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Conectando Psicologia ( ou a Psique) com a Fisica da Natureza. Dr. Buryl Payne

sábado, maio 6th, 2017


Tive conhecimento da existência do Dr. Buryl Payne por uma sua tese investigativa sobre efeitos dos campos magnéticos dos astros e principalmente da terra e do Sol sobre a vida na Terra e principalmente sua semelhança com as ondas energéticas produzidas pelos processamentos do cérebro humano. registrei aqui um artigo, justo o ultimo antes deste, sob este tema.

Uma busca sobre o autor e deparei com a sua BIO, onde explica que ele e’ PHD em Física e Psicologia. Justamente um dos métodos que estou usando na teoria da Matrix/DNA, na busca de localizar e identificar a formula da Matrix na configuração processual do cérebro. Mas o curriculum de realizações, investigações, inventos e patentes e’ formidável, reforçando minha tese de que falta `a psicologia acadêmica estudar mais os outros campos do conhecimento natural que levou a formação da psique, como a Física. O Dr. Payne prova que quem o faz, encontra uma fonte de insights e criações que ainda permanece inexplorada. Copio aqui a biografia para traduzir e tentar pesquisar cada trabalho do Dr. Payne.


Buryl has a Ph.D. in psychology and an M.S. in physics. His real education began as a teacher (by his students) at Goddard College, in Vermont.  He attended seminar-workshops put on by the institute of General Semantics, based on the work of Alfred Korzybski, and also attended lectures and workshops on the work of Georges Gurdjieff, as interpreted by his students and their students. His first book: GETTING THERE WITHOUT DRUGS: THEORIES AND TECHNIQUES OR ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS, was one of the Esalen series in the late 60’s. It combines the perennial teachings of Zen with teachings of Gurdjieff, Korzybski, and knowledge of modem physics.

From the creativity company, called Synectics, for which he worked for as Director of Training and Research, he learned the technique of teaching creativity.  He loves doing this for peace groups and other social groups. He considers this to be his most valuable skill.

Later, as a professor at Boston University, he learned how to write as he directed a graduate program in science writing. His most important discoveries and writings are listed below in approximate order of importance. Buryl admits to being a workaholic though he spends a lot of time at the beach.

1. Discovered that the nearly regular cycles of international battles, found by previous researchers, is in phase with solar activity. Not being satisfied with a mere correlation, Buryl uncovered the physical mechanism-namely solar influences on the geomagnetic field which, in turn, can disrupt brain waves and produce hormone changes, apparently leading to aggressive warring behavior (mostly in males).

2. He also noticed how to predict most sunspot activity and some geomagnetic activity by taking into account the solar system as a whole and observing the planetary configurations associated with sunspot activity.

3. Performed an experiment, with the help of many other people, showing that enough people (several million) meditating apparently can decrease solar activity. This 31/2 year project, consisting of six meditations a year, was the kind predicted to have an influence on solar activity by Edgar Cayce many years ago. Experimental data showed up to a 30% decrease in solar activity for up to two weeks after the day of the meditations.

4. Rediscovered (by accident) a way to detect and measure a rotational force, named the Biofleld, around the human body and other living things. To measure something is an advancement over just perceiving it, or theorizing its existence

5. Validated Dr. Ron Hruby’s breakthrough experiment, showing that a small group of people at a distance of ten miles could measurably alter the Biofield of a subject by intending to help heal the subject.  Buryl invited 20 healers willing to focus their talents on attempted healing-at-a-distance. It was observed that 16 out of 20 healers produced a measurable change in the Biofield.

7. Developed a measure of organization of patterns based upon generalizing the information theory of Shannon and Weaver and the principles used by Einstein and Heisenberg in developing the special theory of relativity and the quantum theory.

8. Designed, patented, and marketed the first commercial biofeedback instruments (did not originate the idea.) Was lucky enough to get Radio Shack to market one type on a world wide basis.

9. Published a paper deriving principles of Gestalt perception from the well established physics principle of least action.

