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Porque A Teoria Astronomica de um Ex-Macaco do Amazonas Faz Mais Sentido Que a Teoria dos Astronomos

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Astronomers Discover Baby ‘Monster’ Star Developing In A Dark Cloud [PHOTO]

Massive Star Developing
Astronomers discovered the massive star developing in a dark cloud 11,000 light-years from Earth.  ALMA (ESO/NRAJ/NRAO)/NASA/Spitzer/JPL-Caltech/GLIMPSE
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Post na Secao ” Comentarios” e a minha publicada resposta:
Petitemorte • 9 hours ago

at the moment it’s the balancing act caused by nuclear fusion’s explosive outward energy, and the massive gravity of the star’s inward energy holding each other in equilibrium. Eventually, when the star’s core burns through all of its fuel – over a period of billions of years – its fate will inevitably drive it to become a black hole.

It fuses the atoms in its core, and it will produce successively heavier elements until a massive portion of its core has become iron and it can no longer sustain fusion processes – there will be layers of other elements around it that will later seed solar systems, kind of like a set of those Russian dolls that stack inside of each other with the lightest elements being on the outside. When the fusion process cease to exist and its outward energy can no longer support the weight of the star, gravity will go into a run away mode and the surface will collapse in toward the core. This will cause a small “hiccup” or “bounce” to occur before the star explodes into a class 1A supernova. This bounce will crush the core like massive implosion, followed my a massive explosion of outward energy from protons merging with electrons to form a super dense material. Smaller suns would form a neutron star, but because this is such a large star the mass will collapse even further down in size and form a black hole. As the outer layers are thrown off across space, the remnants of this once mighty giant core will have collapsed – at minimum – the mass of the earth into the volume of a pea producing a black hole. Though this black hole will most certainly be much larger than this volume due to its colossal size.

So eventually it will become a black hole, as it is the sun’s destined fate. However, in the meantime, the massive release of energy that the new found star will light up the night’s sky with, will be the only thing preventing its gravity from crushing it into an ultra dense point in space. The delicate balancing act is a beautiful act of nature, and an awe inspiring one for many of us.

I hope this has answered your question Grant.

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Ok, Mr. Petitemorte, I have a question for you: “At yours beautiful and well elaborated so called “Nebula Theory”, where were the mechanisms and process that later were expressed here creating the first living cell?” I know my questions seems to you a nonsense, since that the astronomers’ world view,  stars systems formation and cosmological evolution has nothing to see with origins of life and biological evolution. There is an unknown model called “The Universal Matrix/DNA” where galactic formations and cosmological evolution obeys the same mechanisms and process that rules biological systems. The two models has no conflicts about the modern process for star’s formation, but, like the first and original system was formed by symbioses and after that, by self-reproduction, Matrix/DNA suggests also the same two processes for galactic formations. Our conflict is about black holes. Reading yours post, all stars systems will finally become a black hole, so, the future of the Universe will be a population of black holes and anything else. Am I right? Matrix/DNA is not seeing black holes like described by yours model, instead, it suggests merely rotational vortexes among the dust of died stellar systems, and these vortexes are responsible for recycling it into a new system, a precursor process of cells’ reproduction. Separating the final result seen here and now (the existence of biological systems, aka “life”, and biological evolution) from the state of this solar and galactic system at 4 billion years ago where this life emerged, is no good for a scientific and rational Theory Of Everything. I prefer the Matrix/DNA model because it links by a unique evolutionary lineage all natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies to cells and brains and instead calculations by computer simulations, this theory is based upon cerebral exercises of simulations, by which, at the cause must be the forces that produced the final result – the human brain itself.  I think that modern astronomers can not forget biological systems were produced by this solar and galactic systems when elaborating cosmological models. Separating natural systems in living and non-living systems makes no sense: or all are alive, or no one is alive, considering the differences due evolutionary complexity. This theoretical separation originates appeals to mystic, magical thinking, the result is believing in ghosts black holes instead common rotational vortexes. Ok, it is theory against theory, based both over the same data, let’s see who will earn.