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Tem Neve em Torno de Estrelas Nascentes! Mais Uma Previsão Acertada da Matrix/DNA

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Stellar snapshot: Is there snow in space?

Estranho como parece ser, grandes discos de gelo e neve frequentemente orbitam jovens estrelas, desempenhando uma regra crucial na formação de planetas. Pela primeira vez, astrônomos conseguiram captar um destes discos na câmera.

E mais uma vez – como tem acontecido nestes últimos 30 anos – o fenômeno parece estranho aos astrônomos porque ele não estava previsto no seu modelo teórico astronomico. Porem, aqui na Matrix/DNA Theory, mais uma vez estamos comemorando o acerto das previsões baseadas em nossos modelos teóricos.

The images captured show the water-snowline which forms around a new star and creates an effect like snow in far galaxies

Astronomers have revealed that snow forms around young stars when they are born – and they’ve shared the proof.

Observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have produced the first image of the phenomenon.

The water snow line forms around a star occurs when a gas is in orbit around a star.

These pictures show the moment when the temperature in the disk surrounding a young star drops sufficiently low for snow to form.

A dramatic increase in the brightness of the young star V883 Orionis flash heated the inner portion of the disk, pushing the water snow line out to a far greater distance than is normal for a protostar.

The results were published in the journal Nature this week, and have excited space experts .

“Our observations were designed to look for disk fragmentation leading to planet formation. We saw none of that; instead, we found what looks like a ring at 40 astronomical units.

“Since water ice is more abundant than dust itself beyond the snow line, planets can aggregate more solid material and form bigger and faster there. In this way, giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn can form before the protoplanetary disk is gone.”


Meu comentario para postar nos artigos:

This disk of snow was predicted 30 years ago by Matrix/DNA Theory’s astronomical model, and I have the copyright for proving it. Astronomers are surprised because the disk must change their standard theoretical model. This discovery is an accident, not a driven search guided by a theory, they were looking for disk fragmentation of dust. And since they are still based on a wrong model, their interpretations in this article are wrong.

It is not a young star, by the same motive we don’t call a human embryo as a ” young human”. It is a germ of a new astronomic body, not merely a star, and they seems like a star by the same motive a human embryo seems like an adult embryo.

There was no ” dramatic increase in the brightness of the young star V883 Orionis flash”. Where they got this information from? It is merely speculation for fitting the weird data into their theoretical logics, which are wrong.

In my website there is the design of astronomic bodies formation made 30 years ago and the frozen disk is there, clearly around a new germ of a new body (It is Function 2 ). But. then, this model suggests that this ” protostar” is also a protoplanet, a protopulsar, a protosupernova,because astronomic bodies are formed and develops under the process of vital cycles like our own bodies. And like our body change shapes due this process, a unique astronomic body do it also. Giant gas planets are not formed in this disk,they are the normal result of development of young planets.

The human mindset refuses to superposing Biology upon Astronomy for understanding Astronomy, and at same time, under-posing Astronomy for understanding organic Chemistry and Biology. This was one of the methods applied by Matrix/DNA Theory. In the last 30 years everyday a new “scientific” discovery – be it in Astronomy, Biology, etc. – is fitting right into the theoretical models, while usually these discoveries are coming with words like ” we can’t understand the mechanism”, or, ” this will make a change in our theoretical models”.

And this wrong world view is responsible for not rationalist beliefs, like ” the process of vital cycle, which is the fundamental vital force, was invented here by the stupid matter of this lost planet”… No it wasn’t. Our ancestors astronomic systems, included the most ancient ancestors, the atoms, already have it also.

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