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Origins of Life: Eigen, hipercycles, and the software Matrix/DNA

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

( Matter of study today, Wed, April 14, 2010)

Hypercycles were initially proposed by Manfred Eigen in the 1970’s, and opened a novel framework to study the matter self-organization in the context of the origins of life in prebiotic evolution. One of the most important evolutionary properties of the hypercycle is that this system allows to overcome the Eigen’s error catastrophe transition, which is present in earlier replicators, which have a quasispecies distribution. Eigen (1971) argued that primitive genomes must have been segmented (consisting of physically unlinked genes) and that these single genes would had the tendency to compete with one other so, consequently, some mechanism ensuring their coexistence was needed.

My Comments:

Eighen has almost touched the formula of Matrix/DNA when thinking about unlinked genes and filling the necessity of a system’s circuit for linking them, which he called (hypercycles). His problem was he forgot to look the entire state of the world that was envolved in the life’s origins, notably the astronomic world (maybe due the wrong vision of Nebular Theory). The mechanisms that leads de single genes (probably they were terrestrial atoms populated by photons coming from sun’s radiation and Earth’s nucleus radiation, beeing that those photons made the atoms combinating in the same way that the astronomic building block is combinated) to the tendency to compete with one other is clear seen in the Matrix/DNA model of the software of a closed system and in the model of LUCA as astronomic hardware, I think.

(opened field for research)