10. Discovered a way to detect emanations from planets, which alter the taste of water, and when this water is taken internally it sometimes produces psychophysiological effects.

11. Gave General Mills the idea for the Granola Bar, helping to start a trend in developing healthy food snacks.

12. Designed inexpensive Pulsed Magnetic field generators for enhancing healing or stimulating biological activity.

13. Designed a simple electronic instrument to help synchronize brain hemispheres to eliminate jet lag, and enhance telepathy. Made instruments, made for couples and groups, to synchronize brain waves.

14. Developed (based on the work of others) a way to obtain an ordinal scale of harmony between lovers, friends, business associates, or parents and children. To roughly measure something like the ‘force’ of love is a major advance in helping to create harmony between people.

15. Buryl wrote 4 books on magnetism and its effects on living organisms, one on physics and consciousness, and one on biofeedback and hypnosis.

16. Designed an Electronic Muscle Tester for testing the value of foods, vitamins, herbs, etc. for each person.

Buryl is currently writing a book on Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Buryl admits he doesn’t understand it; that’s why he’s writing the book!

Reprints are available for all of the above topics.

In 1982, in New Zealand, Buryl founded the Academy for Peace Research to help disseminate information about war cycles, how to predict them and possible ways to avoid them. The work has already been done; it only needs helping hands to spread the information around the world.

O Centro Para Efetivo Altruismo: Humanos Tentando se Desviarem da Extincao

sábado, maio 6th, 2017


Um grupo de intelectuais contando com bilionarios como Ellon Musk fundaram varias organizacoes nao-lucrativas cujos links se pode descobrir a partir deste link abaixo. Uma das metas desta particular organizacao e’:

  • Promover o desenvolvimento do bem-estar de todos os humanos, como um internacional intelectual projeto, fazendo de bom o que a revolucao cientifica fez na busca da verdade.

( – to make the advancement of the wellbeing of all a worldwide intellectual project, doing for the pursuit of good what the Scientific Revolution did for the pursuit of truth.)

Centre for Effective Altruism

Material conhecido da organizacao:

  • Assisti o video da abertura da conferencia de 2016
  • Comecei a assistir o video ” closing conference 2016…

Claro que eu gostaria de participar dos planejamentos e nas obras de campo. Sendo isso impossivel, ao menos enviei meu recado:


Meu Email enviado atraves de contactos:

Louis C. Morelli – 4/6/2017

I have discovered an important detail about natural altruism, maybe it will help your goal.
In a perfect natural mechanist closed system (like a stellar and galactic systems), all parts are extremely altruistic in relation to the good of the system. It happens that the system is extremely selfish – it cut relations with external world, closing the doors to its own evolution, etc.
And it happens that this system is encrypted into our genetics and into the whole Earth’s biosphere – because this system is our last non-living common ancestral, so, our creator.
I discovered that human species does not know what is a real and complete natural system when I extracted the flow of energy/information of all living and non-living natural systems and got a formula that can be expressed as a kind of software. But, the surprising thing is that this formula is just also the configuration of a fundamental unit of information of DNA,
If a formula built DNA, atoms and galaxies, it means that these systems had a primitive and simplest DNA. So, I discovered that Biological Evolution, life’s origins, etc., was merely an evolutionary sequitur from Cosmological Evolution that began with the Big Bang ( the formula is there, at the first second in shape of electromagnetic radiation, or light wave).
The biggest risk to human species – besides a nuclear war, planet’s transformations, destructive virus – is what is happening just now: we are reproducing our wrongdoing ancestral, the whole biosphere is becoming a mechanistic closed system and humans will be merely a piece in this gear. Our mind, or consciousness is going to be prisoner, suffering a premature abortion before its maturation and final birth. We are going towards the Brave New World under the Big Queen, or Big Mother ( like insect’s societies went).
We have one way for salvation: knowing the thru about the system that created this biosphere and is surrounding us, knowing its big mistake ( becoming a closed system) for taking the track towards opened systems, and knowing what’s consciousness and where it came from, for keeping it free. The moral code from this new world view is effective for driving humans to the right direction, since that we are 8 billions sub/half/conscious genes building a new and super-conscious system.
But there is the risk of premature abortion and death.
I know that my English is no good ( I am an American citizen that was living at Amazon jungle doing my research about the systems composing virginal biosphere), I am not a scientist, and things are too hard for me, I can’t communicate or testing my theoretical models that are scientifically falsifiable. But, I am very interested about the survivor and mental evolution of my species, and if you are too, I have something new. My website is
Any question, please, call me… Cheers…

