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Debates Youtube – Educação – CMI: Evolutionism is not appropriate for anyone

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CMI: Evolutionism is not appropriate for anyone


0myjoe = Jan – 25 – 2013

Science deals with the natural world and what we can measure. Creation/intelligent design is not scince

Louis Charles Morelli – Jan – 28 – 2013

You have a interesting issue here. The topic of this issue is “education of children”. Any children is body+mind. Our Science deals with touchable bodies, mind is not. Neurology does not know yet which and how are the connections between neurons and thoughts. Our Science stops at brains and electrical/chemical synapses. So, Science is part of education, but education is not part of Science, it goes beyond Science. The interpretation of natural world should be another class: Philosophy

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Lucas Procee – 12 hours ago – Jan – 28

Observe evolution? I believe you are the ignorant one here. Even prominent evolutionists, such as Dawkins and Eugenie Scott, have retreated from using this argument. The following link is relevant; don’t forget to look at the references.­ists-retreating-from-empiricis­m-to-arguments-from-analogy

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Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli 6 hours ago – Jan – 28

Are you saying that natural evolution is not observable?!

I have a question for you sir. The process that all of us can watch here and now, called human embryogenese, in 9 months. The proved scenes are: 1) Single cell;2) Morula;3) Blastula;4)Fetus;5)Embryo…an­d so on. Which name do you call the mechanisms working from a shape to its following shape?

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tinylilmatt 2 hours ago

Haha I love how this man stole Bill Nye’s speech but just swapped the words evolution & creation around to fit his ideas!

Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli – Jan – 28

If a unique given natural phenomena can be interpreted by two opposite world views, it means that these world views are the two sides of the same coin.But, things turns more interesting if you change “coin” by “collective human mind”. It is the Humanity’s thought that are divided into two, not individuals. Each individual embraces one or other side. I think we are watching an internal conflict of Humanity due competition for dominance between HE and HD. Bill is HE and CMI is HD. Do you agree?

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