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Juventude Pobre: Criminalidade, Drogas, Escravidão. Analise e Soluções pela Matrix/DNA

quinta-feira, outubro 3rd, 2013

Assunto que afeta e influencia nossas vidas no dia a dia – portanto precisa de nossa atenção e envolvimento – terá aqui registrados tópicos/noticias,debates, relacionados, e todos os pais, mães, educadores, psicólogos, etc. estão convidados a participarem. Por meu lado estarei representando a cosmovisão da Matrix/DNA e suas sugestões.

1 – Interessante debate:

2 hours ago
Sad! These thugs are not scared of the system (early release, low sentences, commissary, communication – visitors/phone/mail, recreation, etc.). Take away their jail perks and strengthen their sentence, I can assure you it will inflict FEAR and there would be a rapid decline in crime!
1 hour ago

maybe… or we could invest in education, employment and programs for these kids. Instead of labeling them as thugs and writing them off let’s invest in the city. if we eliminate some of the poverty then we can eliminate the need for these kids to go out to rob and steal to feed themselves and their families. if we invest in our schools more than we invest in jails and install a sense of PRIDE in our kids things might be different
49 minutes ago
you can invest all you want, if the people do not take advantage of the opportunities they are given nothing will change. Look at how much money is dumped into the school system in Newark and yet you have mass numbers of kids who do not attend class, do not take their classwork and homework seriously, and do not value an education. When this is the case for students and in many cases their parents as well, throwing more money at the problem is a lost cause.
2 – Interessante debate
4 weeks ago
 Newark, Camden and Trenton are war zones and i avoid driving through those dumps at all costs. You are literally risking your life going through these crap holes.
Ask yourself why. At least then Gov Mcgreevy passed the much needed racial profiling bill. What has happened since then? Gun running along the NJ Turnpike have gone up 90% since 2000 when the bill was enacted.

You wont hear politicians talk about how 75% of all blacks are born to single parents. You wont hear them talk about how the rappers they idolize embrace the gang mentality. You wont hear about how they are failing in school because many not all of them are single drugged out parents are too high a lot of the time to help their kid with homework or develop a partnership with the teachers for their out of wedlock kid they had.

You will hear about racial profiling though and cheap rhetoric from jesse jackson and al sharpton who pays himself a million dollars a year from his charity to spit out hate which has caused such resentment. you wont hear about taking responsibility for your actions

2 weeks ago
 And your statement is why we can’t have an honest conversation on what’s really happening without being called a racist.
last week
 I think the most interesting part of this is how you have placed African Americans in this when the victim was Hispanic… the location he work out of was a college dorm … you have assumed his killer to be black and listen to hip hop. nothing in the article mentioned black people or even gave you a description of what the killer was and since Newark is the second most diverse city in the state that means your created an image …  

is rap music a problem in the black community ?? sure some of it … but drake never talks violence and hes the biggest name in rap right now so that leaves flaws in that statement. also there are several group in Newark who are mainly HUEman and strive to get it right everyday. we cant have an honest conversation because of things such as peoples fears which automatically create the killer as being a black male who listens to hip hop

ps … I listen to hip hop live in Newark and sell real estate ..


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