Sugestoes Sobre Biosfera Reproduzindo Sistema Fechado Galactico

sábado, maio 6th, 2017


No processo da hereditariedade, um feto humano tendera’ a produzir um ser vivo na forma humana e nao na forma de macaco ou reptil, que foram ancestrais distantes. Nos reproduzimos o nosso ultimo gerador direto.

Mas existe a hierarquia de sistemas. Sistemas menores estao dentro de sistemas maiores que estao dentro de sistemas maiores ainda. Ou sistemas simples estao dentro de sistemas mais complexos…. E desde que todos sao sistemas naturais, e todas as diferentes formas de sistemas naturais pertencem a uma unica linhagem evolucionaria, isto quer dizer que tambem a hereditariedade ocorre nas sucessoes da hierarquia dos sistemas, seja em ralacao ao tamanho ou `a complexidade.

E vale ainda lembrar dois mecanismos naturais: nanotecnologia e giantologia. Um homem adulto de 2 metros torna-se um microscopico genoma e um microscopico genoma torna-se um homem adulto. Na nanotecnologia e’ mais facil reproduzir uma galaxia cabendo dentro da cabeca de um alfinete que um corpo humano, pois este e’ muito mais complex portanto sua reproducao necessita muitos mais atomos que para reproduzir uma galaxia mais simples.

Entao, dentro dos nossos estudos baseados na cosmovisao da Matrix/DNA, entramos aqui com duas novidades:

  1. Humanos reproduzem humanos. Mas podemos ampliar isso e dizer que humanos reproduzem sistemas biologicos. Acontece que quem foi nosso ancestral antes dos primeiros sistemas biologicos foi um Sistema galactico, que e’ mecanicista e fechado em si mesmo. Nos somos sistemas dentro de um Sistema maior, astronomico. Mas nao apenas a especie humana foi gerada dentro e por esse Sistema, e sim toda a biosfera. Entao pode-se supor que todos os sistemas biologicos, ou toda sua evolucao, nada mais e’ que um processo de reproducao do sistema maior, o astronomico. Mostro em outras teses aqui como e’ esse processo, porque a forte mutacao, a questao da nanotecnologia natural, etc. Sera possivel?
  2. O comportamento dos humanos nao e’ racional, logico. O simples exemplo de que um humano passa 30 ou 40 anos levantando-se de manha, indo para uma fabrica, passando ali o dia inteiro sem ver a luz do sol, nao e’ um comportamento logico natural de seres vivos, nada o justifica. O comportamento da selva bruta em geral e’ de caos. A humanidade esta sendo usada para transformar a desordem do caos num estado de ordem, porem nao ideal para o ser vivo, e sim para uma sociedade tipo Admiravel Mundo Novo sob o Grande Irmao. O meio ambiente global esta se tornando uma paisagem mecanicista sendo trabalhada automaticamente por maquinas. E isto lembra a maquina perfeita que e’ a galaxia. Entao a hipotese duvidosa do item anterior e’ assim reforcada, porem, continua uma hipotese estranha.

Vamos supor que a hipotese fosse confirmada. A primeira grande pergunta seria quais elementos materiais, quais forsas naturais, estariam envolvidas nessa direcao  genetica hereditaria? Como estaria ocorrendo este processo?

