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Como as células regulam e controlam seus comportamentos? A formula da Matrix/DNA é a unica que explica.

sexta-feira, julho 19th, 2013
Baseado no artigo:

Unraveling bacterial behavior

Michael Laub studies the complex interactions that underlie cells’ responses to their environment.
That’s the classic problem I’m most interested in: How do cells regulate their own behavior?” says Laub, an associate professor of biology.
E meu comentario postado no Facebook MIT News:
Cells has no nervous system integrating and sensing the whole, then cells does not regulate its behavior. If Michael Laub see the matrix formula of all natural systems, he will understand how behavior is controlled. I will help a little bit how the formula do it. The two proteins, kinases, represents two different slice of its circuit system. One is the left and other is the right side of the Matrix. As any other slices, they have an energetic flow which naturally absorbs the bits-informations that are sequential continuation for building the whole circuity. Then, when the kinases detects any sequential bits at the external environment, the bits is aggregated into the line. The movement is towards re-building the whole circuit.These bits are photons as particles of sun’s energy and Earth nucleus emitted radiation which are inside atoms and spaces of organic elements. The entire cell keeps the absorbed elements by the same mechanisms that the womb keeps regulated the fetus and embryos. Those bits from Sun and Earth’s nucleus fits as sequential information because they are the informations flowing among the elements of these stellar and galactic systems, which are made by the same natural formula. I know that nobody will understand this because it is very complex and without seeing the formula, and written in this poor English, it is impossible