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Brasil e o Novo Surto do Virus de Babies com cérebro deformado: Sugestão de Procedimentos

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Brazil declares emergency after 2,400 babies are born with brain damage, possibly due to mosquito-borne virus

Louis Charles Morelli ·

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Brasil North-East ( the mean focus of these mosquitoes) and West Africa is a direct line of intense traffic. Since that the virus had popped up for the first time in the West Africa nation of Cape Verde, which has no Brasil’s health control level, maybe the number of babies are greater in Cape Verde. There are tribes that sacrifices baby born in these conditions, it is not reported and the country has no enough statistics. Panama and Honduras also faces West Africa. It is time for the World Health Organization making an inspection in West Africa, before it will be too later. Remember what happened with HIV and ebola?
Carlos Tavares

The virus most likely came from Brazil to Cape Verde, just like Dengue did. Cape Verde, as an island nation, is much easier to control epidemies than Brazil. The statistics are not alarmant for adults, however, due to this being new on the country scene, there are no reports on babies affected.
FYI, Capeverdeans don’t sacrifice babies
We are a homogeneous nation, we have no tribes
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Louis Charles Morelli ·

Carlos Tavares: Oh, a “caboverdiano”, good. Congratulations pelo grande intelectual e democrata presidente, Jorge A. Fonseca. So, when the article says “the virus had popped up for the first time in the West Africa nation of Cape Verde”, is it wrong? And, since that Cabo Verde is the most developed nation in its surroundings, it is more one indication for what I am suspecting: the virus came to Cabo Verde from poor nations inside the continent, where the health system didn’t detected it yet. I said “World Health Organization making an inspection in West Africa”, not directly to Cape Verde, since that we are worried about all babies, be them Brazilian or African. But If I am from any nation I would welcome the help from WHO, it is grateful. And, please, read my post again I didn’t say that are tribes in Cape Verde. I think that sacrificing damaged fetus by abortion is practiced at all countries. I am a voluntary for going to West Africa and I hope you do so, then, we will meet there.Obs: I think that the virus came from Cabo Verde because Charles Darwin has visited the island at 1832 and got the virus, that is the explanation that his offspring – the evolutionary atheists – was born with damaged brains…. (kikiki… this is a joke, I love atheists). Cheers…
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Louis Charles Morelli · Dec 23 2015
O alarma e’ gravíssimo e como não vi ninguém fazendo o obvio que deve ser feito, publiquei um comentário no Washington Post que hoje trouxe a noticia: ” Brazil declara emergência depois de 2.400 babies nascidos com cérebro danificado.” Ora, isto requer ação rápida e todas as alternativas devem serem tentadas. ‘E fácil ter o mapa mundial na cabeça e ver que o estado de Pernambuco, onde surgiu os primeiros e maioria dos casos, esta na costa Leste do Brasil que da’ de face com a costa Oeste da Africa, justo nas areas de Cabo Verde, onde surgiu o virus. Mas como estas pequenas nações africanas não possuem o nível de controle da saude como o Brasil, não existe eficiente estatísticas, e muitas tribos sacrificam recém-nascidos com defeitos sem comunicar autoridades, a pergunta vem de imediato: quantos casos, ou como esta o virus espalhado nestas nações? Observe que os outros dois países mais atacados – Panama e Honduras – tambem estão de face com o Oeste da Africa, e devido a comum etnia destes povos costa-a-costa, o trafico ‘e intenso. Então a Organização Mundial de Saude deveria já estar naquelas nações africanas, em Cabo Verde, fazendo uma inspeção rigorosa. Ou vamos esperar para repetir o que aconteceu com o HIV e o Ebola que começaram na Africa, mas esperaram o virus se espalhar por todo lado antes de conte-lo na fonte?! Voces que estão no Brasil, questionem o governo se a OMS já foi para la, senão, que o Brasil vá’, e imediatamente! Não tem festa de Natal num caso grave como este. Eu me disponho como voluntario para ir hoje!

Matar ou não todos os mosquitos? veja isso:

Wayne Smith · Dec – 24 – 2015

Mosquito larvae consume a lot of organic matter in wetlands, helping recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem. The larvae provide food for fish and other wildlife. They pollinate flowers. They are crucial to orchids

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Jane Rausch ·

I only read a micro amount of comments but not many are mentioning how poluted the waters are in Brazil. Once these mosquitos get there, by however means, the waters are ripe there for a myriad amount of infestations. The OCC should be held responsible for any sickness among our atheletes during the events.
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Sasha Strachan

Maybe no one is mentioning it because polluted water has nothing to do with mosquitos. All they need is warm temperatures, plants, still water and of course blood for oogenesis. When the article is about an outbreak of disease due to polluted water, feel free to post to your heart’s content. Until then, let’s keep it on point and stick with the actual salient facts.

E este comentario e’ comovente…

Teresa Weaver ·

Think about the first time you held your own baby….that feeling that came over you of love, fear and the instict to protect like an animal. Please re-read the story, carefully. Now let’s begin again.“What do you need Brazil? What can we as fellow humans do to help you? We have so much compassion and empathy because we Americans love our children as much as you do yours and it is so hard to imgine this happening. Our drugs, supplies and medical/public health professionals are available to support you in this urgent health crisis that involves your most innocent and vulnerable.” I cannot personally say this, but this is what I expect to see our country’s reps do.

Don’t want to be too “judgy” here, but if you don’t get that, you surely have issues finding your soul. I do not throw those (soul) type comments out and am disgusted when I hear them served up with a steaming pile of BS in a PPH bashing comment, but this is one time I felt it fit the circumstance. These are Brazil’s (and other countries’) innocent babies, just as important to them as ours are to us. It’s just the right thing to do.