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Um presente para mim mesmo. Um dos prazeres de ter vivido como humano e sido grato ‘a Humanidade : as Musicas preferidas da minha epoca

domingo, outubro 7th, 2018


Para coleciona-las agora e aqui, achei boa ideia procurar e trazer cada musica desta coleção:

Top 10 Worldwide Hits Of Each Year (1970 – 1979)

1970 -n. 10

1970 – n.9

1970 – n.8

1970 – n.7

1970 – n.6

Apenas um adendo:

1970 – n.5

1970 – n.4

1970 – n.4

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O Som “Om”, ou “Aum”, Trazido por Lorde em Royals, e as Ideias Sobre Ele

sexta-feira, janeiro 31st, 2014

Video: This Is What The Sound “Om” Looks Like

(registrado aqui para ler, assistir o video e pesquisar o tema, pois tem relação com a formula da Matrix/DNA)


“There is Math in Music, but not all Math is Music” -Brian T Collins  ( E isto vale para a inteira natureza universal)

Artigo muito importante aqui:


Meu contato enviado na secao de contactos:

Hi,.. I arrived here due our research meets at important points, and if you knows suggestions from my results you could apply it to music and developing yours theory, helping me improving mine.

At my website “The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” you will see a formula in shape of software/diagram which seems to be the formula used by Nature when developing all systems. This formula suggests a surprising logical reason about 1)the phi number ( it is the point of systemic circuity responsible by self-reproduction, thus, the bi-lateral symmetry); 2) a universal sound of nature created by the propagation of light waves ( maybe from the Big Bang) which has the code for imprinting life upon inertial mass due the sequence of vibrations be the same sequence of shapes of any system under a life’s cycle. I am not sure how this natural light waves creates this sound when propagated, but it seems very evident the relation between this sound and the state of consciousness. it is a very complex issue, but I think that once time you see the formula and read something at my home page, you could remember it when facing the questions that normally arises from yours research. Cheers…


Article By: Brian T Collins

As a musician with 33 years of experience, I have been using A=432Hz C=256Hz in different harmonic intonations non exclusively for over two decades. I can attest to the peaceful experience of using these centres of pitch rather than the thinner, brighter, higher pitch of 440Hz Equal Temperament which I still have to use from time to time in concert or live performance when commissioned.
When music is tuned to A=432Hz Twelve True Fifths Tuning, the music from a harmonic perception, becomes more resonant and the quality of tone causes a greater sensation of self awareness. With my hands on experience I know this, I live this. Even using “Just” intonation is preferable to using equal temperament. Orchestras for example do not sit perfectly at Equal Temperament and due to the nature of being human the players tones sound more organic in intonation.
I ask everyone to try these sensations for themselves. Most will sense it, some will not. Remember there is no single absolute. Thinking that there is only one way, one system, one philosophy is dogmatic.

In the last few years as 432Hz 256Hz music gains popular global attention, many anonymous and named skeptics in support of old view thinking have hurled unwarranted attacks to discredit me from sharing my experiences of 432Hz with others.
Of course this type of behaviour by the militant skeptics is usually because they do not want to experience those tunings in experimental participation by themselves and instead, make outrageous demands for repeated materialist referenced claims of proof.
The concept of a more natural resonant tuning for music that may create a higher self awareness in oneself is a very dangerous thing and upsets the applecart of the materialist herd mentality.

The core reason why A=432Hz (12T5) will never be accepted as an alternate to 440Hz equal temperament by materialists is due to the concept that the “feeling” of emotions do not belong in any musical logical debate of why another alternate tuning should be explored. This of course is an oxymoron as the sensation of music can bring great joy or sadness, emotional content being the root of the colour in chordal harmony. The church modes were designed with this very emotional concept in mind as they start out in the brightness of Ionian and descend into the darkness of Locrian.

Music from antiquity was meant for spiritual up-liftment and connection to the natural world. The use of geometry to create standing wave resonance and altered states in ancient temples and megalithic sites provides us with evidence of the use of sound in spiritual ritual. Music was never intended as a mere form of entertainment as it has been debased into its current form and tuning pitch standard. 440Hz Equal temperament was an arbitrary compromise, a closing of the sensation of tone into a closed circle, each fifth squeezed from perfection to settle three arguments of musical philosophy, the overtone/undertone series, the mathematical series and the geometric series.

Although modern music tuning is a compromise, it still moves people on an emotional level. However music can uplift humanity to greater heights of self awareness if music was tuned to a more resonant state and taught as a healing modality when used more harmoniously. This altruistic philosophy that resonant music can heal directly threatens the core of those who would rather see the world suffer in eternal darkness and control rather than see humanity rise into the light of self responsibility in self awareness.

Many armchair internet researchers have pointed out that the changing concert pitch was a conspiracy, but instead this author believes that it was not so much a direct conspiracy as it was a change in perception and belief in the worldview of the sciences of philosophy that created the systemic problems we see today in all areas of societies including without limitation, music tuning.

How did this happen?
Why is it that the very core element of experiential discovery in music, science and medicine has been hijacked into the indoctrination that if “We” do not tell “You” how to think and you do not support “Our” worldview of materialism then “You” are not qualified to think?
The materialistic worldview of scientism perverted science from empirical discovery of “A posteriori” participation into statistical “A priori” repeated reference as a means of proving an absolute static fact. The very notion and concept of arriving at an average statistical static mean rather than observing phenomena as dynamic systems in transition is seriously logically flawed.

“All truths are half truths” (Alfred N. Whitehead 1861-1947) there is no absolute however the adoption of materialist world view as an absolute static fact has train wrecked all branches of law, government, religion and education in science, philosophy, history, medicine, music and art. To question the doctrine of dogmatic absolute materialism on any one of these branches or explore the complex view of metaphysics or esoteric knowledge is seen by militant skeptics as pseudo science.

The core belief of materialism that has systemically infected the entire world came largely from philosophers like Hegel (1770-1831) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) who claimed that “God is Dead” and sensations of spirit and consciousness are just imaginings of the mind.
This conveniently collapsed any spiritual worldview that the universe was created by intelligent design and that humanity is irrelevant. In terms of music, a tuning pitch that “feels better” according to individual self preference and first hand experience is labelled as pseudo science.
In the militant camp of the materialist, feelings are irrelevant, so is the very emotional sensation through tone itself; thus we witness the detachment from any moral spiritual self responsibility into the “do what thou whilst” debauchery of music, imagery and pornography that is promoted by the big entertainment corporate media industry.

This systemic failure of spiritual morals has given birth to many of the problems of the mind suffered today.
You will find some of the so called “great” philosophers of materialistic worldview suffered some sort of mental illness, disease or post traumatic stress at one point in their lives. Nietzsche for example was a supporter of materialism from the works of Friedrich Albert Lange and Schopinhauer. He quoted Hegel in 1882 with his publication “The Gay science” and continued his view of the “Death of God” in his epic “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” During this period of writing the foundational argument for the modern elite materialist he had ended his relationship with his partner and was under the severe influence of opium for a sleeping disorder. By 1883 he was writing out his own prescriptions for sedatives.
His sanity later came into review when he had a complete and total mental breakdown of his faculties on Jan 3rd 1889, yet this mans state of mind has been the foundation cornerstone of militant materialist worldview that has infected the true light of reason and logic in philosophy.

The current militant materialist world view is fully supported by the polemic skeptic and atheist Richard Dawkins who recently caused public outrage when he was quoted as saying “mild” pedophilia never did him any harm when he and other boys were molested by a teacher at school and that in contrast to more severe pedophilia such as rape and murder, should not be blown out of proportion. Although he has been a strong spokesman of the Nietzsche “God is Dead” philosophy, he has not been able to bring any valid claims to support his polemic materialist attacks against Dr Rupert Sheldrake.

Although I mean no disrespect to Richard Dawkins, this author merely speculates that perhaps his childhood molesting did indeed do him some mild harm and his adoption of “God is Dead” philosophy may possibly be a direct result of mild post traumatic stress suffered whilst under the influence of mild pedophilia. This may be a root cause of adopting an atheist materialist worldview to validate his own consciousness that his feelings are irrelevant.
Most people who suffer from pedophilia in any form usually suppress the feelings that result from post traumatic stress. This may account for why he believes the materialist concept that “consciousness” itself does not exist but yet in his statement quoted by Times Magazine he is “conscious” that “mild” pedophilia did not do him any harm.
I merely use Richard Dawkins latest controversy to demonstrate that the very concept that a “lesser” evil is acceptable in society when weighed against a “greater” evil shows that the logic of materialist thinking is flawed and there should be a return to moral and ethical branches of philosophy.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake recently received backlash from a panel of anonymous militant materialists in the removing of his talk given to TED whitechapel from the main TED website after exposing the flaws of materialistic paper thin logic currently adopted by the scientific community. TED actually has a guideline that teaches TED organisers how to discern science from pseudo science. Dr Sheldrake quotes this guideline as stating “genuine science is science that comes through universities, approved and published by leading peer reviewed journals and when in doubt, genuine science can be distinguished from pseudo science by validating with professors of science at local universities.”
According to Dr Rupert Sheldrake that would be a perfect way for eliminating anything to do with parapsychology from the TED talks. Dr Rupert Sheldrake further states that others on blogs have pointed out that under the materialist worldview only those who hold academic posts would be considered as real scientists thus eliminating Albert Einstein as a genuine scientist as he came up with his general relativity theories as a patent clerk.

What has all this got to do with music when choosing pitches A=432Hz and C=256Hz other than the 440Hz Equal temperament concert pitch that is supported by the Materialist worldview?
Under that broken systemic cancer of thinking any other alternative is seen purely as pseudo science despite the fact that in A=432Hz C256Hz (12T5) tuning, prime numbers are used. I may point out once again that clock speeds for sampling and dithering in the music industry use prime numbers and 256 512 is among them.

Why is so called genuine science using prime numbers in industry but yet labelling the use of 432Hz 256Hz for music as pseudo science?
What is so dangerous about pitch to the materialist word view?
Does frequency change the dimension of consciousness and perception of awareness?
If you use a tuning that is more resonant can that have a beneficial change in the perception of self awareness?
Would that tuning bring about an awakening of global consciousness into self responsibility and self accountability?
Would that topple the applecart of control of a select few over the many?

According to the current materialistic worldview we are not allowed to explore such bold experiences or avenues of thought and when you do, your research and experience is labeled as pseudo science.

In closing I say this to each and every one who support 432Hz
When you are attacked, discredited, labeled, defamed and exploited over your personal choice for using 432Hz 256Hz for music over 440Hz equal temperament then the action against you by your attacker is obvious.
You are being discriminated as a minority and that as plain as day, is a human rights violation.

And although the stance of the materialist is directly threatened by any other moral philosophy or ontological view, Humanity is certainly NOT irrelevant, nor are OUR rights. The loving thing to do is turn the other cheek, forgive and pray for these poor lost souls that are exposing their own disconnection from the reality of consciousness that surrounds us all.

Music from antiquity was meant for spiritual up-liftment and connection to the natural world. The use of geometry to create standing wave resonance and altered states in ancient temples and megalithic sites provides us with evidence of the use of sound in spiritual ritual. Music was never intended as a mere form of entertainment as it has been debased into its current form and tuning pitch standard.

E este importante comentario:

Would you please explain your position on the 432 movement vs the 528 movement? Horowitz says 528 is love. You say 432 is nature. Horowitz likens the 528 as a stone thrown in water, emanating a circular wave. To me, circles are like cubes, we begin at a point and end at the same point. You promote the golden mean spiral, which is never at the same point twice. Is that the difference? Is it the difference between infinite life and absolute death?
Vejo aqui perfeita definição da Matrix/DNA.  Ondas circulares versus espirais, é o mesmo que sistema fechado versus sistema aberto. me parece que Horowitz defende o ponto de vista materialista e isto significaria que materialismo é o sistema fechado.



432 Hz, frequency of the Universe

The Schiller Institute campaign for a change in concert pitch from A=440hz back to A=432hz is based that 432hz is deeply connected with nature and the vocal chords of singers will not be damaged by higher ranges when centered at concert pitch A=432hz.

The imposed 440Hz
In 1939 Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch. This to let people think and feel in a certain manner, and to keep them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. This in spite of that Professor Dussaut from the Paris Conservatory wrote a referendum that was signed by 23,000 French musicians who all were for the preservation of the A= 432Hz. Freedom of choice in bringing back the frequency of the earth is what it’s all about today.

The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory/oscillatory nature of the universe indicates that current contemporary A=440hz international concert pitch standard may possibly generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

A=440hz as a standard for concert pitch possibly may bring an unnatural 8 Hz dissonant change in how we think DNA oscillates to protect itself from the environment and stress from dissonant interferance patterns of mechanical and electromagnetic waves may possibly effect the abilities of DNA to regulate our genetic makeup properly.  Our inner ear for example works on the basis of Phi dampening. The waters of our inner ears rely on Fibonacci spiral dampening through the seashell like structure of the cochlea to keep us feeling centered or grounded. This Fibonacci spiral shape helps cancel out certain standing wave interference patterns, like a Helmholtz resonator, in order to keep us properly balanced with the natural environment around us. When the inner ear is in stress by artificial means, we can experience a type of “fog like” condition or feel “spaced out”. The natural Phi shape of the cochlea can be found planet wide in a majority natural organic based life.

A measured phenomenon that supports the idea of using A=432hz as a concert pitch is based on the amount of musical partials of A=432hz that is intertwined in organic systems and the time of planetary movement, the Sun and Saturn for example. Saturn is the solar systems accurate time piece and it orbits the procession ever 864 years 
(432 x 2). The harmonic overtone partials of A=432hz appear to line up to natural patterns and nodal space resonance of  scalar waves.

Truly all frequencies affect DNA and consciousness, as we are in a musical universal medium of dimension through the illusion of motion of frequency which affects awareness. If you change frequency you can change the perception of dimension.
The issue is as far as concert pitch goes, the farther up you go from “C” prime pitch C=128hz (Concert A=432hz) then the farther you can possibly distort the natural electric potential that imprints memory on the water in your cells.
This is perhaps why A=440Hz and higher concert pitches can be experienced as brighter, thinner, up and to the side of the head, whereas concert pitch at A=432hz can be experienced in the body at the spine and heart. 
Some people experience vivid dreams and lucid experiences of spiritual connection, once the electrical potential of the sphenoid bone begins to regulate the cranial and spinal fluid in resonance from music tuned to A=432hz administered under proper professional cranial sacral therapy
Audiophiles have also reported that A=432hz music seems to be non local and can appear to fill a room, whereas A=440hz can perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.
Maria Renold’s book “Intervals Scales tones and the concert Pitch C=128hz” claims conclusive evidence that 440Hz and raising concert pitch above “C” Prime=128hz (Concert A=432hz) disassociates the connection of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in human beings.

Raising concert pitch even higher than A=440hz can cause stress or warping of acoustic instruments and may seriously damage a singers vocal chords according to some professional opera singers.
If we examine the 20the century mass consciousness and the use of A=440hz as possible mind control in mass media pushed through media & television as the “British Invasion” of Rock & Roll, we see the potential anti social behaviors and possible dangers of using higher and higher pitches as central references for music.

This information was well known over a hundred years ago and Rudolf Steiner warned mankind that using “Luciferic Brightness and Arhimanic tones in music could bring a condensing of the satanic greed forces in the west instead of “C” Prime=128hz (Concert A=432hz) which he mentioned was “Christ” consciousness of ascendant energy and angel “Micheal” sun tone energy in the  collective awareness in the evolution of man.
Unfortunately most western music, including popular new age healing music is still tuned at unnatural equal temperment concert pitch A=440hz tuning. The difference between concert pitch A=440hz and Concert A=432hz is only 8 cycles per second, but it is a perceptible difference of awareness in the human consciousness experience of the dream called reality.

We wondered what the geometry of 432hz would look like using Cymatics so I contacted John Stuart Reid, the co-designer of the CymaScope™ regarding his wonderful invention and the geometry of the A=432hz tone.

The CymaScope™ is the pinnacle of cymatics research and is the concept of John who as an acoustics engineer, carried out cymatics research in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1997. The CymaScope™ is an accurate device that measures acoustic vibrations of nodal points that form patterns of geometry in different liquid or solid mediums.

The science of cymatics which is geometry through vibration was researched and published by Dr. Hans Jenny in 1967, in his book called The Study of Wave Phenomena.

Here is a transcript of John’s correspondence with Brian T’ Collins;  “Hello Brian, 432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it.
We thought there was something wrong with the CymaScope™ but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz.”



Interessante ler isto:

Pitch (music)


What is 432Hz?

 A=432Hz is a frequency we choose for tuning our instruments and music. If experienced acoustically, it seems to feel better for singing and for acoustic instruments such as pianos. Tunings such as Twelve True Fifths at A=432Hz and C=256Hz sound richer. Unfortunately it Must be experienced to come to that conclusion. Ultimately you have a choice called free will, and we reserve the right to use A=432Hz or C256Hz as Our choice for music enjoyment and enrichment.
A Solo Tone of Sound
Why does the heart create a soliton? Is it related to a natural rhythm of the universe? Why is there a Phi rhythmic beat of the heart… what is so profound about a soliton wave? The pulse of solitons are found in the natural elastic conditions between electrons and protons. It truly is a heart felt universe…

The Musical Universe

Is the material observable universe derived from an origin ratio of pre-atomic frequency? What was the initial cause of the effect called the universe? If there was an effect called the big bang, did it make a sound? Is the universe a symphony of frequency? Does changing frequency change the perception of dimension?


Pythagorean tuning

Pythagorean tuning  is a tuning of the syntonic temperament[1] in which the generator is the ratio 3:2 (i.e., the untempered perfect fifth), which is 702 cents wide (see the figure labelled “The syntonic tuning continuum” below). Hence, it is a system of musical tuning in which the frequency ratios of all intervals are based on the ratio 3:2, “found in the harmonic series.”[2] This ratio, also known as the “pure” perfect fifth, is chosen because it is one of the most consonant and easy to tune by ear.