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A Ciência Esotérica de Newton e Opiniões da Ciência Oficial e da MatrixLight/DMA

quinta-feira, abril 14th, 2016


Isaac Newton spent a lot of time on junk ‘science,’ and this manuscript proves it

Washington Post – 2016-04-06

Meu comentario publicado:

Junk Science?! Pseudoscience? If Newton had time, he would written the principles of quantum mechanics and genetic engineering inspired by his “pseudoscience”, alchemy, because these principles were there encrypted into the ideas of transmutation and the philosopher’s stone. It is probable that at 500 years from now, people will saying that the science of 21 century was junk science. And it is, if I will have time for proving it based on my wild naturalistic research, or my alchemy.

The human scientist drives the science of his/her time guided by his/her – till now – primitive world view and inherited animals instincts, like working under business funds that are searching for material profit. It is a science that selects data and experiments, discriminating those that does not fits inside its world view and mundane interests. It causes a distorted knowledge. Two different world views – like the Newton’s mind and the modern materialistic randomness scientific fundraising’s mind – does not comprehend the language of one to another, like nobody is understanding my language from a different world view – not only due a different native language.

Then we have this non rational result today of Physics alone trying to elaborate a Theory of Everything and believing that the laws of physics – relative to the movements of every systemic’s skeleton – could explains the Universe – a universe that can build the most complex level of soft meat, emotions and consciousness! Or the result where biology is like crazy searching data and driven experiments guided by the belief that terrestrial organic evolution arose by itself without any link with the prior atomic and astronomic evolution! An evolutionary biology hat believes there is no evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution! The final result is that millenary diseases are continuing to kill us and  that we have 90% of the world population living under the torture of misery and as slaves of the hard routine work, because science is doing nothing to them. It is far away off the beam, the beam of an universe that builds complex systems as humans and consciousness.

At my MatrixLight/DNA world view, built in the hell of Amazon jungle by a half-monkey still feeling the real nature and listening to the witness of life origins, I built a model of the philosopher’s stone, which is a universal natural formula that organizes inertial matter into all known natural systems and material cycles. With this formula and the right equipment, we will can re-write the history of evolution of a metal, transforming it in another metal. With this formula we will can inserting it into a wrong copied DNA or unfolded protein, fixing it.

But, like Newton if he was living today he never would left the inspiring ideas of alchemy behind, we need another kind of scientist with the same world view that can return to the ancient natural instinct, built when we had some free pineal gland from the insects antenna that was able to grasp magnetic field and building gravitational theories. Newton never could grasping the gravitational field if he did not believed that consciousness emits a field that can reach objects, driving them. That’s is the same believing that stars and planets emits fields that can reach another planets, and elaborating calculus about it. But, we are discovering that waves’ fields first originated by light waves and its produced electromagnetic spectrum has the code for life, the periodic table of elements was built upon this code, electrical synapses in our brain produces luminous clouds… from which the light can driven those particles in quantum experiments and not consciousness. The giant work of Newton is alive and evolving, at least, hidden in the heart of the jungles, and pseudoscience – 90% of the world population is proving that it is for profit of a group and not for the Humanity – is what being practiced under open sky outside the jungle. Thanks to Washington Post bringing on articles like this that do the job to drive people to re-think what we are doing. Newton’s secret source of inspiration is an advice for scientists that something in science today is going wrong.