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Porque as moscas comem esperma? Veja controversia entre cientistas e a Matrix/DNA

quarta-feira, maio 8th, 2013

A noticia com um video demonstrativo saiu na National Geograph, conforme o link:

Why Female Flies Eat Sperm

– because it allows them to decide who will be the best father of their offspring,

– Researchers knew that female E. bilimeki would expel and eat sperm, but didn’t know why. To find out, Christian Luis Rodriguez-Enriquez and colleagues at the Institute for Ecology in Vera Cruz, Mexico, watched 74 pairs of E. bilimeki court and mate. They found that all of the females expelled and ate at least some of the ejaculate that they’d stored in specialized sperm-storage organs.




As Mais Importantes Questoes que a Matrix/DNA Devera Responder – Leonid Chumachenko e sua “The general theory of origin of life”

quarta-feira, maio 8th, 2013

Este autor, , russo, esta anunciando que vai publicar um livro revelando algo como uma matrix simples que explica origens da vida. Estou pesquisando seu trabalho.

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Biology Online

The general theory of origin of life

Board index  General Biology  General Discussion xxxx A complete an exploratory meaning of projects the “DNA – space – Life” can summed up in two Big Questions: – How the divine mind creates a platform and creatively  implements the mental and spiritual laws of the universe? And what role we play in this process, each person of us? In the popular scientific book, during the travel we will see the answers to a number of Big Questions, which are located between mathematical zero and DNA. Before many of them, science modestly silent only because, that they have never been formulated. For example, such as: Perguntas Diretamente Relacionadas a Teoria da Origin da Vida: – What is the relationship between the structure of space and DNA and RNA structures? Resposta de Leonid: – (?) Resposta de Louis: – Since that I think space is merely a human concept about distances and sizes of material substances/bodies, I will take this question as: “What is the relationship between the material structures dispersed at Cosmological space and DNA/RNA structures? Then,… the relationship is same evolutionary lineage plus same and unique process of  natural’s systems cycle. So, RNA was produced direct from a mutation occurred at the “Matrix/DNA” of the last more evolved non-biological system that were existing at the time of RNA emergency, the astronomical galactic system.Since that this “matrix” is unknown by you, I will advance briefly that you need see the model which is the resume of all informations related to the process by which appears the seven different kinds of astronomical bodies, like planet, star, pulsar, comet, moon  quasar, black hole.  Under evolutionary process biological DNA is the species of universal systems resulting from complexity applied over  astronomical DNA and under life’s cycle process DNA is resulting shape of an ancestor that was miniaturized nannotecnologically like any adult man is miniaturized inside chromosomas. The extraordinary mutation from astronomical system is due this system was formed only with the gaseous and solid states of matter, while its ” offspring” biological DNA was formed at an environment containing the two states plus the liquid state (water), which produced the evolution of physics process to chemistry processes. (Is it possible to understand something in this way?) – Why nature has chosen deoxyribonucleotide, as the main and the only building material for DNA? – Why one semi-coil of B-form DNA has 5 pairs of molecules of this saccharide? – How the element space begin cook soup of “Primary components” for future DNA or RNA molecules from a set of chemical elements? – How looks the self process of birth of the primary DNA or RNA molecules? – What is the factory of primary DNA or RNA (nucleotide-plant)? – That dictates the rules for sequence of primary assembly of nucleotides? – What is the role of water molecules in this process? – What is “Biochemical period of preparation” or “Pre-evolutionary period” for colonization of planets by living organisms in light new theories and conception? – What are the properties DNA are copied from the space? – What are the primary and the secondary oscillatory circuits of the DNA molecule? – Where must lie zones of their responsibility and sensitivity at use of electromagnetic phenomena? – Why and how the DNA speaks, reproduces acoustic signals? – How the magnetic field of our planet helps animals and birds to navigate and orienting during migration? – What is the nature identification and attracting chemical compounds on site-body of DNA or RNA for the biosynthesis? – Is it possible to use of electromagnetic (not electrostatic) phenomena during operation of enzymes? – are there possibility for physicochemical nature of actions of the codon? – Why 64 codon can produce only 20 (21) amino acids in light a new theory? – Why electrical discharge promotes the synthesis of some amino acids? – What for nature creates Z-form DNA? – What way nature prepares and distributes the genetic information, on the near and cosmic distances? – What is the receiving mechanism and collecting of this information? – Is it possible appearance a new forms of life on Earth today, in our current time? – Is it possible the construction of the material life by non-carbon based? Where should look for it? – Why material life is born in different parts of the universe? xxxxx – Is there a structure in the space? – What kind of this structure? – Where we can see and how measure it? – What size is the elementary space? – Is there a hierarchy of space? – Why trajectory lightning, discharge electricity or electron (at interference) is not a direct line, but are broken curve line? – How is born and lives the element of the space? – What is the deformation and temporary closing-down of space? – What is the ether? – What structures can be called ether and what cannot? – Can we call him alive? As well as other important and interesting Big Questions in Life Sciences. Their importance will be discussed in the following posts.