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Evolução: Grande Debate no “The Telegraph”

sábado, dezembro 10th, 2011



Artigo publicado no THE TELEGRAPH, sob titulo:

Islam, Charles Darwin and the denial of science

Saturday 10 December 2011

by: Steve Jones – Professor de Genetica na University College London e President of the Association for Science Education

… resultou em grande numero de comentários e debates fervorosos que podem ser vistos no prosseguimento do artigo. O professor reclama que cada vez mais aumenta o numero de estudantes que reagem negativamente às aulas sôbre evolução, ameaçando tornar-se epidêmico, mas o maior problema, segundo êle, é que se os estudantes não estudarem a teoria da evolução não poderão exercer profissões nas áreas de biologia, como a medicina.

Realmente é um grande problema! Mas o que estaria por trás dos estudantes? Qual seria a causa dêste fenômeno? Pensei nisto observando os mapas da Matrix/DNA e acho que tive uma razoável intuição. Está explicada no comentário que publiquei no The Telegraphy, abaixo do artigo e que vai transcrito abaixo, porem ainda em Inglês.

O artigo vai transcrito abaixo até que possamos analiza-lo pela Matrix/DNA, mas agora vamos ver o comentário postado lá pela Matrix/DNA:

Louis C. Morelli

0 minutes ago

“Now, though, we have evolution, the grammar of
biology. More and more, students do not like it.”

And, these students are wrong? Or were you, the
wrong student? If evolution works, the new brain is better than the old one.

These students are better informed about the world
than the teachers were. And the information we have today about the world, does
not fit with the Theory of Evolution. Today we have learned more a lot about
cosmology than could be imagined 30 years ago, when the nowadays teachers went
to school. When a person see the images from NASA about the Universe, the early
Universe, and then watch a video about cellular machinery working, they
logically see that Charles Darwin does not answer their questions: the Darwin’s
evolutionary process does not explain the process by which the world has

It is clear, by the images, that the early Universe, added to the explanations
from Cosmological Theory, could not produce alone the modern cellular machinery.
It is clear that is missing to TofE the knowledge of something else that was encrypted
in that Universe, into matter, all long this time, and Darwin did not grasp it.

Then, the failure of Science to know what else are
there working among the matter, but the students grasp that is missing
something, is being used by the old teachers of religions, opportunistically, with
the idea that is missing God.

There is a new result from a new method of investigation,
suggesting the existence of a natural element that could fill the gap needed by
evolutionists: a kind of natural formula that is under universal evolution that
organizes matter into natural systems, The Matrix/DNA Theory. But then, a lot of
novelty are suggesting, not changing but complementing the Darwin’s theory, as
the follows:

1) Evolution works with seven variables and not only
the Darwinian three (VSI);

2) The same laws, the seven variables, were applied upon
biological and cosmological evolution;

3) There was no origins of life, since that the
biological ancestors (atoms and astronomic systems), has all life’s properties;

4) DNA is not a code, but, merely, a set of
variations of a unique natural system;

5) The Big Bang process is the simplest form of a
human’s baby initial fecundation;

6) The differences in the electromagnetic spectrum of
light encodes the process of life’s cycle;

7) This Universe is a reproduction’s process;

8) The process of evolution we see here, well
documented and inquestiionable, does not means evolution is the final process:
it is merely phases of a universal reproductive process;

9) Matter has evolved through two faces: hardware
and software. The human body is the top of hardware’s evolution here and the
top of evolution of the software is consciousness;

10) The Universe is a kind of cosmic egg, inside it
is developing an embryo, with body and mind. It means that the Universe was
produced by something with mind (not sure about the body), and by natural
genetic process. We have no data yet for to suppose what is this kind of “father/mother”,
or merely a computational creator.

11) Then, the idea of
evolution is safe because it really occurs. Only the Darwinian Theory and the
Modern Synthesis are not complete. And also, the idea of a better sense of
existence for Humanity is safe, if you prefer giving names to that probable “father/mother”,
like the name “God”, it is a logical, rational conclusion from the viewpoint of
this new theory.



Islam, Charles Darwin and the denial of science

A growing number of biology and medical students are rejecting the very basis of their chosen subject in favour of creationism.


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