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Um argumento para a existencia do proposito reprodutivo guiando evolucao biologica?

domingo, julho 2nd, 2017


Extraido do debate no video no Youtube:

John Pitts  John Pitts – 6 days ago

NO !! It’s not rocks. IT IS ICE !!. Water is the universal solvent. One drop of water=approx 1.5 10 to the 21 power of water molecules. When water freezes to ice ,all the impurities in the water are forced by the absolute order of the ice crystals to arrange in the most orderly pattern within the ice crystals. Now ,, think how many drops of water are in the north and south poles of the planet, and with constant thawing and freezing,, you have a cosmos of constant arrangement of molecules and compounds seeking molecular order. This is the kick starter to life.
Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – dia 02/Julho07/2017 ou 07/02/2017
Interesting, you got a point, but… What is “the absolute order of the ice crystals”? Which natural law, natural element or natural force, determinate this order?
Think about the scene of a stone throwed over the water. The last wave captures the dust that are ahead. Then, this dust is increased over the dust that is coming since the first wave. But, then, you still have dust, a little bit larger, without any functional systemic shape. In relation to life, and biological evolution, we know that the constant arrangements of new captured information from the external environment has increased complexity in the way that species are changing into new species which can express new properties, like consciousness.
I think that the scene of water waves and dust are evident events of random processes, but the scene of biological evolution are evident events that biological evolution is guided by a purpose. Do you think so? Why not?