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Visita de Cometa ao Nosso Sistema Solar é Oportunidade para Repensar Nossas Origens

segunda-feira, outubro 20th, 2014

Comet makes rare close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch

Yahoo: “Comets are believed to be frozen remnants left over from the formation of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago.”

Matrix/DNA: ” This is the hypothesis in relation to the Academic Astronomic Nebular Model, is not thru in relation to Matrix/DNA astronomic model.  And I prefer the Matrix model here because I can’t see at the larger theoretical picture of stellar systems formation from the Nebular Theory how the initial cloud of gas/dust that makes stable bodies circling at regular orbits could produces a body that never stops moving and going outside the system.

Accordingly to Matrix/DNA model, comets are produced by olders planets with magma of emissions from giant volcanoes, planets becoming pulsars. So, comet Siding Spring didn’t comes from the Oort Cloud, only have passed through it, coming from outside this Solar System. 

The biggest problem for Academic Nebular theoretical model is the belief that life at Earth and biological evolution has nothing to see with our surroundings astronomical systems and cosmological evolution. The model has shared Universal Natural History into two separated blocks of histories without an evolutionary link between them. The Matrix/DNA model was calculated doing the reverse way, focusing upon the final product ( biological systems) and going back wards for calculating the initial creator ( an astronomical system). Doing that I have discovered that all life’s properties were there, 10 billions years ago, at its primitive states and shapes, hidden in these astronomical systems. So, the big boards we see here today, like sexual reproduction, metabolism, digestion, and till the formation of familiar systems, were not created by the stupid matter of this lost planet, but by the entire Cosmos. Comets, for instance, makes in the sky the same systemic function for creating seeds of new stars as makes spermatozoids here for creating germs of new biological creatures. Siding Spring is a kind of spermatozoon that did not fecundate the ovule ens then, will falling and moving till be totally fragmented. But… how and why a comet does not fall into any regular orbit around the big bodies like Mars? Because its nucleus has a magnetic field drawn for to be synchronized with the spiral lines of this galactic systems which pulls the comet towards its nucleus. When the comet goes out this trajectory it becomes uncontrolled till dying, as any non fecundating spermatozoon. At last, Matrix/DNA models does not needs magics from gods and absolute chances.

Mr. Flibble 4 minutes ago

Never seen so much gibberish purporting to be a viable hypothesis in my life.


Mr. Flibble: If my brain was hard-wired by the western modern world view I should think like you ( that the above hypothesis seems merely gibberish), so, as I know how yours brain was configured, I understand yours negative reaction. Adding to the big problem facing an alien world view,
the problem of non-native English language, and I understand you will not understand a bit of my hypothesis. Remember: between my hypothesis and yours hypothesis only more data and time will be the judge. I don’t know if the results of my own method of investigation are right, they are under testing against real facts. Another hypothesis are not authorities for testing it…

Mr. Flibble 2 minutes ago

Except that data already collected in no way supports anything of what you claim. You ask why the comet doesn’t “fall into any regular orbit”, well, what about all the scads of comets that are in nice, regular orbits? There are hundreds known. There is zero evidence whatsoever of cometary magnetic fields being drawn anywhere, and it’s not because we just can’t detect them.


Mr. Fibble: astronomical bodies like comets are under continuing changes ( at astronomical dimension of time, of course). Like we don’t have a fixed line separating the states and shapes of an adult and a kid human body, we don’t have fixed limits separating what astronomical body is at a determined shape. A comet recently falling from galactic magnetic field like Siding Spring is not like those remains of olders comets that “seems to us” to be in regular orbits. How much time have yours data for saying that they are under “astronomical regular orbits”?! If astronomical time necessary for establishing if any orbit is regular counts by millions of years? Which else proved real data do you have for debunking the Matrix/DNA astronomical model?

So, planets, stars, moons all of them have magnetic fields, but accordingly to the official academic model, comets does not have it?! Explains, please…

Mr. Flibble 22 minutes ago

Because they have no dense core of conductive material in motion. The only magnetic effects observed in comets are from positively ionized gases inducing faint magnetic fields when they approach the sun.


Even that yours informations are thru, they does not debunks Matrix/DNA hypothesis. But…First: Of course, comets are becoming olders, going into fragmentation, so, losing the initial magnetic field, and we does not know what is the real age of Siding Spring for establishing how is its magnetic field just now. Second: I don’t know when and how and which people got material from comets nucleus at its early stages ( or even at older shapes). If you have any link, I will appreciate it.Third: why not the motion of the comet through the sky could not be the projection of the inner motion of its own nucleus?

And please, think about this hypothesis: bodies moving in the sky can be under two drivers magnetic field: one from the stellar system and other from the galactic system. So, if a body shows incoherence of orbits in relation to the solar system it is crossing just now, it must be because it is driving by the hidden field of the galaxy…

But, if want to know the foundations of Matrix/DNA hypothesis you need see the Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems, and understanding that comets are about the systemic function number F5. If the model is right… the comets’ nucleus have big surprises waiting for us…related to biological systems. Surprises that will explains those organic molecules found at their fragments, the meteors…

Louis 4 minutes ago

Btw: To Mr. Flibble: I am very grateful that you are spending yours time talking with me here, because I need to know how other people think, it is very good for testing and pointing out new niches that I have not thought before. Thanks a lot…



Capn 7 hours ago

If, in the course of a thousand or two thousand years, science arrives at the necessity of renewing its points of view, that will not mean that science is a liar. Science cannot lie, for it’s always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It’s Christianity that’s the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself.


Capri, I think you have a good point, but listen the post from Kevin. Scientists needs never forget that all general theories changes overtime, so, our modern world view will change drastically, accordingly to real History of all general theories. There is just now a recently new born theoretical astronomical model suggesting a different interpretation of the systemic organization of astronomical bodies, so different as it was different the heliocentric and the geocentric astronomical models. The new model ( The Matrix/DNA Universal Formula for All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles), suggests that this galaxy is covered by a primitive state of biological properties, hidden from our knowledge till today. So, even that the new model could be wrong, it works rationally, showing that we still can face big revolutions like that occurred when Copernicus announced the heliocentric model. What we are seeing as the beginnings of stars and black holes formations, are just the opposite, it is their ends… Really Science does not lies when referring the real collected proved data, but people working with scientific method always makes errors when interpreting those data and trying to see the big picture…

Mr. Flibble 14 minutes ago

Well, it’s not for others to spend their time debunking every hypothesis that pops up, it’s up to the person presenting it to create a model and then provide hard, demonstrable evidence for it. From what I can see, the “Matrix/DNA” model exists only on a website and in replies on comment boards. Terms like “systemic function number F5” are meaningless to virtually everyone.

Bodies moving in the sky are under one primary driver over anything else: gravity.

The Rosetta spacecraft is attempting to land a probe on a comet next month, I don’t expect it to find anything that isn’t what is already easily discernable through spectroscopic observation, but we’ll see!


Yes, I am also excited waiting for Rosetta news. Cheers…