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Turkish hacking group defaces UPS, TheRegister, Acer, Telegraph, Vodafone

04/09/2011 Written by Kevin Fernandez (Siegfried)

At the time of writ­ing these web­sites are still defaced, with a black page writ­ten “Turkgu­ven­Ligi” and “4 Sept. We TurkGu­ven­ligi declare this day as World Hack­ers Day – Have fun 😉 h4ck y0u”.

What do ups​.com, voda​fone​.com, thereg​is​ter​.co​.uk, acer​.com, bet​fair​.com, nation​al​geo​graphic​.com and tele​graph​.co​.uk have in com­mon? They all use Net­Names as their reg­is­trar. It appears that the turk­ish attack­ers man­aged to hack into the DNS panel of Net­Names using an SQL injec­tion and mod­ify the con­fig­u­ra­tion of arbi­trary sites, to use their own DNS (ns1​.yumur​tak​abugu​.com and ns2​.yumur​tak​abugu​.com) and redi­rect those web­sites to a defaced page.
In the past, Turkgu​ven​Ligi​.info defaced secu​nia​.com, HSBC Korea and the reg­istry Directi with this method.
You can browse the list of their attacks here: