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A Maravilhosa Estranheza do Mundo Quantico

segunda-feira, maio 22nd, 2017


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 5/22/2017

The quantum world is genuine reality, weird is our human world (the galactic world). The universal laws rules that any natural system be opened system – opened to its own evolution and to the external world – but, when matter became astronomical systems it choose the eternal thermodynamic equilibrium as close system, making its body as a paradise for itself. The weird reality inside astronomic closed systems created these natural laws that rules our world and life. But, like atoms, galaxies are our ancestrals ( as natural systems, like we are), so, it was “we” that made the mistake, the big sin. The universal force of entropy attacked these ancestors, they became biological systems, so, here we are, under the laws of chaos, living this absurd life, with wrong neuronal connections which are the “weirds”, going to fix the mistake and going back to the real reality. That’ what is suggesting a new interesting and logic theory, The Matrix/DNA.

I will give a sample: the Heisenberg uncertainty becomes intelligible and rational when we see that any particle behavior under the force of vital cycles ( this force, or law, was existing before the formation of galaxies) and the entanglement phenomena is explained by the obligatory duality of all forces and elements ( which also is a universal law, and not a galactic creation).