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Cérebro: Neurologia Ainda Não Sabe Como Funciona

quarta-feira, outubro 1st, 2014

It’s still all conjecture. fMRI tells you nothing about how the brain functions, less about how it supports a mind, and even less about consciousness. 

Why Is It So Hard To Think About The Brain?

Today, we are thinking – and talking – about the brain more than ever before. It is widely said that neuroscience has much to teach psychiatry, cognitive science, economics, and others. Practical applications of brain science are proposed in the fields of politics, law enforcement and education. The brain is everywhere.

This “Neuro Turn” has, however, not always been accompanied by a critical attitude. We ought to be skeptical of any claims regarding the brain because it remains a mystery – we fundamentally do not understand how it works. Yet much neuro-discourse seems to make the assumption that the brain is almost a solved problem already.

Cérebro, Alma, Indeterminismo Quantico: Discussão

quarta-feira, outubro 1st, 2014

Neuroscience, quantum indeterminism and the Cartesian soul.

( scientific paper, visto apenas o abstrato)

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Quantum Theory Won’t Save The Soul

– the idea that neuronal function involves quantum coherence  (Ver

– This is the foundation of the Penrose-Hameroff theory(not about the ‘soul’ per se, but about consciousness). ( Ver …

Orchestrated objective reduction ( 

– We consider whether a fluctuation within the limits of Heisenbergian uncertainty could affect the presynaptic calcium concentration by permitting a chemical bond to be modified in an ion channel, as has been proposed… Ver 

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