Existem estudiosos que estao investigando a hipotese de que os campos magneticos dos astros afetam a vida no planeta e e as ondas dos processamentos do cerebro humano. No artigo (copiado abaixo para traduzir) existem  frases que se encaixam na hipotese da reproducao do estado do sistema galactico. Claro, e’ um campo quase abstrato e cientificamente ‘e quase impossivel comecar um trabalho investigativo, mas… temos que registrar a hipotese. Por exemplo, o autor diz que somos marionetes manipuladas pelos campos magneticos, temos apenas 5% de livre-arbitrio, mas assim mesmo, se quisessemos, poderiamos vencer a dominancia destas forsas astronomicas e nos tornarmos livres. Bem,…, a cosmovisao da Matrix/DNA diz que mesmo o Sistema galactico esta dentro de outro Sistema maior ainda – o Universo – e que a nossa ancestralidade nao comecou pela galaxia, mas sim pelo que havia antes do Big Bang. Entao haveria uma segunda linha diretiva hereditaria, um Segundo processo de reproducao nos envolvendo, maior ainda que o astronomico. E que o que estamos reproduzindo do alem do Universo e’ algo libertador, sublime, etc. Mas como humanos reproduzem humanos – o ancestral mais proximo – e nao bacterias – um ancestral mais longinquo, porque a genetica recem adquirida da especie humana e’ mais forte que a genetica da bacteria em nossa hereditariedae, entao teriamos a tendencia de reproduzir a galxia antes que o Universo. A nao ser que descobrimos a verdade, desmascarando nosso ancestral dominante e como diz o autor, temos forsas cerebrais para tender para a reproducao sublime. Entao estariamos numa encruzilhada entre a escravidao e a Liberdade e transcendencia. Eu acho isso muuuuiiiito importante, por isso nunca me condenarei por gastar tempo e esforco nesta pesquisa, mesmo que no fim ela se revele sem fundamento.

  1. Earth’s Magnetic Field: Is it a Global Brain?

Earth’s magnetic field is one of the most complex variables known. It varies with the Sun’s activity, the Sun’s rotation, the Moon’s rotation, the Earth’s rotation, and the positions of the planets.

The Sun is constantly emitting particles, and waves of all frequencies.  When the particles hit Earth (mostly those particles called electrons and protons) they are deflected by the magnetic field of Earth. The positively charged protons go one way, and the negatively charged electrons go another. They swirl around the Earth, many of them temporarily staying in orbits, called the Van Allan belt. The solar wind particles disturb the Earth’s magnetic field and produce tiny irregularities in it.

The Earth is affected by the planets around the Sun and their positioning, which is also associated with the sunspot formation and changes in the solar wind. Sometimes when a planet is relatively near Earth, and the Moon lines up with it, there is also a magnetic disturbance (Payne, 2008). Even the thoughts and feelings of humans, when synchronized, also affect the solar activity and therefore the GM field, (Payne, 1986).

A typical GM pattern is shown in Figure 1.  The rapid fluxuations on the afternoon 7/25 correspond to a rare alignment of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.


Figure 1. – Earth’s Geomagnetic Field.  Time of day along x axis.


Figure 2. A Typical Brain Wave for One Second.

Although the GM field and brain waves do not appear to be similar, except that they are complex electromagnetic waves, there must be some connection that has not been noticed yet. For centuries humans have noticed connections between human behavior and planetary positions. For thirty years, I have consistently noticed connections between geomagnetic activity and planetary positions, especially when the Earth was near these planets in its yearly orbit and the Moon was either conjunct or trine to them. Figure 3. shows the influence of planetary patterns on the geomagnetic field. When Saturn and Pluto were close to one another in 1982, the effect was greater, clearly showing in the data. The only exception was observed when two other planets briefly moved into exact opposition. It is clear that the Sun’s activity and the positions of the planets both affect the geomagnetic field. Laboratory studies have found that magnetic fields can affect brain waves as well as glandular activity, although precise correlation’s between brain wave patterns and the geomagnetic field have not yet been discovered, it seems a strong working hypothesis.

Figure 3. Combined influence of Saturn and Pluto on the Geomagnetic field.  1983.

This is not the sole influence on human behavior, perhaps only about 15% on the average.  Yet, there are a few exceptions, when the influence of the geomagnetic fields increases to as much as 90% and sometimes decreases to practically 0. Not only human behavior, but all life is influenced by the solar-planetary-geomagnetic field network.

In a way this could be called the default program. That is, the most likely condition or influence on behavior UNLESS HUMANS ACTIVELY CHOOSE TO THINK AND DO OTHERWISE, ESPECIALLY COLLECTIVELY. That is going “against the flow” as it is said. Not easy, and sometimes a waste of effort, for “the flow” is too strong. The question could be: “Are we self conscious, choosing humans or are we biomechanical, biochemical robots?”  What percent of ‘free will’ do humans have? I often say it is less than 5%, which is insignificant in statistics. Look around at the world, or your own life; what do you think?

Tuning in.

The brain is always generating a pattern of internal neural frequencies, so called alpha, theta, delta, and beta; names for different ranges of frequencies, plus others, some of which are altered by the patterns of electromagnetism in our environment. Radio waves, cell phone microwaves, TV, and general noise from electric circuits also generate electromagnetic frequencies. The minute electromagnetic patterns of the Earth are also a part of the environment. Brain waves are a mixture of these frequencies, which vary depending on human activity, that is, sleeping, meditating, visualizing, concentrated alertness, etc. During meditation, the higher frequencies diminish and the lower ones become dominant. Although, external radio frequency noises are always present. Quieting the internally generated neural patterns can make us more receptive to the geomagnetic patterns. Perhaps this is what people call tuning in to the super conscious, Higher Self, or the over soul. The activity of the Sun and any nearby planets that the Moon amplifies by lining up with them, will dominate. This could be called “The Global Brain”. That doesn’t mean it’s always good. During solar flares, it could be agitating and the patterns from some planets may also be annoying or may amplify difficulties in our personal horoscope (so called ‘squares’.)

Knowledge and awareness of external electromagnetic influences is helpful so people can make the best personal choices.

The GM field also affects brain rhythms and hormone balance. As human’s hormones vary, so do the person’s feelings.

A very noticeable and powerful influence of the GM field is the cyclic nature of mass human behavior. The late Professor Raymond Wheeler at the University of Kansas found that wars increase and decrease in approximately 11 year cycles. This cycle was found to be in phase with solar cycles, and geomagnetic activity. Since few people are aware of this there is scarcely any way to know when to strengthen resolves for peace.

Figure 6. – Stressful Times

Figure 4. Illustrates the 11 year cycle of International battles.  Figure 5. illustrates the sun spot cycles, also of 11 yrs. Figure 6. shows a typical solar cycle.

Warring behavior is not the sole effect of solar and geomagnetic activity; business activity and creativity are also stimulated by geomagnetic activity. Every geomagnetic pattern is different and has different influences on people.

When the planet Jupiter is nearby and the Moon is aligned with it, good feelings prevail. When Earth passes Pluto, there are storms, or cold snaps for a couple of days, and so forth, in diverse yet somewhat predictable patterns. The study and practice of astrology is mostly about geomagnetic patterns and behavior, though few astrologers are aware of this and fail to be complete in their predictions.

Humans are almost like puppets dangling on magnetic field lines. Almost, but not quite. We have a little freedom. People are alive and have their own little magnetic or spin force. Minute, compared to the Earth’s and Sun’s, but it does exist. By combining thought forces, many accomplishments can be made.



Dewey, E. R., Evidence of Cyclic Patterns, Index of International War Battles. 600   B.C.-A.D. 1957, Cycles, 21(6), pp 121-158, 1970.

Payne, B., Spin – A Collection of Experiments and Observations.  EBook   available from the author’s website:

Payne, B. How To Predict Sunspots and Geomagnetic Changes.

Payne, B. The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun.