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O que e’ Vida? A Morte e’ Real?

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What Is Life? Is Death Real?

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Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – Jan-01/06/2016

Matrix/DNA Theory has solved this problem 30 years ago, and the key here is “SYSTEMS”. All natural systems are composed by hardware and software. The words “life”, “living” are wrong concepts that makes no sense, it was created by ancient people that didn’t know systems and softwares. Thoday, those that does not know the universal formula that Nature has applied for crating systems (from atoms to galaxies to human bodies) also does not understand what is a natural system. The formula called Matrix/DNA creates matter picking up an initial non-animated object (let’s say, a star, a proton, an amino acid, etc) and makes that a wave of cosmic radiation (resulting from all seven kinds of electromagnetic radiations, from radio to gamma-ray,etc., aka, wave of light, which will perform the role as software) pass through it and be absorbed. Since that this wave has seven different frequencies/vibrations which are eternally in motion, the object is splitted and transformed into seven different shapes. It happens that the dynamics of that wave is just what we call ” the process of life’s cycles”. It is like picking up a human fetus and applying this wave, the fetus will develop into seven principal different shapes (embryo, baby, kid, teenager,etc.). So, the initial star will be a supernova, a red giant, star dust, black hole inside a quasar, a planet, a pulsar, a comet). Like the shape of kid is connected with the shapes of babies and teenagers by the life’s cycle, this astronomic bodies self-conected among them in the same sequence of the life’s cycle. Now we have a real complete system with the seven universal systemic functions. The cell system was made through symbiosis by six organelles plus nucleus by same process, so the atom with seven electronic orbitals. A system creates an identity that is the sum of informations of all its parts plus the informations from the exchanges of these parts. The identity is bigger than the system, controls everything inside the system, in a vital performance. The identity of yours brain is yours mind. It is the software, everything else is the hardware. So, life is the software made of waves of light emitted at the Big Bang. If you say that a human is alive, so, you must say that an atomic system, a galaxy system are alive too and that’s why Matrix/DNA discovered that the building block of galaxies has a cover of phenomena that all life properties that our body performs. And that the building blocks of galaxies has as template a formula that is the same formula/template of the building block of DNA… and atoms. The difference between our dynamic body (aka “life”) now and our stopped body under decomposition (there is no death for us)? The difference is that the hardware does not works but the working software will emigrate for a new and better hardware. This software was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waken up at plants and animals, but, at human beings, it is still a embryo of consciousness, which have not opened its own eyes for to see its substance and shape of its body. This ex-machine embryo is the real “you”. Yours existence began at the Big Bang ( the fecundation) and you are going to your birth at the day of The Big Birth. More details in Matrix/DNA world view.