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Porque a Matrix/DNA E’ A Terceira Alternativa Entre Religiao e Ateismo

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Gary Bell Gary Bell ( evolutionist, atheist) – 10/19/2016

The numbskullery of creationists and their tiny deluded thoughts.  Everyone understands that life came from inanimate and inorganic matter or as cretins put it “rocks”, they believe that “rocks” came to life through magical incantations from one of thousands of invisible wizards while biochemists, palaeontologists and physicists have produced reams of evidence that the process could happen quite naturally via the dissipation of heat more than 3.5 billion years ago.
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli1 second ago

One understand that life didn’t came from magical ghosts if he/she is based only in our experience with the external world. But, I don’t understand that life came from inanimate and organic matter  either.
The first living being was a system, and containing the genetic phenomena. Then, life came from a system and through genetic process. Inanimate and inorganic matter is not a system, it is mass.
The search for the mysterious system that must have been at the primordial soup was the starting point of Matrix/DNA Theory. Which system was there, besides atoms systems? Apparently, no one else. Which systems were existing at that time? Atoms, stellar and galactic systems. Which of them could evolutionary jump to the shape of a biological organic system? Apparently, no one.
But, there is a method that could produce a result: comparative anatomy among all those systems. Then we find it, the mysterious system. Atoms took a shower of complexity when evolved into astronomical systems, at the point that terrestrial atoms could reproduce that complexity inside that soup. Atoms with astronomical complexity are the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution. So, there was no life created by gods, but there was no origins of life by chance, either. Everything was natural. But,… still, Matrix/DNA is a theory under tests.

Existe Evolucao ou um Grande Processo de Reproducao?

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Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – set/2016

There is no evolution,… but, there is evolution. It is a relativistic issue. If the observer watches the History of this Universe from inside he believes that is seeing evolution; if he watches from outside this Universe he understand that is seeing merely a process of reprodution… reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang. See Matrix/DNA world view.
Gary Bell Gary Bell – set/2016

As far as anyone knows there is no outside of this universe and you certainly can’t see the universe from the outside,  we’ve barely seen any of the universe from inside.  Perhaps the unknown thing is actually already known as energy
Louis Charles Morelli – Out/19/2016
The eternal dichotomy: if there is inside, must have outside. Ok, you can say “there is no inside”. Ok, then, if something is not inside and not outside, it is the whole thing. There is no other rational alternative. And I know that I am not outside, I know that I am not the whole Universe, so, I am inside, then, there is inside. But,… this is pure human reasoning and humans trying to think about the Universe must be ridiculous. No energy. The models of my theory are suggesting that energy is not the cause of our known little world, it is a by-product of waves of light ( or the entire electromagnetic radiation) emitted at the Big Bang in friction with dark matter. Light must be the tentacle of the unknown thing reaching our world, since that we discovered that a wave of light has the formula for all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to cells… Again, I don’t go further into this issue, because it begins to smell metaphysics, and I will not get anything from metaphysics. Bit, universal reproduction is a naturalistic idea, there is no metaphysics here