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Darwin no Rio assiste as torturas praticadas pelos cristaos

sábado, novembro 18th, 2017


Charles Darwin sobre a escravidão.

Ao chegar no Brasil e ver de perto a escravidão, Darwin escreveu esse relato:

“Perto do Rio de Janeiro, minha vizinha da frente era uma velha senhora que tinha umas tarraxas com que esmagava os dedos de suas escravas. Em uma casa onde estive antes, um jovem criado mulato era, todos os dias e a todo momento, insultado, golpeado e perseguido com um furor capaz de desencorajar até o mais inferior dos animais. Vi como um garotinho de seis ou sete anos de idade foi golpeado na cabeça com um chicote (antes que eu pudesse intervir) porque me havia servido um copo de água um pouco turva… E essas são coisas feitas por homens que afirmam amar ao próximo como a si mesmos, que acreditam em Deus, e que rezam para que Sua vontade seja feita na terra! O sangue ferve em nossas veias e nosso coração bate mais forte, ao pensarmos que nós, ingleses, e nossos descendentes americanos, com seu jactancioso grito em favor da liberdade, fomos e somos culpados desse enorme crime.”

Darwin no Rio assiste as torturas praticadas pelos cristaos

Porque jovens estao leiloando virgindade?

sexta-feira, novembro 17th, 2017


Pequenos detalhes no noticiario diario sao uteis tambem como indicativos dos estados mentais saudavel ou doentio da populacao em uma epoca. Mas parece que os filosofosos e psicologos – que possuem a habilidade de captar estas pistas no noticiario – nao estao se manifestando nas criticas e comentarios, apenas o povo com o senso comum, o que e’ ruim porque quando o senso comum esta errado, estes comentadores puxam os jovens para se ajustarem ao modelo errado. Por isso reajo e me manifesto, como no exemplo dos comentarios publicados no artigo da noticia e copiados abaixo. Claro, que a minha conclusao vem de uma particular visao de mundo que vai chocar-se contra as outras visoes de mundo.

Modelo de 19 anos vende a virgindade por quase R$ 10 milhões

Model, 19, claims to have sold her virginity for nearly $3 MILLION to an Abu Dhabi businessman through an escort website – and says the second highest bidder was a Hollywood actor

Louis C. Morelli commented in 11/16/17

To sell the body for the mechanical capitalist machine is necessary that the mind was sold first. The body should be considered a gift, a sacred temple, given by Nature as a tool for a mind fighting the chaotic state in this Earth biosphere. It is the way that the flow of harmony/order arises from chaos. It happens that the mind is born in state of dream, dominated by a body/robot where prevails the instincts inherited from ancestor animals/chaotic state. It should be the adults and its education the guide for this mind at its enfant younger days. The event with this woman shows that something is wrong with the modern adults, since she has no brain defects. It is the social system and the parents that already are sold to the machine, the Brave New World where everybody becomes stupid lovers of the Big Brother?


My ex-girlfriend was a virgin the first time I had sex with her. It was the most boring lay I¿ve ever had in my life. Why anyone would pay to experience something like that is beyond me.


Louis C. Morelli commented in 11/16/17

This issue reveals how the inherited animals’ instincts still prevail in most humans’ psyche. A commenter below, Tom___T said: ” My ex-girlfriend was a virgin the first time I had sex with her. It was the most boring lay I¿ve ever had in my life. Why anyone would pay to experience something like that is beyond me.”

It means that the valuation of “being the first, taking out virginity of a female” is variable dependent of evolutionary state of the male’s mind. It reveals the instincts for predator or prey or in the middle, and which instincts are dominant and which are recessive, or if the psyche already has transcended the Reptilian Complex. The man from Abu Dabhi reveals in two examples a strong predator instinct: 1) gave more value to this act than it would be reasonable; 2) he is an aggressive business man for being successful in this social animalistic competition. I don’t think that the girl should be proud for getting high approbation by such male, if she does, it means that she is at the same evolutionary level. Sad.


Luz : Interessante questão – Diferença entre nossa luz branca e a luz branca universal

quinta-feira, novembro 16th, 2017


Esta questao surgiu ao pensar na frase do Richard Feymann e em seguida ao escrever o comentario copiado abaixo no Google+ :



Richard Feynman

Fantastico! Feymann esta vivo nesta foto? Clique na imagem e observe seu olho

“It’s the facts that matter, not the proofs. Physics can progress without the proofs, but we can’t go on without the facts… if the facts are right, then the proofs are a matter of playing around with the algebra correctly.” – Richard Feymann

Louis Charles Morelli – From Matrix/DNA – 11/16/17
That’s my problem with the universal formula Nature has applied for organizing matter into working systems. I am collecting thousands of evidences, several predictions already confirmed, but… This formula is under evolution, so it is changing since the Big Bang and its best state would be as closed perfect system, but it do not exists and never will exist ( it would be a eternal perpetuum motor, so, the Universe would finishes). It first manifestation was in shape of entire product of radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, we know that the entire set of seven colors of visible light are different wavelengths of white light and we can see it. But, what will be the kind of lightwave resulting from the seven frequencies of the whole spectrum? We can’t see this lightwave. So, I can’t prove the formula…

Material Escolar Usando Figuras com fonte deste Website: PDF – Teoria do Big Bang

quarta-feira, novembro 15th, 2017


Material do Ensino Medio, contem 3 figuras do meu website


As Nucleossínteses Primordial, Estelar e Explosiva – Uma abordagem para o Ensino Médio.

Luis Adriano Pedrosa


Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Ensino de Ciências e Matemática

Área: Física

E o link para este PDF no meu arquivo:


Mais uma descoberta astronômica indicando que a teoria academica esta errada e a Matrix/DNA esta certa

terça-feira, novembro 14th, 2017



This ‘Zombie Star’ Had Repeated Supernova Explosions Instead of Dying

A star exploded six decades ago and somehow survived, and apparently exploded several more times during the last few decades of its life.

Origem da Vida: Recente teoria: Vida na Terra pode ter iniciado por meteoritos (RNA World)

terça-feira, novembro 14th, 2017



Life on Earth May Have Started With a Cosmic Splash

Could the building blocks for life on Earth have been delivered by meteorites crashing into ponds of water 4 billion years ago?

It was not the meteorites, it was just the ultraviolet light reaching precursors of biological systems emerging from the deep oceans thermal vents. Why not an experiment applying ultraviolet light upon deep ocean molecules? The seeds for biological systems ( aka, “life”) are splitted everywhere in this galaxy, produced by the galaxy as a system which already shows primitive biological organization of matter, so, the galaxy is LUCA – the last non-biological ancestor. But the complete collection of bits-informations from astronomical systems are 50% furnished by planetary nuclear reaction and stellar radiation ( even cosmic radiation), and the packet from the star could be furnished by ultraviolet light. Panspermia does not comes from a point inside the galaxy, but as projection of the entire galactic system. ( ok, it is theory against theory; I am based on Matrix/DNA Theory. This theory, like yours, could be wrong)

Vida na Terra: Por Acaso ou por Lei? – Video por Prof. Brian J. Enquist a Analise pela Matrix/DNA

terça-feira, novembro 14th, 2017


Life on Earth: By Chance or By Law?

The University of Arizona – Published on Mar 12, 2015

Brian J. Enquist, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The current division inside Academic Biology into two world views:

11:52 – Life is by Chance : Life on Earth is amazing, intrincate, diverse and has arisen due to a myriad of “accidents” unpredictable events, interactions and historical contingencies… or,

– Life is by Determinism: Life on Earth is organized by a set of general rules (laws?) and principles. While the winners and losers may be contingent on history the rules of the game have been constant throughout the evolution of life.

14:09 – Book by Stephen Jay Gold in 1989 – Wonderful Life – The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History – Life is due just to Chance

– The thought experiment: if we run the tape of evolutionary history from today back to 3,5 billion years, we will arrive to the same end?

20:10 – Book by Jacques Monod – 1970 – Chance and Necessity – advocating chance

21:00 – Darwin suggests that the process of evolution by natural selection can be written as an algorithim ( like a computer program), in the last charter of Origins of Species:


Darwin observed that organisms grows in population exponentially and Brian observed that it can grows at the speed of light. Then these organisms will compete for space, food, mate, resources. At some point this exponential grow – due the limitation of resources – has to change. Due competition, the offspring will have different levels of hability for competing and some individuals will have genetic variations, those selected will show a new genetic mutation… a random mutation, by chance. The fittest and stronger will diminish the competiors and population. To this point, when the population is at optimal state, the cycle will begin again. Then go back to number 1 and repeat the alghoritm again:

The Biological Evolution Alghoritm ( just seven, like mine alghoritm?)

1 – If… organisms have many offspring – potential for exponential grouth;

2 – And… individuals compete due limites space, mate, resources,etc;

3 – And,,, offspring differ in ability to compete and obtain resources genetic variation for traits – random mutation;

4 – And… genetic variation is inheritable;

5 – Then… diferential survival and reproduction;

6 – Then… population genotype (phenotype) of next generations change:

7 – Go to step #1 – repeat indefinitely.

Preciso ver isso agora:  Qual o alghoritm da formula Matrix/DNA para universal macroevolution? Eu so calculei a forma do alghoritm em relacao `a organizacao de sistemas. Agora vou calcular a forma em relacao a universal evolution. ( Isto pode ser feito com a formula no estado astronomico fechado e no estado de luz primordial – eletromagnetic spectrum)

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software



Temos que focalizar o sistema natural que emergiu ou produziu o Big Bang e evoluiu ate hoje chegando `a forma humana, ao menos em nossa regiao da galaxia e do Universo.

Inicialmente surgiram as particulas virtuais que se firmaram constituindo os primeiros sistemas que foram as super-particulas protons, neutrons e eletrons, formados por quarks, leptons, etc. Mas antes, com o Big Bang surgiu o sistema na forma eterea, nao exatamente materializada, da luz original. Sera na propagacao no meio da substancia do espaco ( dark matter?) que as ondas de luz se quebram e separam oceanos de substancia, com diferentes traits devido suas ondas serem diferentes entre si ( em comprimento,vibracao, frequencia,etc). A seguir estas porcoes de luz aprisionadas em porcoes de substancia espacial se fragmentam em suas unidades, os fotons bits, porque cada qual carrega a informacao da posicao e funcao que estava na onda, alem da particula mesma ser uma copia do inteiro espectro. De alguma maneira interagindo com a substancia surgem as particulas fundamentais, as super-particulas, qiuando entao se forma o primeiro sistema densamente materializado, o atomo. A populacao de atomos cresce formando extensas nebulosas (aqui atingiriam a superpolucao e iniciariam a decair?), que se condensam formando estrelas de gases leves.

Na origem da forma biologica, ao inves destas estrelas haviam macromoleculas como RNA, DNA e microorganismos como a mitocondria. devido a tendencia dos fotons dentro dos eletrons dentro dos atomos terem a ttendencia de fazerem como os virus – assumirem a maquinaria do sistema e construirem networks ligando-os com outras macromoleculas e organismos – houve simbiose, organelas se uniram num novo sistema, na mesma sequencia anterior do espectro eletromagnetico.

( a continuar)



Snowflake: Para usar contra os fundamentalistas, seja da direita científica ou da esquerda religiosa

segunda-feira, novembro 13th, 2017


 You can probably use this term right back at these people advocating their world views as fanatics: snowflake ( e’ uma giria em Ingles, cuja definicao e’:

A hypersensitive, irrational person who can’t stand to have their world views challenged, or be offended in any perceived or even slightest of ways; they will have any number of emotional reactions: impuning character and/or motives, blocking on social media, shouting, interrupting, threatening, assaulting, etc. They often live in an echo chamber of their own beliefs and surround themselves exclusively with people and opinions that agree with their own. This term is most often use to describe people left-leaning people, but can be applied both left and right wing people.

Origem da Vida: Cientista produz enzima sintetica em 2017 e suspeita que ela criou a vida a 4 bilhões de anos atrás!!!

segunda-feira, novembro 13th, 2017


Então fui eu que tendo nascido neste século matei o Mar Morto a 2 bilhoes de anos atras… O artigo está no link abaixo e a seguir estao as copias de meus comentarios no debate do artigo.

Chemists May Have Found the ‘Missing Link’ to the First Life on Earth

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed – 12:56 PM – 11/13/2017
To the authors:
You said: ” … A subset of chemists have devoted their careers to puzzling…”
I think it is clear that a new kind of information from a more complex natural system were among the matter of that water slime. I can’t understand these chemists that are working with the effects and not searching the cause, because if they want to solve the puzzle, the rational way is going after the cause.DAP – if it ever existed naturally – is an effect, containing the entire or part of the cause, not the cause. We are watching everyday how a new life emerges from water slime produced not by the slime, but by a bunch of information coming from outside the womb’s water, so, why for the first life would be different? Why scientists are mimicking mysticals that need never seen before phenomens? Our method at Matrix/DNA Theory found a possible natural force/element that could be the source of these outside informations for first life. Chemists need know the models and looking inside DAP and the other primordial elements for this “invisible” genome. We are losing time and money.

Chris Sievert · Columbia (Missouri)

@Phillip Czekala –  I’m going to guess you’ve never actually witnessed the Birth of a Baby? If you had you would know how Ignorant your claim not to have started your life in “a bucket of shit water slime” because yours and everyone elses actually did start that way.You may or may not have started in shit, not all babies crap in Uetero, but you certainly started in “a bucket of piss water slime”. All Mammals do.
Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed – 12:56 PM – 11/13/2017


Edward Guest · FSU College of Law

The ability to produce intelligent beings, well somewhat intelligent, through this process if true could likely occur in millions, maybe even billions, of star systems in our Universe. Maybe we will be surprised in a few billion Earth years how many species we find that are a lot like us.

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Edward Guest – There is a curious option, maybe you don’t know it. Life is like agriculture, so, if a seed falls in an environment with good conditions, it will flourish. The seeds are splitted everywhere in space/time. But, what is this “seed” and from where it comes from? At Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that a new theoretical model of galaxies fits exactly the configurations for a source of these seeds. The astronomical building blocks is the face and configuration of DNA building blocks. When I got these models, it was suggesting a new version of “universal history” from the Big Bang to nowadays. And the final history suggests that – as you said – initially must have diversification among aliens but all them will be fine tunelled to a unique final shape… which is the unknown shape of the natural intelligent system that triguered the Big Bang and must be existing beyond this Universe. Curious, isn’t it?

Philip Czekala

It’s publish or perish in college land and this clown professor Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy will make up and write ANYTHING to keep his job. Maybe his life started out in a bucket of shit water slime but mine didn’t. Just think about how many gullible assholes believe this crap too. We are DOOMED.

Louis Charles Morelli · Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Philip – You are right, Our life began in water slime also but the womb’s water slime can do nothing without the insertion of an almost invisible genetic code from something existing above and beyond the womb ( it means also beyond Earth as the womb for first living thing). Why the modern academic mindset is separating cosmological evolution from biologiccal evolution?! The effects of this absurd faith is causing this blindness? Do you have any explanation for human behavior?
Fred Wood You have a good point. There is a theoretical “universal natural formula for organizing matter into systems” and applying the formula for to calculate “life’s origins” the results of this calculations says exactly what you said about the role played by the Moon. New shapes of systems ( like the biological ones built at the abiogenesis period) begins by the Function 1 of the formula, which is “agitation for fragmentation and mixture of the elements of the environment”. We have not found other element able to do that function necessary for biological systems organization here. Then comes the F2, which takes the “baby” created by F1 and begins the agregration of nutrients. This formula explains how the first lighter gazeous starand the later stellar systems were made from an atomic nebulae, how galactic’s nuclei are created by central vortex, etc. If you are curious about the formula, search ” The Universal Matrix for All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. Congratulations by the right insight.

Jerry Bunker · Purdue University

Professing themselves wise they traded the truth for a lie. This garbage that once upon a time is sheer nonsense. Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 states that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It takes much more faith to believe in these fairytales than to believe in the creator God

Louis Charles Morelli ·Fritador de batatas fritas at Self employed

Jerry: ” Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 states”
A book written by foreign ancient people states nothing to our people of our country and to people of XXI century, why are you coming at a Science issue and Western World telling that?! Don’t worry: if God has something to say to our country and to people of this time, He will say it directly to us, we does not accept humans intermediaries between us and God. 
Here you comes professing yourself wise. So, bring on to the table the proofs how life started and get the Nobel prize. Or are you trading the truth for a lie?
Fred Wood – None

Something folks seem to miss in their Synthesis of supposed early biology is the intense stiring caused by the Moon tides which were a hundred or more times stronger than they are now. Not only 100-200 foot ocean tides, tides expressed in the ground around the sea and, more importantly, beneath the sea too, stiring up the lighter and heaver elements, separating the stone from the metal, breaking the shell of the Earth into mud and sand, even as it tries to harden, heating things up in a band beneath the Moon’s early orbit. Remember, the Moon, containing much of it’s present mass was only a few thousand miles above the Earth at that time, having been formed by a collision between the Earth and a stoney body about the size of Mars. It slowly escaped Earth’s gravity until now it’s effects on land is negiligable though the seas still rise and fall by tens of feet now, rather than by hundreds. THERE is your crucible!
Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs
Fred Wood –None

It occures to me that the occasion of the birth of our Moon might be quite rare in water planets. There might be fewer examples of life because of it, if the Moon tides really were a part of the equasion. The local sudden heating and cooling of subsurfice muds by those large tides might also have played a part, again making life as we know it even more rare.
Fred Wood You have a good point. There is a theoretical “universal natural formula for organizing matter into systems” and applying the formula for to calculate “life’s origins” the results of this calculations says exactly what you said about the role played by the Moon. New shapes of systems ( like the biological ones built at the abiogenesis period) begins by the Function 1 of the formula, which is “agitation for fragmentation and mixture of the elements of the environment”. We have not found other element able to do that function necessary for biological systems organization here. Then comes the F2, which takes the “baby” created by F1 and begins the aggregation of nutrients. This formula explains how the first lighter gaseous star and the later stellar systems were made from an atomic nebulae, how galactic’s nuclei are created by central vortex, etc. If you are curious about the formula, search ” The Universal Matrix for All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. Congratulations by the right insight.

Origens da Vida: Teoria do RNA World

domingo, novembro 12th, 2017


Paper: Origin of Life: Transitioning to DNA genomes in an RNA world


The unexpected ability of an RNA polymerase ribozyme to copy RNA into DNA has ramifications for understanding how DNA genomes evolved

Matrix/DNA: ‘Ok. De repente descobriram que o RNA tem uma polymerase ribozyme que copia o RNA e como resultado aparece o DNA ! Por isso surgiu a nova teoria do RNA-world. E com isso eles creem que vao obter o entendimento de como o genoma do DNA evoluiu. Nos percebemos a 30 anos atras quando elaboramos o modelo teorico da formula, que esta pode ser dividida em duas metades, uma face esquerda e outra direita. Observando-se a formula, percebe-se que a funcao 5 que ‘e intermitente, quando emerge e atua, ja’ divide a formula nas duas faces. Se o fluxo de informacoes que vem desde F1 no sentido horario, pela face esquerda, ultrapassar F4, ele constroi F6 e continua agora em queda entropica ate completar o circuito esferico. Isto significa que a formula determina que toda estrutura material elaborada por ela tenha a face direita como uma especie de copia da esquerda. Quando comparamos a formula com um building block do DNA percebemos que as duas sao a mesma configuracao e funcionamento, o que indica que o DNA pode ser dividido pela formula entre haste esquerda e direita. E qualquer uma das faces depois da divisao tambem representa a anatomia geral do RNA. Mais tarde descobrimos que F5 e’ o phi number, responsavel pela bi-lateral simetria. Ora, replicar o DNA, abrindo o zipper, separando os nucleotideos em duas hastes com suas bases, e’ produzir bi-lateral simetria.

Entao tinhamos a forte suspeita de que o RNA tivesse surgido primeiro que o DNA, e este apenas se formou quando a molecula de RNA foi capturando bits-informacao ralacionados `a face direita. nao nos surpreendeu quando depois surgiu a teoria do RNA-world. Porem aparentemente temos dois problemas entre as duas teorias.

  1. Enquanto existia apenas RNA – Segundo a teoria da Matrix – este era incapaz de replicar-se… ou nao? Vejamos. Quando o circuito chegou a F4, ele teria diretamente formado F6 ou F5? Se formou primeiro F5, a funcao replicadora, nao vejo como esta poderia funcionar sem o circuito esferico completo, na forma do DNA. Parece-me que F4 apenas seja estimulado a produzir F5 se a entidade do Sistema estiver instavel e buscar a estabilidade termodinamica. Alem disso, sabendo-se que RNA nao possui o acucar desoribose – que e’ F1 – ele deve ser constituido apenas de F2, F3 e F4. mas como F5 e’ uracila, que e’ uma base presente apenas no RNA, ele teria o orgao reprodutor porem nao teria a carga genetica completa para produzir DNA. Para ter ela complete precisaria ter F1. Entao o RNA nao podia se auto-replica. Ora, acredito que para o projeto de criar o primeiro DNA, a partir do RNA teria que existir muitos exemplares de RNA, apenas um nao teria tempo para executar tudo. O que significa que teriamos de considerer a hipotese de que nao houve um unico primordial RNA, mas sim, que essa molecula surgiu varias vezes separadas entre si. Mas se, formado o RNA, ao inves de partir para elaborar F5. o fluxo tivesse entrado a fazer a face direita fazendo ja F6, entao a direita construiu F1, o que permitiu ao Sistema iniciar sua replicacao.

Mas sabemos que o RNA tem a capacidade de se replicar. Como ele o faz, sem F1. Parece impossivel, a nao ser que F2 tenha em si mais da metade das informacoes de F1, o que tambem nao ‘e uma ideia confortavel. Entao surge aqui uma ideia e uma pergunta aos quimicos: Onde e como o RNA se auto-replica? Porque a Matrix sugere apenas uma possibilidade: que ele atue como virus, ou seja, ele precise penetrar no nucleo da celula e utilizer a F1 do DNA para se replicar.

Esta  questao preciso consultar os quimicos ou a biologia molecular.

2. O Segundo problema e’  que no DNA, os dois fluxos de informacoes – da haste esquerda e da direita – tem sentidos e significados opostos entre si. Na primeira a energia e’ crescente, fase de desenvolvimento e construcao; na segunda a energia e’ entropica, decrescente, fase de degeneracao, auto-aniquilamento. Entao para que o RNA produzisse DNA, quando seu fluxo chegasse a F4, e ao sair dessa funcao, teria que ter em si agregada a funcao da entropia. Vinda de onde, e como? A entropia nada constroi a nao ser caos, nao iria construir F6. E se o RNA adquirisse a entropia a partir de F4, ele nunca se auto-replicaria.

Este problema nos leva a suspeitar que o RNA surgiu, originalmente, em duas formas, opostas entre si. Digamos, uma spin right e a outra, spin left. Alias, parece-me que tudo na natureza tem que surgir nestes dois pares opostos. O problema e’ que, tendo-se duas fitas de aparencias iguais, e nas duas correm um fluxo de energia de uma ponta a outra, e sendo as duas aparentemente no sentido horario, como se vai detectar que numa o fluxo vai da ponta A para a B e a outra vai de B para A? Se as 4 pontas parecem iguais, quem determina qual seja A ou B?

Olhem…, sabe de uma coisa? Para mim nao vejo vantage nenhuma em ficar titrando a poeira de cima dos registros historicos para saber quem veio primeiro ou depois. O importante e’ saber que tanto RNA como DNA estao contidos na formula da Matrix que veio do ceu. O que ela fez aqui primeiro ou depois nao me interessa a ponto de ficar quebrando a cabeca com esse enignma complicado. certo que sempre e’ util elaborar um esquema destas especulacoes, um raciocinio metodico e escrito como fiz acima, pois destes raciocinios muitas vezes surgem importantes insights para outros problemas. Como foi a cima a repentina questao ou hipotese de que o RNA primordial funcionou como virus. Mas eu vou parar esse assunto por aqui.

  • ” Ok, senhor Louis, podes parar e descansar a cabeca. Mas antes voce me permite apenas mais uma perguntinha, que nao tem a ver com RNA, DNA…?”
  • “Pois nao…”
  • ” Quem surgiu primeiro, o ovo, ou a galinha”? ( e o perguntador vai se afastando e saindo correndo…)
  • – ” Arrrrghhh…. vem aqui, moleque, ah, se eu te pego…”