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Fascinante rocha de meteorito do espaço na Antártica poderia explicar o mistério da estranha assimetria na vida

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

Astonishingly old Antarctic space rock could explain mystery of life’s weird asymmetry

An image of a piece of the Antarctic meteorite Asuka 12236 as seen through a microscope; the sample is about 0.3 inches (1 centimeter) across.

My comments published at the articles debate:

Well,.. the Matrix/DNA Theory has different suggestions:

1) Left handed amino acids are related to birth and grow, while right handed are related to the second phase of any natural system, entropy and death. Below is the universal formula of all natural systems. F1 is the initial source, then the systemic circuit goes clock-wise through left side till reaching F4. Since the circuit is built by the vital cycle process, when applied to a human body which is a system, F1 is the mother, F2 is the baby, F3 the teenage and F4 the young adult. From here, F4, begins entropy, the level of energy decreases, going to F6 ( old adult), to F7 (seniors) and the decomposed cadaver goes back to the source ( it is a closed system), or to other place ( if it is a opened system). At F4 begins the reproductive process and here life demonstrates its wisdom: i the first living system was complete with the two sides, never the first would to reproduce before dying. Pick up the phase of life growing and you will have life forever.

2) Information for left-handed ( F1 to F4) are delivered by planets nucleus reactions reaching the surface and right-handed are delivered by stars like the Sun. So, this meteorite must be from some destroyed planet.

Budismo também é contra “origens”

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019


Hindu and Buddhist philosophies state that any event is the result of previous events, as reflected in the concept of karma, and as such there is no such thing as a random event or a first event. (wikipedia : )

A teoria da Matrix/DNA contesta o conceito e definição humana da palavra “origens”, acrescentando que nunca houve “origens da vida” nem “origem do Universo”. As propriedades da vida vem sendo expressadas gradualmente a medida que evolui o sistema universal, desde o sistema atômico, e quando chega no biológico expressa todas as propriedades juntas. Portanto não existe fronteiras, divisão clara entre o que é um sistema vivo e um sistema não-vivo. Então não teve súbita origem da vida. Alias, tido é produto de transformações de algo que existia antes. E pelo que vejo no texto acima, o Budismo também já defendia esta ideia.

Tenho alertado que estas duas palavras tem causado grande prejuízo a obtenção de conhecimento natural pela humanidade. Por causa desta divisão entre vida e não-vida separaram a Evolução Universal em dois blocos – a Evolução Cosmológica e a Evolução Biológica – e devido a esta separação que cria um abismo evolucionário entre os dois blocos surgem vários misticismos, materialismos metafísicos crendo em acasos mágicos, e religiões, que precisam apelar ao imaginário para explicarem o que aconteceu depois da evolução cosmológica, como a origem da vida. se alguém concordar com minha teoria, deve sempre contestar qualquer fala incluindo os termos “origens da vida” ou origem de qualquer coisa, a bem da humanidade.


Origens da Vida: Extenso informativo artigo

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019


Origins – what cause explains best our existence, and why?

( segundo o bing, na busca de universal matrix, sou citado neste artigo/livro. Procurar > encontrei a seguinte nota em referencias: 23 –, no capitulo 07, sob titulo Essential elements and building blocks for the origin of life)

Reason and

Parei lendo a extensa primeira pagina no capitulo: How the discovery of ribozymes cast RNA in the roles of both chicken and egg in origin-of-life theories


Jeremy England: Busca Acadêmica por Forças e Elementos da Física como Bases da Origem da Vida

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019


Nova teoria sobre as origens da vida por um fisico, Jeremy England  

He was raised Jewish but did not study Judaism until he attended graduate school at Oxford University. He now considers himself an Orthodox Jew

Theoretical work

England has developed a hypothesis of the physics of the origins of life, that he calls ‘dissipation-driven adaptation’. The hypothesis holds that random groups of molecules can self-organize to more efficiently absorb and dissipate heat from the environment. His hypothesis states that such self-organizing systems are an inherent part of the physical world.

Pulitzer-Prize winning science historian Edward J. Larson said that if England can demonstrate his hypothesis to be true, “he could be the next Darwin.


Artigo divulgando a teoria:

A origem da vida foi uma casualidade? Ou leis da física?


Artigo original em ingles:

Massachusetts physicist claims he solved mystery of how life emerged from matter England pointed to plants as a great example of energy dissipaters, since they take in the energy around them, use it to sustain themselves, and disperse even more energy into their environment in the form of infrared light. Matrix: O que?! Plantas emitem luz infravermelha e no ambiente? pesquisar isso…. When sunlight strikes objects, certain wavelengths of this spectrum are absorbed and other wavelengths are reflected. The pigment in plant leaves, chlorophyll, strongly absorbs visible light and reflects near infrared.

Do plants emit infrared radiation?
When an object is not quite hot enough to radiate visible light, it will emit most of its energy in the infrared. For example, hot charcoal may not give off light but it does emit infrared radiation which we feel as heat. The warmer the object, the moreinfrared radiation it emits.
What produces infrared light?
Infrared radiation is popularly known as “heat radiation”, but light and electromagnetic waves of any frequency will heat surfaces that absorb them. Infrared light from the Sun accounts for 49% of the heating of Earth, with the rest being caused by visible light that is absorbed then re-radiated at longer wavelengths

Jeremy says: ” As various forms of matter seek to disperse more energy over long periods of time, they would naturally start to replicate or reproduce, since replication itself disperses as much energy as it uses up – at least on the level of RNA molecules and bacteria. “A great way of dissipating more [energy] is to make more copies of yourself,” England said.

Origin of Life: This “scientific” video and the explanation from Matrix/DNA Theory

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019


A brief introduction to learn what this website is about is resumed in the comments below:  ( Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth)

Comments in Youtube:

vince pie – 6/21/19

Life did not come from non life. It came from life.

Pablo Fonseca – 6/22/19

Vince, try to change this concept by:

” Natural systems did not come from scratch. Systems came from systems”.

The word “life” is our problem ( and the word ” origins” is another trap ). So what system these biological systems ( aka, life) came from? Ok there were only two known systems: astronomic and atomic. You can see quickly that atom must be discarded, because it is too much simple than the first biological system – a complete and working cell system. So the unique alternative is astronomic systems. And it is logical: the first biological system appeared inside an astronomic and was produced with ingredients existing in this system.

But, how could a giant and super simple system producing a microscopic and super complex system?! Louis Morelli was thinking about these problem, but ia new different way: systems,… and thre is no other alternative, it did it, we must discover how. He went to Amazon jungle where still there are witness of that event, and applied comparative anatomy between biological and astronomic, when he found LUCA, the last half-biological/half-astronomic system, the lost evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution.

There is no unsolvable enigma, the whole problem are wrong words generating wrong concepts and wrong way of thinking. These people in this video is searching the ancestral of a system as a soup of random ingredients. Systems came from system. So, Morelli shows in his website the face of LUCA, which is the building block of galatic systems and he found how LUCA was here, in the middle of that soup and minerals.

Understanding why not the Milk Way, but its essence, produced us

Friday, August 25th, 2017


Teorias sobre Origens da Vida

My comment below explains the perspective of Matrix/DNA Theory about the “origins of life”, posted in the debate at this link:


luvdomus luvdomus – 8/25/2017

If living matter which is made from atoms and molecules, didn’t come from non-living matter, also made from atoms and molecules, where did it come from? Out of empty space?


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 8/25/2017

luvdomus: Forget the word “living”, which is antropomorfism, and things becomes clear. From Nature perspective, must say “systems”.

You are thinking in “atoms and molecules” as portion of organic mass coming from non-organic mass. Of course, a biological system can not comes from non-organic portion of mass. But, see that portions of non-organic mass can belong to a natural system, like atoms, galaxies. Now we has a better question: biological systems came from a non-biological system?

We need think about the jump in complexity, which would be very big. And what could happens in the process of transition for such mutation. The most complex non-biological system must be a galaxy. Making comparative anatomy between the first complete working biological system ( a Eukaryota cell system) and a galaxy, it seems impossible the jump. But,… maybe we are not knowing what a galaxy is. Maybe our theoretical model, the nebular theory, the spontaneous and random formation of bodies, are so wrong as when we were believing that Earth was the center of Sun’s system.

That’s what lead me to recalculate this models from the perspective of a cell system and calculating reverse evolution. The results – called Matrix/DNA Theory – shows a theoretical model of – not galaxies – but, building blocks of galaxies, that are equal to the building blocks of DNA. So, like the essence of an organism is not the organism but its DNA – it is the DNA that is transmitted to offspring, not the organism – is possible that the essence of this galaxy – the Matrix, its kind of non-biological DNA – was inserted into terrestrial atoms, driving them to biological organization and finally, composing a working system, due water and its production: organic chemistry.

So, we still have only theories, to be tested. But, now, after fixing this mistake caused by anthropomorphism, we can suppose that it is possible: biological systems were produced by evolution inside and by galaxies, which building blocks are half-biological/half mechanical described by Newtonian’s mechanics. Welcome to the new Milk Way, our physical grand-grandmother. Now, about our consciousness, its origins, I make no idea… Again the jump in complexity from the human brain to consciousness is not astronomic… maybe is universally ex-machine.

How random molecules got information for becoming life? Scientists has news about

Thursday, August 24th, 2017


New computational model of chemical building blocks may help explain the origins of life

“… it has remained a mystery what actions could then prompt short chemical polymer chains to develop into much longer chains that can encode useful protein information. The new computational model may help explain that gap in the evolution of chemistry into biology.”

Read more at:

My comment posted at Phys.Org article:

TheMatrixDNA – 8/24/2017
From Matrix/DNA perspective, we would trying to insert light ( preference for natural light ) somewhere into the computational simulation. What informations does have these initial polymers? If not about themselves and maybe, the random event producing them? When growing to foldamers, it means acquiring more atoms: which information has the foldamers if not ” information about themselves plus information of atoms, which probable they already have? At this point they are still non-biological organization of matter. They are at the same level of minerals, rocks, sand… How could them to jump from here to an astonishing new complexity?
We have a model of the building block of astronomic systems and a theoretical mechanism that makes possible the information from these systems being transferred to terrestrial atoms through stellar energy, cosmic radiation, etc. It happens that the configuration of this astronomic system is exactly the configuration of a lateral base-pair of nucleotides. So,…

(not published due final of characters) … information from this astronomic system are enough for that jump, since it drives the foldamer polymer to assembling as a working system.

New computational model of chemical building blocks may help explain the origins of life

Ken Dill explains the computational model that shows how certain molecules fold and bind together in the evolution of chemistry into biology, a key step to explain the origins of life. Credit: Stony Brook University Read more at:

Read more at: