his/her mission, giving and materializing his/her information, all of us will be a unique hand caped baby. So, we need help everybody that is getting difficult in life, we cannot prejudice the life of nobody. Our head is the new egg, our brain is the placenta, inside which we are nurturing a genetic characteristic of this half-conscious fetus, and this whole agglomerate of galaxies called Universe, where each galaxy is a kind of living cell is merely the universal placenta nurturing the development of the creature that will reproduce the unknown thing that triggered the Big bang as an event of fecundation. I think that this world view will pit me in the right track, but, if other people do not turn to the right track, there will be a premature abortion of this Gaia contribution to the big baby and humanity could be discarded. So. sorry the long text, but I need talk my worries… If you want to know how was my method of investigation, and the results I got, search for ( the site has no adds and is not selling anything)

Mensagem de alento da Matrix/DNA para pessoas com depressão

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

We are 8 billion people, but you are different from the others 7,99 billions in a specific detail, so, there is something beneficial to human kind that only you can do it, because only you was born with the information for doing it. It is possible that the world will not help you for doing it, then, it will not be your fault. But, if you do not do it by your choice… I don´t know if you will have trouble after death because nobody knows if there is life after death, but one thing is sure: the next generations, and maybe the whole humanity, will be hand caped.

We are 8 billions half-conscious genes building the fetus of whole conscious being. As a gene, you are the unique being in the world that has a specific information for a specific detail for that fetus. We discovered it when found that our DNA is merely a biological shape of a kind of universal matrix that is coming evolving since the Big Bang. It means that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang. We have located the first shape of this matrix encrypted into the electromagnetic spectrum of natural light waves. Since the last top of evolution here is consciousness and we have a bit of it, it means we will be into the thing to be reproduced. We, the 7,99 billion people after you are asking: please, do your job, we don´t want to born as hand caped…