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How to fight anxiety, stress…

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

This thread posted om Reddit lead me to the comment below:

MatrixDNA – 25/12/19

I think that Matrix/DNA world view has the best suggestion on this issue. There are people that believes the genetic code in the DNA was made here by magics from some gods. This magical thought modeled the neuronial configuration, but, far away off the real world, because there are no magics, never nobody saw it. Other people believes that the genetic code was made by the stupid matter of this lost planet at a by chance event. DNA produces natural systems like our bodies as a natural system, as a product of the state of order, which does not arises spontaneous from chaos, nobody never saw it. These people has the brain configured by animals instincts coming from the jungle’s environmental chaos, chaotic and not complete thoughts are echos in their brains. Anxiety, stress, are inherited from animals brains because our environment was produced by chaos which can brings tragedies to us, and a chaotic modeled psyche is not strong for avoiding them. But, the existence of DNA and natural systems here shows that the principle for state of order is here and inside us, which can fight the surrounding chaos, and keeping this knowledge, practicing it, is the way for one changing slowly the way his/her brain is configured. No magical and no chaotic/random/animalist thoughts, both are corrupted scenarios. We are discovering that the genetic code was not invented/created here, it is merely an evolutionary natural formula coming from astronomic/atomic/light waves systems, since the Big Bang – or before it, so, the religious and the materialist academic world views are wrong. Another discovery is that chaos here is merely local in this immediate environment and not the general rule beyond us, we are inside a more bigger and astronomic ordered system, its genetics is inside us and we must use this force for fixing our brains and installing order around us. In ordered state there is no anxiety and stress… it is enough that you keep the natural real world view