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Snowflake: The right term for using against those fundamentalist, be it from the “atheist scientific right-wing” or from ” the left-wing religious

Monday, November 13th, 2017


I have discovered that it is possible to elaborate new world views based on the empirical and scientific real facts we know today. I discovered it when doing what philosophers usually does – getting the biggest collection of these facts and mixing them again, trying to connect them for getting a big picture. The big new picture is Matrix/DNA “Theory”. I found it very reasonable, logical in relation to the way that my brain is hard-wired by my life’s experiences, but, I know that my little and poor brain with these few and weak sensors is not able to get the final thru picture. And I don’t want that someone tell the final picture, because my poor brain could not processing these information. So, my job now is collecting everyday the new discovered natural facts and events and trying to testing this theory. I don’t believe in my preferred world view, I know it is not the final thru, I can’t believe in any world view made by humans. So, I am not a fundamentalist, neither  any radical. I keep advocating the theory at every opportunity I can for testing it against other kinds of hard-wired brains and trying to get useful information. So, I am never offended by criticism, I appreciate them, but I usually reacts a little hard against fundamentalists that bring on hard offenses without any real fact backing their assertions. Then, talking about this issue to a friend he told me:

– ” You can probably use this term right back at these people advocating their world views as fanatics: snowflake ( it is an English slang, which definition is: 

A hypersensitive, irrational person who can’t stand to have their world views challenged, or be offended in any perceived or even slightest of ways; they will have any number of emotional reactions: impugning character and/or motives, blocking on social media, shouting, interrupting, threatening, assaulting, etc. They often live in an echo chamber of their own beliefs and surround themselves exclusively with people and opinions that agree with their own. This term is most often use to describe people left-leaning people, but can be applied both left and right wing people

Fantastic! I will use it because we need debates, discussion, in peace, and not with name calling and offenses.