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The Impressive mistake of scientific belief system

Friday, December 25th, 2020

Question: What will happen when You start understanding world from fact point of view instead of belief system?

Me: I  will discover that the world is totally different than believed by my teachers in this modern school. Only some facts:

1) There was no origins of life. because there is a unique universal system, which began as atom system, evolved to astronomical system and this evolved into biological system. The right theoretical models of atoms and galaxies shows that they have all life´s properties (metabolism, sexual reproduction, etc. );

2) There is no evolution in this Universe. We are watching a universal process of reproduction ( of the thing that produced this Universe). This universe composed by galaxies is a big fractal of a placenta composed by cells;

3) Our bodies propagating into time and space because our first shape, at the Big Bang, was a light wave propagating into time and space. Our bodies changes shapes because that light wave changes shapes ( seven frequencies, vibrations, etc.);

4 ) The DNA unit of information (two parallel nucleotides) is a system in itself. So the DNA is a set of different copies of a unique system, like humanity is a set of copies of a unique species.

5) The meaning of our existence is that we are 8 billion half-conscious genes that – with zillions of others genes spread in this Universe – building an embryo of the thing that generated this universe ( a natural system composed by light and consciousness) ;

And so on, these are the facts, the academic staff is seeing everything wrong… My model of this world produces life and everything known, their model doesn’t.

Facts require beliefs for interpretation. For instance you need to have the belief that interpretation is necessary to make facts useful. Interpretation is to say that a fact implies usefulness when considered with certain beliefs attached to it. What you think the fact is meaning is based on your explicit and/or implicit beliefs formed through experiences. We can’t really comprehend facts without attaching a bias/belief to them.

Systemic Cognition: Organização reconhece atraso e procura tateando no escuro

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


A Global Shift to Systemic Cognition

Updated: Nov 25, 2018 –  Victoria Wilding

True systemic cognition is currently almost non-existent. Most ‘systems thinking’ is done with mental/rational representations and cognition. Post-modern cognition is incapable of rigorously understanding complex phenomenon, and people at this level are commonly anti-cognitive.

It seems unlikely that systemic cognition will develop quickly enough to meet global challenges unless it is spread intentionally and consciously.

What is needed is a New Enlightenment. It will be similar to the First Enlightenment in that it will be driven by a shift to higher cognition. But this time the shift will be from the analytical/rational thought of the First Enlightenment to systemic cognition and the shift will be developed and spread intentionally and consciously.

At present there is no body, process or system that has the responsibility or power to ensure that humanity continues to evolve successfully on this planet into the future, overcoming the global crises that threaten us. There is no driver of the planetary car. Furthermore, the cognitive capacities needed to steer and re-organize the human system are almost non-existent. And the few who are developing these capacities do not have the power to enact solutions. Worse still, humanity is currently organized in ways that encourage and incentivize the actions that produce the crises. Our current economic and social systems self-organize destructive behaviour irrespective of the intentions of the participants within these systems. ( cont. reading)

Meu comentario enviado neste link em 7/30/19

Hi, Ms. Victoria…This is a great service to humankind, trying the evolutionary jump from reductive thought to systemic thought. The last great initiative was from Ludwig Bertalanffy whit his book “General System Theory”. But,… it had no continuation because neither Mr. Bertalanffy knew what a natural system really is. I am the author of a new theory called “The universal formula Matrix/DNA of all natural systems and life cycles” because I think have discovered a common pattern at all systems which is the internal circuit carrying on the flow of information/energy that connects all parts. I think maybe it can improve your teachings because this formula is for perfect systems which works like a machine, so, all artificial man-made systems has errors in it that can be fixed looking to the perfect formula. For example, any factory owner can make comparisons between his/her system with the formula and see the differences for improving it. This formula tells a new different Universal History, linking the evolution from atoms to galaxies to biological systems, so it is a good source for understanding the meaning of natural evolution and planning what to do next. If you are curious about, my goal is merely helping you because this will be good for human kind, look this link, where you can get a first idea about: