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Tempo: Experiencias Quanticas Indicam que Nao Existe

domingo, agosto 13th, 2017


Mind-Altering Quantum Experiment Shows Time Has Never Existed As We Think It Does

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Article Source: Cosmic Scientist

In 2012 US National Medal of Science award winner Yakir Aharonov, who is regarded as one of the world’s leading quantum theorists published a paper in Nature Physics showing that the present is constrained by the past and the future. This means that what happens in the present can depend on what happened in the future, which makes no sense, as quantum physics rarely does. It also means that what happened in the past can effect the present. Seems strange, doesn’t it?  It’s definitely something hard to wrap your head around.

“We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006)

This isn’t the first time quantum physicists have studied the structure of time. Below are details of an experiment, the same one mentioned in the paper cited above.

Delayed Choice/Quantum Eraser/Time

There is another groundbreaking, weird experiment that also has tremendous implications for understanding the nature of our reality, more specifically, the nature of what we call “time.”

It’s known as the “delayed-choice” experiment, or “quantum eraser,” and it can be considered a modified version of the double slit experiment.

To understand the delayed choice experiment, you have to understand the quantum double slit experiment.

In this experiment, tiny bits of matter (photons, electrons, or any atomic-sized object) are shot towards a screen that has two slits in it. On the other side of the screen, a high tech video camera records where each photon lands. When scientists close one slit, the camera will show us an expected pattern, as seen in the video below. But when both slits are opened, an “interference pattern” emerges – they begin to act like waves. This doesn’t mean that atomic objects are observed as a wave (even though it recently has been observed as a wave), they just act that way. It means that each photon individually goes through both slits at the same time and interferes with itself, but it also goes through one slit, and it goes through the other. Furthermore, it goes through neither of them. The single piece of matter becomes a “wave” of potentials, expressing itself in the form of multiple possibilities, and this is why we get the interference pattern.

How can a single piece of matter exist and express itself in multiple states, without any physical properties, until it is “measured” or “observed?” Furthermore, how does it choose which path, out of multiple possibilities, it will take?

Then, when an “observer” decides to measure and look at which slit the piece of matter goes through, the “wave” of potential paths collapses into one single path. The particle goes from becoming, again, a “wave” of potentials into one particle taking a single route. It’s as if the particle knows it’s being watched. The observer has some sort of effect on the behavior of the particle.

You can view a visual demonstration/explanation of the double slit experiment here.

This quantum uncertainty is defined as the ability, “according to the quantum mechanic laws that govern subatomic affairs, of a particle like an electron to exist in a murky state of possibility — to be anywhere, everywhere or nowhere at all — until clicked into substantiality by a laboratory detector or an eyeball.” (New York Times)

According to physicist Andrew Truscott, lead researcher from a study published by the Australian National University, the experiment suggests that “reality does not exist unless we are looking at it.” It suggests that we are living in a holographic-type of universe. (source)

Delayed Choice/Quantum Eraser/Time

So, how is all of this information relevant to the concept of time? Just as the double slit experiment illustrates how factors associated with consciousness collapse the quantum wave function (a piece of matter existing in multiple potential states) into a single piece of matter with defined physical properties (no longer a wave, all those potential states collapsed into one), the delayed choice experiment illustrates how what happens in the present can change what happens(ed) in the past. It also shows how time can go backwards, how cause and effect can be reversed, and how the future caused the past.

Like the quantum double slit experiment, the delayed choice/quantum eraser has been demonstrated and repeated time and time again. For example, Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment, the findings were recently published in the journal Nature Physics. (source)

In 2007 (Science 315, 966, 2007), scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something which had already happened.

“If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also, as seen here, influence of future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” – Asher Peres, pioneer in quantum information theory (source)(source)(source)

The list literally goes on and on, and was first brought to the forefront by John Wheeler, in 1978, which is why I am going to end this article with his explanation of the delayed choice experiment. He believed that this experiment was best explained on a cosmic scale.

Cosmic Scale Explanation

He asks us to imagine a star emitting a photon billions of years ago, heading in the direction of planet Earth. In between, there is a galaxy. As a result of what’s known as “gravitational lensing,” the light will have to bend around the galaxy in order to reach Earth, so it has to take one of two paths, go left or go right. Billions of years later, if one decides to set up an apparatus to “catch” the photon, the resulting pattern would be (as explained above in the double slit experiment) an interference pattern. This demonstrates that the photon took one way, and it took the other way.

One could also choose to “peek” at the incoming photon, setting up a telescope on each side of the galaxy to determine which side the photon took to reach Earth. The very act of measuring or “watching” which way the photon comes in means it can only come in from one side. The pattern will no longer be an interference pattern representing multiple possiblities, but a single clump pattern showing “one” way.

What does this mean? It means how we choose to measure “now” affects what direction the photon took billions of years ago. Our choice in the present moment affected what had already happened in the past….

This makes absolutely no sense, which is a common phenomenon when it comes to quantum physics. Regardless of our ability make sense of it, it’s real.

This experiment also suggests that quantum entanglement (which has also been verified, read more about that here) exists regardless of time. Meaning two bits of matter can actually be entangled, again, in time.

Time as we measure it and know it, doesn’t really exist.

Article Source: Cosmic Scientist

E’ o espaço cheio de espuma quântica? Ver sugestão da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, agosto 7th, 2017


Is Space Full of Quantum Foam?

I think that Physics and Math arrives to the last limits of the mechanic organization of matter, when trying to see the deepest into space. Also, their scientific tools are limited to at least three slices from the seven slices of light ( our brain’s sensors are limited to one slice, the visible light and percepted vibrational state). Physics and Math deals only with bone-skeleton and its mechanics, in a living body. Can not reach the soft meat and its more complex organization of matter. Where is, at the reign of fundamental particles, the principles that will express the biological organization? What if the space is fulled with a kind of membrane and its properties? Like something from outside this universal space can cross it and another things can not ( like long light waves)? Is it not the time for Biologists, Neurologists, being called fot to study this problem, for participating in a Theory of Everything? Skeletons are produced by living soft meat, inserted into genetics. What if galaxies are also in this way? At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that this galaxy has a soft coberture of biological properties. What if beyond the limits of galaxies – after a kind of membrane – is there life? For sure, Physics and Math alone, plus our limited scientific instruments, never will grasp the foundations of this universe’s existence.

Materialismo darwinista x Biologia Quantica – Video

sábado, agosto 5th, 2017



Efeitos da Quântica Interferem na Biologia? Vídeo.

sábado, agosto 5th, 2017


Ver video:

A Maravilhosa Estranheza do Mundo Quantico

segunda-feira, maio 22nd, 2017


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 5/22/2017

The quantum world is genuine reality, weird is our human world (the galactic world). The universal laws rules that any natural system be opened system – opened to its own evolution and to the external world – but, when matter became astronomical systems it choose the eternal thermodynamic equilibrium as close system, making its body as a paradise for itself. The weird reality inside astronomic closed systems created these natural laws that rules our world and life. But, like atoms, galaxies are our ancestrals ( as natural systems, like we are), so, it was “we” that made the mistake, the big sin. The universal force of entropy attacked these ancestors, they became biological systems, so, here we are, under the laws of chaos, living this absurd life, with wrong neuronal connections which are the “weirds”, going to fix the mistake and going back to the real reality. That’ what is suggesting a new interesting and logic theory, The Matrix/DNA.

I will give a sample: the Heisenberg uncertainty becomes intelligible and rational when we see that any particle behavior under the force of vital cycles ( this force, or law, was existing before the formation of galaxies) and the entanglement phenomena is explained by the obligatory duality of all forces and elements ( which also is a universal law, and not a galactic creation).

Porque Físicos e Biólogos não alcançaram as alturas da Matrix/DNA

domingo, abril 9th, 2017


Segundo a minha Teoria da Formula Matrix/Dna esta’ sugerindo, os fenômenos do nível quântico são relacionados `a linha de fronteira entre a Física e a Biologia. Para entender melhor vamos fazer uma analogia com o corpo humano: a Física lida e se limita ao mecanismo do esqueleto ósseo; a Biologia lida e se limita aos campos das carnes moles e substancias liquidas; a partir das carnes entra o cérebro com a Neurologia, a Psicologia. Ora todos estes campos dos ossos, das carnes, da massa cerebral, são compostos de átomos e partículas, os reinos microscópicos da física quântica. Então nas fronteiras de transição entre estes campos, os átomos ali alojados devem apresentar processos do campo anterior misturados com processos do campo posterior. Por isso os Físicos encontram estranhezas não explicadas no nível quântico, pois eles entendem de Física e ali estão sendo confrontados com efeitos intermediários com Biologia. Ou na fronteira posterior – entre a carne e a massa cerebral, com efeitos intermediários entre a massa cerebral e os pensamentos, a mente, etc. O método que aplico com a Matrix/DNA é multidisciplinar com foque centralizado nos processos de transformações, gerando modelos teóricos dos links ou elos evolucionários entre formas diferentes,  portanto tenho mais chances de entender os processos intermediários – se eu acertar na interpretação das minhas formulas e modelos. Por ser fases de transições com processos muito delicados principalmente na hora que o DNA faz suas traduções e replicações de proteínas, aqui moram muitas das doenças serias que afligem a humanidade e continuam por milênios sem que tenha sido encontrado os meios para suas definitiva eliminação.

A seguir cito uma frase (cujo autor e link vai abaixo), de alguém da Física que esta’ começando a entender isto:

” Os biólogos tem até recentemente sido desfalcados do contra-intuitivo aspectos da teoria quântica e sentem ser isso desnecessário, preferindo seus tradicionais modelos de “ball-and-stick” das estruturas moleculares da vida. Da mesma forma, os físicos tem sido relutantes em se aventurarem no complicado e complexo mundo da célula viva – e porque deveriam eles se podem testar suas teorias de maneira mais clara no controlado ambiente dos laboratórios de Física?”

Em ingles:

“… biologists have until recently been dismissive of counter-intuitive aspects of the quantum theory and feel it to be unnecessary, preferring their traditional ball-and-stick models of the molecular structures of life. Likewise, physicists have been reluctant to venture into the messy and complex world of the living cell – why should they when they can test their theories far more cleanly in the controlled environment of the physics lab?…”

O autor menciona esta frase quando faz a palestra no vídeo:

Jim Al-Khalili – Quantum Life: How Physics Can Revolutionise Biology

Corpo Humano é Onda ou Partícula? Questão relativística?

sexta-feira, abril 7th, 2017


Acabei de postar esta pergunta maluca no Quora:

Um observador macroscópico veria um corpo humano como uma onda; observadores microscópicos como nos, humanos, vemo-lo como uma partícula. Seria isto a estranheza quântica?

A macro-observer would see a human body as a wave; micro-observers, like us, see it as particle. Is this quantum weirdness?

Qual o fundamento da minha questão? Bem, … esse grilo na minha cuca começou a 30 anos atras quando descobri que os sistemas naturais são montados pelo processo do ciclo vital. E as partículas até agora observadas são em si mesmas sistemas ( compostas de quarks, leptons), portanto elas devem apresentar propriedades vitais, ou seja, elas também devem nascer, crescer, amadurecer e morrer, sendo que nesse meio tempo elas vão sendo transformadas em formas diferentes assim como o corpo humano é transformado em varias formas devido a força do ciclo vital. As partículas foram – são – nossas ancestrais, elas já apresentam alguns sinais de vida.

Mas as partículas tem um período de vida brevíssimo, apenas 17 bilionésimos de segundos. Por isso nunca conseguiram ver uma partícula, apenas seu rastro deixado num evento de choque, como veem no acelerador do CERN. Isto porque a partícula é microscópica, seu tempo é medido na escala microscópica, e em relacao a elas, nos somos macroscópicos, nosso tempo flui muito mais lentamente.

Praticamente eu diria que a proporção entre nosso tempo e o delas seria a mesma entre nossos 70 anos de vida e os 17 bilionésimos de segundo delas.

Ora, vamos agora supor que exista um observador do tamanho do sistema solar, ou da galaxia. Ele conseguiria ver um corpo humano? Certamente não. Com alguma tecnologia ele poderia ver os nossos rastros. Com uma tecnologia mais poderosa ele poderia fixar nosso corpo em relacao ao tempo, parando nosso tempo num momento qualquer da nossa vida, digamos, quando temos 40 anos de idade. Então ele veria a nossa forma de adulto e acreditaria erroneamente que essa é a nossa forma fixa, sem saber que transformamos nossas formas. se em outra situação ele visse um bebe humano ele juraria que se trata de outra especie. E se ele fixar nosso corpo em relacao ao espaço? Ele nunca saberia qual nossa idade, qual período de tempo vivemos.

Então penso que matei a charada da famosa questão denominada ” Principio da Incerteza de Heisenberg”, o qual foi o inicio da revelação do mundo estranho da quântica. Por este principio não é possível fixar uma partícula para medi-la pois se medimos uma coisa não conseguimos medir a outra.

E depois aconteceu o “split experiment” onde os cientistas atônitos viram que uma partícula se comporta como onda e vice-versa.

Vai dai que isso também deve acontecer com uma observador macrocósmico vendo um corpo humano. Imagine você rodando um filme sobre a vida de um humano que dura 70 anos de forma tao rápida que dure apenas 17 bilionésimos de segundo. O que vai aparecer na tela? Primeiro e com certeza, nenhuma forma. Segundo ver-se ia um rastro, se a tecnologia for igual a do CERN, mas pode parecer ser uma onda se aplicar o split experiment (talvez). Porque o anteparo com varias fendas só pode ser observado em um piscar de olho do macrocósmico e isso duraria para nos, uns 10 anos. Ora, em dez anos nos nos movemos muito, passamos por muitos lugares, muitas fendas, e no experimento estas passagens teriam que juntarem-se todas numa só, e isto seria uma superposição quântica, ou superposição de rastos, ou talvez ainda, de ondas.

Mas o desfecho final nesse grilo na minha cuca venho quando observei melhor a formula da Matrix/DNA e percebi que ali, o corpo rola como partícula em relacao ao espaço, mas também rola como onda em relacao ao tempo.

Agora vou correndo procurar um guarda-chuva para me proteger porque com certeza as pedradas e ovos chocos vão vir aos borbotoes… se os físicos e matemáticos lerem a minha questão e depois deixar eu explicar a razão dela com o texto acima. Com certeza não vão entender bulhufas e muito menos concordar com alguma coisa e vão me chamar de idiota para baixo. A minha justificativa é que eu venho da selva, outro mundo, e não dos laboratórios com ar condicionado como o CERN.


Primeira resposta que veio:

Ian MillerIan Miller, Independent physical scientist, author
Who says a macro observer would see humans as a wave? Quantum effects only apply when the interaction leads to a change of action in the order of Planck’s quantum of action. If it is big enough that h can be ignored, quantum effects can be ignored.
Minha resposta a Ian:
Louis Charles Morelli – 4/8/2017

Thanks, Ian. My question arises when thinking about the weirdness that arises from the split experiment ( wave or particle or both?), plus the observation of Matrix/DNA formulas, not about Planck’s constant.


A resposta do Ian me fez perder algumas horas pensando no tema e pensandop em como entabular um dialogo com Ian. Porem, no final conclui que por Internet e’ impossivel. Porem deixo abaixo escrito algo do que pensei em enviar como resposta para depois voltar nisso e continuar pensando no assunto:


Yours brain is hard-wired in a very different configuration than is mine, Yan. We are based on two very, very different interpretations of nature. I think both interpretations has more mistakes than thru, and if we makes the comparisons between these two, we could fixing some errors on both, and producing some new practical things.

Please, try to imagine the following:

A macro-observer of the size of this solar system or a galaxy. His scale of time is astronomical, ok? So, the lifetime for him runs very, very slower than the lifetime of humans runs for humans. In another hand, I read somewhere that there are particles which time of existence is about 17 billionth of a second (measured by human scale of time). So, time for particles runs very, very faster than time runs for humans. At Cern we do not see particles, we see the trails left by particles. The cause I think is due the different scales of time between particles and humans. Is it right? If it is right, the giant observer would see a human body moving at his lifetime as a trail.

But, at the split experiment, the interpretation of the trail becomes the interpretation as a wave. Am I wrong?

At split experiment we throw a particle by a laser canon, than, the particle leave a linear trail. But the weirdness is that it can pass on two points in space at same time. Humans normal behavior is moving around, going ahead and back, etc., but the giant observer has no time to see these movements. Our movements can result passing on two or more points of space, which will appears same time or one momentum, for the giant. Will he believe that are seeing a wave, also? Or we are seeing superposed trails at split experiment believing that we see waves?

Maybe the macro-observer see humans like we see particles. What do you think?

But nobody see particles. I think that’s why we have sometimes the belief that it is a particle, other time it is a wave. I am wrong?

My Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems is suggesting that, if the giant observer see the human body as an object with mass, he would believe that he is seeing a particle. Because mass shows things in relation to space and particles occupies a place in space. But if the giant observer see a human body acting normally as we do, moving towards different directions, going ahead and back, etc., and reducing our 70 years of a lifetime into 17 billionth of a second, he would see only only a linear trail. Am I wrong? If the giant places a wall with several holes over these trails, the human body would crossing several wholes at that reduced time. Because in reality, we had superposed several movements into one momentum.

Then, suppose that this macro-observer see a human lifetime as his one billionth of a second of his scale of time. I think that he would see only a trail, as particles are seeing at CERN. Do you agree with this hypothesis?

Observing the behavior of a human body at a very reduced time as it would appears to the macro-observerby someone that naturally reduces when reducing its scale of time , the results would be different than throwing a particle by a canon laser towards two holes in a plate?

I saw that you are very interested in the not solved problems of quantum theory, and I think here you have the opportunity to think about it from a very different approach and, maybe, creating yours own novelty. My question refers to the weirdness at the split experiment, not about the Planck’s constant.

You have the knowledge about quantum mechanics that I don’t have, but I have a kind of world view that you do not know. From my theoretical models and formulas arises lots of possibilities/questions which are related to what I am reading in the published literature about quantum theories. But nobody think or talk about the details that I would appreciate for developing my research. The reverse way could be thru: knowing the details of my theory, could help one developing quantum theory till suggesting new ideas/experiments.

But, my advice is that it would be a very hard intellectual work. First due our different native languages, second due our very different method of research and approaches, third due it is a very, very complex issue. So, if you have interest in continuing this dialogue, I would appreciate, if not, sorry by this time that you spent here.

if you will continue reading, I will advance that my formulas are suggesting that measuring a human body lifetime from astronomical scale of time, we see the body as particle – if we fix the body at a momentum in relation to space – and as a wave or superposed trails – if we fix the body in relation to time. The split experiment could solve this problem for the giant macro-observer, I think, if in the eyes of the giant observer the human body acting normally as we do, would show the behavior like the particle throw by a laser canon. Trail or wave? So I need details why the scientists believes that at split experiment the particle behaves as a wave and not as multiple superposed trails?

try to imagine the following:

A macro-observer of the size of this solar system or a galaxy. His scale of time is astronomical, ok? In another hand, I read somewhere that there are particles which time of existence is about one billionth of a second (measured by human scale of time). Then, suppose that this macro-observer see a human lifetime as his one billionth of a second. I think that he would see only a trail, as particles are seeing at CERN. Do you agree with this hypothesis?

When we try to understanding the Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems, we see lots of phenomena that the literature about quantum mechanics are publishing. And is unavoidable arising questions like this one. The formula suggests that any new shape of natural system is built when nature applies the force or process of life’s cycle upon a unique initial body. The body is transformed into new shapes ( like the human body is transformed from the shape of fetus to embryo to adult, etc), and these shapes are connected as part of a functional working system, like atoms, galaxies,cells, etc. If we try to see this body reducing drastically its lifetime, but fixing alternates momentum, at these momentum we see it as particle and the time between two particles makes the body invisible. I am not sure if these slices of time occurs as a trail or a wave in the eyes of the observer.

Now, he throws this human towards the two wholes at a metal plate, like the split experiment. He see the scene as his one second, which is too much slow for humans. In this astronomical one second, a human moves to several different pathways, included passing into the wholes. The giant macro-observer would believe that the human did it at the same momentum. I am wrong?

Duas diferentes cosmovisões debatem: Quais as diferenças entre o computador hardware/software e o humano corpo/mente?

quinta-feira, abril 6th, 2017


Minha questao postada no Quora e acompanhamento do debate:

What’s the difference between computer software/hardware and human body/mind?

Jonathan DayJonathan Day, 4/6/2017
Ultimately, none.

Alan Turing created an imaginary computer, the Turing Machine, that could perform a few basic functions, moving around a tape or set of tapes. He proved that all systems based on logic MUST be equivalent or inferior to a Turing Machine. No exceptions.

We now know that there are no quantum effects in the brain and that the sorts of quantum effects that you could get in regular cells can all be reduced to systems based on logic.

A human being, therefore, is a highly complex machine (the brain has 85 billion neurons and a neuron can have up to 3,000 synapses, so you’re dealing with 255 trillion connections that can amplify/suppress signals – we’re getting into serious numbers here). A machine so complex that attempting to reproduce it with modern technology would result in a computer around ten blocks square and two or three storeys high.

So, human brains are smaller for now. That’s kinda cheating because it’s not an intrinsic difference, merely a technological one.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 4/6/2017

Very helpful, Jonathan. Thanks. But… I think that with yours world view we will not make progress towards quantum computation and knowledge of human mind and consciousness. Yours perspective is totally mechanistic, based on Physics and Math, as the modern scholar mindset. Maybe you are right, but is is not what my personal research and world view is suggesting.

First of all, Turing did not know what a natural system is. So he did not know the logic running in these systems. If you are interested go to my website to see the formula for all natural systems.

Second there is no quantum effects in the human mind as software because quantum effects are related to an inferior level of organization of matter: it fills the boundary between Newtonian mechanics and biological organization, the frontier between the hard and bone skeleton _ studied by the fields of Physics and Math – and the beginning of the soft meat ( where begins biological organization. The human psyche organization is a superior level).

Third, we can not build a computer reproducing the human brain with this actual technology, neither hundred blocks square: complexity has a limit at any evolutionary lineage. When reaching that limit, occurs an evolutionary jump, a transformation. As happened to human brain, the jump to consciousness. It means that we need to proceed a transformation of our actual technology. Not based on binary digits and so, based on seven variables, like the DNA code. By the way, I think it is good talking between different world views. Thanks.


Paul Dirac Vivo num Video ao Vivo Para Aprender Teoria Quantica!

domingo, abril 2nd, 2017


-” Deus nao existe e Paul Dirac e’ seu profeta.” – Disse Wolfgang Pauli, amigo de Dirac, para explicar a mente totalmente ausente de religiao de Dirac.

Como descrever a sensacao de ver uma quase metade do Universo que ficou oculta para a Humanidade por milhoes de anos sendo descoberta e revelada atraves de um homem de extrema simplicidade que foi um dos gigantes genios entre Heisenberg, Einstein, etc? Paul Dirac o homem que arrancou das profundezas da Natureza a antimateria! Alem de outros grandes feitos… como trabalahndo apenas com pura matematica conseguiu prever a existencia de positrons criou a fantastica “Dirac delta function”, etc.

Alguem estava limpando o sotao quando viu o video de 1920 e publicou-o no YouTube. Uma gema de instimavel valor para quem nao sabe ser torcedor de futebol mas vibra `a loucura com cada gol do genio humano que nos trouxe onde estamos com essa Ciencia e Tecnologia ja’ fantastica.

Entender a mecanica quantica e’ dificil, mais porque os fisicos nao conseguiram ainda uma forma de comunica-la inteligivelmente. Mas neste video Dirac nos conta a historia do poruqe e como a teoria foi formulada e revelou os caracters e as caracteristicas que se juntaram para levanta-la. Vou registrar aqui para nao perder o video pois sei que voltarei a ele muitas vezes…

meu comenstario publicado no YouTube:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – April/ 4/2/2017

Thanks a lot, Richard Smythe! Given to us, free, this video deserves my eternal thanks. I will pray for Saint Dirac to protect you in the way that antimatter never will get you… And my one cent about this issue: Dirac grasp it very deep that we need a very drastic change in the way we think, the way that our brains are hard-wired. And I had a personal experience which suggests that this change is very next to us, at the next corner. I began to calculate evolution backwards – the reverse time – applying the method of comparative anatomy among all natural systems. The final results is astonishing. You can get a new, total surprising world view, and worst, it makes sense. For instance, instead Physics being the mainframe of Biology as the current belief, this world view suggests that Biology at human level is indeed supported upon Physics, but Biology realizes a feed-back going behind and before Physics for to be its producer! Even before the Big Bang. Then, I am suspecting that the weirdness in quantum mechanics is anything else than the presence and effects of matter under the biological level. In another words, Biologists must ad to Physicists for studying these must microscopic levels of Nature. I am mentioning my example as suggestion for us searching this drastic way of thinking. If you have some curiosity to what I am talking about, see my website through out my avatar. Again, thanks..


O Mistério e as Nossas Conquistas da Dimensão Quântica: Informativo Video

sexta-feira, março 10th, 2017


Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli Mar-03/10/2017

Matrix/DNA Theory suggests the patterns that are missing to Physics and Math in this equation, but, the patterns are biological. The fundamental unit of life – DNA – is merely an evolved shape of a kind of DNA building galaxies and atoms,and at universal scale we call it “the Matrix/DNA” and we have it as a intelligible formula. What’s this fluctuations in the vacuum? Think about your body composed by hard bone skeleton surrounded by soft meat and liquid substances. The method and approach by Physics and Math can grasp the bone skeleton, but the meat and liquid substances appears as these quantum fluctuations, where a whole very complex world exists. So, this is what Physics and Math are describing very well when seeing particles, forces, energy, etc.: the skeleton of the Universe, the fossils of our ancestrals systems that became the frame for life. We can not understand the deep meanings of the skeleton without seeing the biological cover. It is the meat and substances that creates and produces the skeleton. Matrix/DNA has found that a single light wave like those emitted at the Big Bang has the code for life, it appears to be a living thing. So, this talk from Physics and Math perspective of the Universe should be followed by a talk from the Matrix/DNA world view. It would be very interesting. This equation will be more significant seeing how it fluctuates moved by the force of vital cycles composing a operating complete natural system.