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The Matrix / DNA Causes Panic in the Journal “The State Column”

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
The Matrix could not resist laughing and fell upon the newspaper office. It turns out that yesterday published an article …
(See: “NASA’s Kepler continues to discover astounding and strange planets” –
Read more: # ixzz1fVqA13Yh)
Ok, the news was not the reason the laughter of the heavenly Matrix, but readers’ comments posted in the article. For example:
– – “Find a planet to have the whole of Israel there!” – I think this was written by a Palestinian …
– I just discovered NASA’s discovery of newly discovered planets.
– “Occupy Uranius ! ” – this is from one of the anonymous Wall Street Occupy movement …
– If it is from NASA, you cannot trust it.
And it continues …
Then a powerful voice from heaven sounded in the newspaper, saying:
“I cannot believe I Laughed at this til i could not breathe. I’m pathetic! “
Then the Matrix did what usually does, using me as her horse-medium and ran my hands to post a comment that has been seen by the world astronomical community and has generated, including NASA, a barrage of phone calls:
From: Louis Morelli

The Matrix at The State Column Journal

Humorists, Occupy The State Column!
Here is the place for write weird things?
Let’s go on… I will register here what said an abducted friend of mine:
There are no two earthlike planets as there are no two human beings equals. Planets were created like human beings, by reproductive mechanical Newtonian process (black holes is the female, pulsar is
the male and comets are spermatozoons emitted by pulsars which fecundates black holes). So, there are infinite forms of astronomical bodies. There was no origin of life because biological systems (aka life) are merely evolutionary continuation of astronomical systems, which has already all life’s properties
(metabolism, vital cycle, reproduction, etc.). Then, life ( in the shape of biological systems) is everywhere where the physical conditions permit it to flourishes, because the galaxy emits from itself the seeds of biological systems.
The first original galaxy(ies) was produced like the first cell system: by symbioses. Nature got from the cloud of primordial light atoms a solid body and applied the mechanisms of vital cycles: the body got seven different shapes. These shapes aligned naturally building a circuit, which became a system. Like in the first cell formation a first common ancestral developed under vital cycle the shapes of nucleus, centriolos, ribosomes, mitochondria and by symbioses became a cell system. But, like later cells systems learned how to reproduce itself, later stellar system learned how to recycle itself: a new stellar system is born from the death of an old one.
Astronomical systems had DNA. The configuration of the original galaxy is the same configuration of a base-pair of nucleotides. Each nitrogenous base performs a specific function like each astronomical body performs in an original galaxy. By entropy causing nanotechnology, the photons emitted by stars radiation has the bias to organize themselves like the system where they came from… these are the seeds of life.
A lot of surprising revelations like this is at the website about “The Matrix/DNA Theory” and I am the team of one alone testing these affirmations… thousands of evidences registered in the site are telling us that the whole thing makes sense. Now, you excuse-me but I need go out for pick up more photons coming from the sun because I am building a new living being in my lab…
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Now, let’s waiting the bombing of cuttlefish eggs over my shoulders, because the Matrix does her crazy things and I stay paying the price here …
(section: it happened only in my dreams…)