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O engodo na onda moderna sobre meditação

Saturday, July 27th, 2019


Existe uma grande onda no Ocidente, milhares de gurus e websites aparecendo a cada dia, enganando o povo, se aproveitando dos modernos mal-estares físicos e mentais decorrentes do stress, tentando “ensinar” as praticas orientais, budistas, de meditação. Uma cientista pesquisadora americana escreveu um longo ensaio se queixando disso, que apos seguir os gurus e praticar tais meditações ficou pior ou mais confusa do que estava antes. O que aconteceu com ela fe prova do que venho tentando alertar de que estas praticas estão erradas, muito diferente da técnica que uso baseada numa total diferente visão do mundo. O ensaio foi levado para o REDDIT para debate entre filósofos, cujo link vai abaixo e onde postei um comentário. Tambem abaixo o link para o artigo ensaio da pesquisadora.


The problem of mindfulness: while presenting itself as value-neutral, it is actually loaded with troubling assumptions about the self and the cosmos

Posted by u/voltimand – 7/26/19)

Baseado no artigo/ensaio:

The problem of mindfulness

Meu comentario postado no REDDIT em 7/27/19

MatrixDNA – at 7/27/19

After reading the article I am sure the author, neither Buddhism, does not know what’s mindfulness, they never reached it. They are talking about self, ego awareness, thinking that it is mindfulness, as the state of pure consciousness. Ego is what we feel as “I”, a physical system link between the human infant state of consciousness and the human physical body. I am thinking if we isolate this link, what else is resting? Like in the anesthesia or like an irrational animal body… which is a kind of conscious or ego neutrality, like a machine. What is the advantage getting it? The hindu nation and people are the answer: 1 billion people under the poverty through thousands of years. Is this what the Americans and Westerners want? “Nirvana” is the extreme selfish expression, like creationists believing that they are safe and prosperous reaching the spiritual state that would aligning them with Christ… and the others will burn in the hell…
My meditation technique is result of mixing three different world views: the scenes described by natives from Amazon under brain altered state by their hallucinogenic beverages, which are equal the “mystical” scenes described in Asia 5 or 10 thousands years ago; plus the Eastern picture of the “aura”, composed by two moving “serpents” enrolled in spirals having between them six “stars or chakras”, which, I discovered with the Amazon’s natives, is merely the two streams and six nitrogenous bases of DNA’s unit of information inside the neurons; plus the universal formula for systems, as the template of brain’s anatomy. It has worked very well for me. So my position here is like Bill Nye advocating evolutionary science against creationism and my suggestion is: Does not fall in confusion like the author, do not lose your time with this kind of mystical and wrong meditation, we have a great culture and nation, we can not be a new India, and I am telling about economy and quality of life. Meditation is good, it is necessary in this stressful modern world, but there is not better teacher about how to meditate than yourself, based on your own world view, what yours instincts and intuitions says to you. At meditation state you are entering into a loneliness dimension, so, go alone and by yourself in it. It would be good if you search the universal formula of natural systems that is the template of the brain and shows how the chemical/energetic flows of thoughts runs inside the brain mimicking the natural systemic circuit, because with practice we can begin to learn how to stop, avoid or drive the thoughts throughout the left, the right hemispheres integrating them with the neocortex. It is a very complex issue which Buddhists and these teachers has no idea about…
Textos esparsos nao publicados que seriam incluidos no post:
I have improved 100% my life since I got my model of meditation, totally new, totally different than anything I have saw. How you will work yours thoughts if you have no idea what’s and how the chemical/energetic circuits of thoughts runs inside the brain? How do you stop, avoid, or drive the circuit of a thought if you don’t know the brain map and the avenies on which the thought is running? But, this is a technical issue, out of topic in a philosophy forum, I will not extend about it. Then, the OP says about ” troubling assumptions about the self and the cosmos “, which is a philosophic issue. For beginning to understand what is mindfulness – in the sense of consciousness, not the ego awareness which puts consciousness aside – humans should have a good knowledge about self and cosmos, which we don’t have. My totally different life’s experience from everyone else lead me to an interpretation of self and Cosmos totally different than anything that was written, so, my interpretation of mindfulness and my meditation practices are different. I learned that all those images saw by the founders of Buddhism, The Bible narrative of the paradise, the symbol of I Ching the “aura” composed by chakras and kundalini, are merely flashes inside the brain coming from the DNA at the center of neurons. They are registered memory of our non-biological real ancestors, like atoms and galaxies, in what we call junk-DNA. I watch natives i n Amazon jungle with altered brain’s state due their allucimnogenos descibing same imagens said 5.000 years ago in Asia. They describes scenes of the building blocks of galaxies – which is almost a perfect machine very good for our ancestor – but, if you draw the scenes in a paper, you see a metaphorical narraticve of physical reality exactly like that in the Bible. They describes scenes of two moving serpents enrolled into spirals having between them six stars. The founders of these Eatern religions said they are kundaline and chackras. It is not, it is merely the two streams of DNA and the stars are the nitrogenuous bases between them. The symbols of I Ching are merely the drawning of a universal formula as templeate of all natural systems, registered into the DNA becaise each unit of DNA’s information is hust this working system. This is about philosophy, showing how the ancient ) and amlmost the modern also) world view are totally wrong, so, our understanding about self and cosmos are wrong. How you get mindfulness based on wrong assumptions?……………….I created a new process of meditation and I think it is was very good for me about health, creativity, behavior. It was resullting from mixing the eastern worldview ( chakras, kundaline after discovering that this whole picture is all about the picture of DNA, in some way broght to mind by the DNA in the neurons) with Amazon natives under altered stte of mind due their jungle’s allucinogenous. I think this practice has changed my normal human neuronial connections, and the new state lead me to discover what I called as “universal formula of all natural systems”. Since the brain is a system and its anatomy fits perfectly with the formula, the flow of a thought must be equal the flow of the energy/information running inside the formula systemic circuit. Then, came hundred of surprisingly suggestions about what are thoights, how they works in the brain, what is mind, how is the connections mind/thoughts/body, etc. Since I can’t prove the formula is real, all I have I consider as theory to be tested. What I could doing is to teach other persons this technique for having more samples testing it, but I never did it because it would take too much time for explaining everything. I think that people here in the commnts are very interested in this issue of mildfulness, so, what I am working in as novelty coild be at least very curious to them. I will try mentioning only 10% of these novelties, but, please, these are temporary results of an ongoing investigation, do not take it as my affirmation:…….What are thoughts in a chemical-energetic discription……………No human can reach mindfulness by while, because our brain is not working as a whole system. It is divided into three parts: left and right hemisphere and a central cortex and no thought can mimick the systemic circuit integrating the three parts.